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SS Single Segment run

Verifier Responses

Deaths reset the in-game timer so this run will either have to be rejected or manually timed. I haven't watched the run yet so I can't comment on how stupid the death is but I'm not too hopeful.

Edit: I don't even have to watch the rest of the run, I'm going to reject it based on one thing alone, and it's more than sufficient.

This is an NG+ easy run that starts off with full armor and upgrades, but skipping around in the video I don't see a single time when he uses any weapon other than the plasma cutter. There are numerous places in the game where another weapon can save significant time, notably all three of the tentacles that grab you (40:40, 1:25:10, and one other that I'm searching for) can be shot with the Contact Beam as they're slithering in, preventing them from dragging you at all.

Not that it really matters, but the capture looks quite good, though it's at a pretty bizarre resolution (452x360?). Redownloading the V copy fixed the playback issues.

If I could veto this run I would, simply for lack of proper weapon usage.

Edit 2: I just noticed a few times when he pauses to pick up an audio log for no reason at all. Doesn't waste much time, granted, but it certainly doesn't help.

Edit 3: After watching more of the run, it does just look sloppy in general. Missed shots or just bad manipulation of telekinesis.

Edit 4: The death was completely avoidable and cost about 30 seconds on top of everything else.

Edit 5: The video doesn't even show the in-game time. It saves over the slot it was loaded from, but fails to show the time difference. It's academic for this run, but we really do need to see the in-game time for this game. If it's not in the raws, the runner needs to remember to show the load screen after completion next time, so we can compare the save timers.

There's some potential here, but it needs more polish and better strats. Plasma cutter is fine in a lot of situations, especially on NG+ easy, but there's situations where other weapons can save you significant time. Secondary fire from the Line Gun is enough to one-shot the wall-spawners nearly every time even on Impossible, so I'd be quite shocked if it wasn't a guaranteed kill on Easy. Secondary fire from the Force Gun might also suffice on Easy, but I don't have a convenient save file to test that theory at the moment.

Edit 6: I just went back and looked at the old rejected Segmented NG+ Impossible run, and the Leviathan fight is nearly 15 seconds faster through use of the Contact Beam, despite the boss having quite a bit more health.


There are a lot of mistakes and moments of just wasting time (Like you said he often picks up Audio Logs for no reason, and sometimes also credits and ammo from a distance with Kinesis which wasn't necessary. He even had the Peng item in his inventory at the start and then sells it in a shop for extra money he doesn't need!). He also sometimes goes in the wrong direction/takes a bit longer path around (He sometimes even checks his waypoint line to see if he goes the right way). And another thing I've noticed a lot is that he walks away a bit from something that cannot be activated yet and then just waits in the spot till it can be activated (Often also looking at the inventory or scenery and thus he's even later with the activating). One time near the beginning he's looking around at a very relaxed pace while the door could already be opened...
It's a very sloppy and very carefully played run. And yes, he only used the Plasma Cutter... He should also use Stasis more, on those little buggers that lash onto you or the fat tentacle guy on a wall, for example.
The death is also pretty stupid. He forgot that the fans turned on?

At first I wanted to write every little mistake and stuff down but got tired of that after a while. I guess the above text sums it up nicely.

I've skipped ahead in the video and the whole video seems to play just fine for me. Maybe the download messed up for you?


In watching the first several minutes, I've already noticed some bad habits: not getting near a door to be close to it when the lockdown wears off, reloading the cutter mid-hallway/room when it could have waited until on an elevator (since the character could have kept moving through the environment and re-loaded when they are otherwise forced to be stationary).  Looking elsewhere briefly: not using the line gun bomb on the wall-tentacle dudes seems pretty egregious to me.

That in tandem with the above verifiers' issues leads me to concur.


Video and Audio are fine.
Time: 00:05:12 - 03:12:58 (3hrs 7mins 46 secs)

Notes (Long run so included a few):

-No need to smash those crates and stuff when your inventory is already full of Ammo, etc
-Little slow on some kills. And some might not have even been needed. Example of this around the 01:02:30-50 mark.
-Other little things such as choosing optimum places to reload(Already mentioned in other comments)
-Other places call for a different weapon to get the optimum time, such as the contact beam on the Leviathon(Also noted by another verifier)
-The Death Sad
-Missed some shots on the final boss. Cmon blast him with that canister!

My overall reason for the reject is there are to many "long ways" that could have been avoided to save time. That coupled with the Death Sad is what hurt this run. Also with other posts ( showing that a run at least 5-10 minutes faster is possible I am going to have to say Reject.

Decision: Reject

Give it another go, with some more fast paced action and more familiarity with the level layout you can shave those minutes off with no problem.

Good luck!

TL;DR version:
Poor planning (Only using the cutter, not having enough money from previous save -> having to sell Peng)
Poor execution (Horrible aim - probably due to controller play, Getting lost quite a few times -> having to use space-breadcrumbs, a death of the silliest kind.)
Little details (Picking stuff up with kinesis, reloading when not having to wait anyway, inventory management when not having to wait anyway, PICKING UP AUDIOLOGS AND NODES THAT ARE OUT OF THE WAY - SOMETIMES WITH KINESIS)

All in all: solid reject.

And the detailed version:
Awrite, let's get some Dead Space in here!

Chapter 1: Pesky tutorial things...
First thing that comes to mind: Why pick up all that ammo? This is NG+, all the stuffs should be in the safe.
Also, no weapons beside the Cutter? Contact beam and line gun would complement that nicely.
But at least there's always Peng, right? Wait, why is he there?
It may seem nitpicky, but why does the Runner back away from that console? There's hardly any time loss, but it looks silly. The door is mashed like it should be.
Getting stuck on that door and getting hit... This early in the run that's a reset - or dooms this to be a practice run. Unless the rest of it is going to be amazingly stellar or something.
Going the wrong way for a second.
ANGRY DOOR OM NOM NOM - not quite as angry as the one in DS2, but it'll do for an introduction to stasis.
For a second I was seriously scared the Runner would pick up that Node. Crisis averted.
Picking up audiologs when it doesn't cost time is a little unorthodox, but I don't have a problem with that.
Aiming seems a little sloppy at times (probably because of controller based gaming) but the grabbing of the key and board was swift.
Wait, what? Selling Peng? Why? What for? It's NG+, the Runner shouldn't need ANY moneys! Consider my mind boggled.

Chapter 2: Clearing those space-boxes out the way was a mess :/
Angry door number 2! Missing that cost a few seconds.
Nice clearing of the Main Lab. Stepping away from the door instead of waiting and mashing open is not a major thing, but the Runner did show his skill in that sort of thing earlier - why not here?
Here we are introduced to everybodies favourite SPACE-BABIES! Welp, they didn't live long.
The first two space-jumpydudes in the scanner room where just nasty and avoided getting hit for quite some time.
First time in a vacuum and the Runner picks up more money? It costs time and serves no benefit. Why was it done?
Picking stuff up using kinesis generally wastes time - if it's out of the way it's mostly not worth it. Also space-goo, but this one is hard to avoid.
Another smooth log-pickup. I guess it's entertaining while waiting for the room to load Smiley
Aww, that space-battery got caught up on stuff...

Chapter 3: More sloppy aiming and some tiny pathfinding problems trying to refuel the engines.
Nooo, space-goo get out of here Sad
Aww, getting cought on level-geometry there; not much of a time loss but it's ugly.
Now THAT log was a time loss - I do NOT approve.
No, the decon chamber is THAT way ->
The Runner did take the centrifuge a little too safe for my liking. This can be done faster if safety is adequately disregarded.
Space-tentacle is apprehended in a speedy fashion, as has been pointed out before tho, the contact beam could've made that even better.
I completely forgot how many angry doors this game has compared to the sequel...
Ammo shopping time! I guess this is faster than having stuffs in the safe, but still - the Runner had more than enough money at the beginning of the run.
Finishing this chapter with an ugly reload... :\

Chapter 4: Space-hulk dis-armed in a speedy fashion - and getting stuck on a few seconds later...
You don't have to be shy around broken space-floor Tongue
Second space-hulk apprehended with EXTREME force; might've been a couple shots too many, but it's kinda hard to tell with those things.
I'm not quite sure what happened after that and after stasis-ing the wobbly cables... Walking into a wall to change cutter orientation? That could've been avoided by changing after the second space-hulk fight.
More picking up stuff with kinesis...
That door is not cooperative.
Carefull dismemberment of the first ever space-preggo - I like. Those things can be a lot of trouble if you rush them.
Ship hull is done pretty much as fast as possible.
Aim on the space-shooting-gallery was satisfactory. I always like how after the (very relaxed) computer takes over the aiming there's a lot less shit flying at the ship...
The rest of this chapter is pretty straight forward.

Chapter 5: This is a prime example of where the line gun would speed things up a lot. Instead of slowly walking towards the space-walldude with that canister the runner could've run up to it and royaly fucked it up with a mine in no time.
Stasis-ing the space-scanner on the way back might mitigate the problem of fully upgraded stasis and waiting for it to come back.
Another time wasting audiolog...
"Your efforts to stomp that crate are hopeless... And yet you keep on going?!" - No time lost there tho Tongue
Space-superman looks a lot more... normal in this game - He is still a pesky bugger and WILL NOT DIE.
The good doctor seems to have lost the ability to shut the fuck up and wastes a good chunk of time, there's nothing that can be done about that tho.
And a second instance of line gun need, virtually identical to the first one. Could've left this one alive even.
Unavoidable space-goo makes me a sad panda. Well, a line gun mine could've vaporized that, but nevermind.
Nice try avoiding the space-preggo and freezing space-superman and O HEY STEAMPOPUP.
Again, these could've been blown up...
Space-supermans plans seem to have been put... *sunglasses* ...on ice.

Chapter 6: This audiolog approved by my. Didn't waste any time.
The Runner got a little confuddled after exiting the elevator it seems.
Checking the inventory while in the elevator or while waiting for that door could've saved some time here.
Dat ammodrop...
Oooh, got lucky on that space-preggo, that could have been nasty.
All in all the space-wheezer hunt seems reasonably speedy.
Picking up that money using kinesis after killing the first space-wharrgarbl might look bad, but the Runner has to wait for the other ones anyway, so no time lost.
Nice traversing that zero-g area - it can get very disorienting very fast. I am not sure if the death of the first space-baby was necessary tho.
Getting stuck on that railing... I should probably stop listing everything at this point BUT I CAN'T.
Here's where the game gets me everytime... 10 kilotonnes? That's the mass of a fucking nuclear submarine! I mean what the fuck?
Excessive, and dare I say needless, destruction of the space-walldude. The runner could've tanked a hit or two and just legged it to the elevator.
Power node aquired? Seriously?
This part of the space-wheezer hunt doesn't go so smoothly what with getting stuck on level geometry and dodgy aim.
Space-tentacle the second! Missed a few shots here.
Another zero-g environment cleared in reasonable fashion and AGAIN I question killing that first space-baby. The others don't seem to bother the Runner in the slightest, I don't see why this one should be any trouble given speedy movement.
Selecting the wrong deck there - a second lost at most.
Needless smashing crates with kinesis on the way to the space-submarine.
Space-submarine sunk in a speedy manner. I approve.
Shopping trip number two and still no reason to pick up all that extra money.

Chapter 7: Why the wait on the elevator? Did the Runner forget what deck to go to?
Oooh, lag. Loadingtimes are pretty harsh on this run.
There was no need to kill that infant space-walldude.
That space-pod just doesn't wanna die. At least it's not wasting time.
The Runner is apparently annoyed at having to wait for a dead woman to open the door - I can't blame them.
Another instance of where running up to the door and mashing would've safed a bit of time. These are starting to add up to a sizable chunk of wasted time.
And yet ANOTHER kinesis audiolog...
Oop, popped the space-preggo. This is just messy...
That last boulder does not go in as expected and wastes more than 15 seconds.
The runner got lucky with that space-wharrgarbl - Not so lucky trying to pick that key up using kinesis. Also, wrong way - That's just a node YOU DO NOT NEED NODES.
Looks like the runner got confused as to where to go here, even going so far as to check the space-breadcrumbs :|
Throwing the space-battery accross the room repeatedly is faster than holding it and walking.
I don't quite understand what the Runner waits for before shooting the first gravity-tether.
It doesn't matter where the beacon is plonked down so long as it is on the outside.
I presume there is a quickuse button for stasispacks on the controller aswell, so no need to waste time doing that on the outside. Especially since no stasis is needed for quite a while. The Runner could've done that on the elevator.
Here the Runner got truly unlucky with the space-battery...
Nice avoiding the space-goo there. least that node doesn't cost time...

Chapter 8: No problems cleaning out the bridge - The Runner could've ended a little closer to the elevator, but now I'm truly nitpicking.
Line gun mines. Nuff said.
Audiolog. Kinesis. This is getting ridiculous.
A few positioning problems at the array and an elusive/uncooperative dish. That and waiting for something at the door on the way out.
Very considerate of the Runner to show us exactly what the objective at hand is Tongue
I can't help but think that this bossfight could've been substantially faster with a mouse...
NOW Hammond wants to abort the mission? Dude has sum BALLS.
Another shopping trip!
This space-preggo is eliminated nice and clean.

Chapter 9: That box had contact beam ammo - sadly the Runner does not HAVE the contact beam so it was just a waste of time.
The usual problems with the radioactive material... The Runner seems to have consistent problems with the last item in any zero-g kinesis thing.
Nasty item management... That should and could've waited for an elevator or something. There was plenty of room in the inventory.
O hey, an elevator!
The Runner is lost again for a few seconds.
The laser thing could have been stasis'd at least one cycle earlier.
What's in the box? Force gun ammo :/
Got lucky with that space-preggo again.
Shopping again? Now I can see the reason for Peng and all that additional money EXCEPT all of that should've been collected in an earlier playtrough, this being NG+ and all.
I don't get what happened in front of the door... I checked the video frame by frame and there is not a single piece of information the Runner could've seen from that.
The Runner gets set on fire here. That wastes a few seconds.
Trying to be sneakyfast gets them burning a second time.
Failure to pick up the core on the first try.
Space-hulk SMASH! Retribution is swift and deadly.
More space-breadcrumbs, really?

Chapter 10: Backing off from a door instead of mashing and the murder of an innocent infant space-walldude. I do approve leaving the parts of the two space-puzzle-men alone tho.
The Runner visibly resists picking up that ammo using kinesis here and engages in a lengthy battle with a space-walldude and it's babies.
Picking up those ammos does not cost the Runner as they have to wait for the space-pods to explode first anyway.
Space-tentacle 3: Done in fast!
Took a turn early in the vacuum sleep block.
The Runner pops another space-preggo but gets away from the space-goo before it can get to them.
I don't think picking up that textlog was planned. That could've been avoided by approaching the door from a different angle.
Space-B(aby)-Ball time!
The space-breadcrumbs tell the Runner what they (hopefully) already know and waste a few seconds.
I never understood why you couldn't pick up the crazy womans gun, but one certainly doesn't have to wait for her to blow her brains out.
O SHI, space-superman is back!
Among other things this means waiting for a door, bad aiming and getting munched on.
Doctor Kyne clearly IS insane indeed as he wastes a fuckton of time. There's nothing that can be done about that tho.
Two space-preggos are popped, but their space-goo is avoided. Lucky!
I guess space-superman... *sunglasses* ...couldn't stand the heat.

Chapter 11: Getting hit by that space-wharrgarbl probably costs about one second.
This fight is another good example of a situation that could've been resolved a lot faster and cleaner with the line gun or the contact beam.
Space-breadcrumbs again? That must have been an accident...
Those pesky ripper blades.
And there's peng again. Doesn't waste any time, so I don't have a problem with it Smiley
THAT's how you mash a door!
Missing that switch on the first try cost a second at best.
The Runner got unlucky with that canister thing - didn't hit anything Sad
No, that is not the marker... Nope, still not the marker. There we go!
Bringing that canister all this way was slow and painfull to watch as were the Runners continued misses on the space-pods.
Another node that doesn't waste time.

Chapter 12: Getting the space-battery was a mess and I don't quite get the point of that inventory check.
Killing all the parts of that space-puzzle-man was probably a bit excessive.
Missed getting the marker trough the second bridge on the first try.
Almost forgot to hit the third bridge.
No, trying to pick ammo up with kinesis is still a bad idea.
That switch did not want to cooperate right away.
Herp und Derp. Yes, those fanblades are indeed rotating. And quite sharp, apparently. How did this happen? That must've been the biggest brainfart ever!
This shopping trip shows that the money management in this run was actually quite good. Except of course not having all that money from an earlier playtrough.
Welp, she is dead. Time to fight that ugly mutha!
Again, this could be done quicker with other weapons (and better aim).
Nope, that box aint gonna hurt it.

And that is why I reject this run.

Reject, unfortunately, for the reasons listed above.

Decision: Reject

Reason: Significant planning/execution errors

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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MAS8705: 2012-08-26 09:40:49 am
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Darn, I was hoping we would get to see a proper dead space speed run.  Oh well, to the runner, I hope you can be able to go back, fix the run up and try again.

Edit: Good to hear!  Best of luck to the runner!
Visit my profile to see my runs!
Oh we will.  The runner is pretty determined and he'll be back with another attempt soon enough.