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Dead Space 2 (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (xb360) (Casual)

Verifier Responses

Capture: No issues
no cheating detected
Chapter 1 - Overall done pretty well. the only time losses I can see are the 1-2 second time lost when you missed the kinesis shot and had to melee the necromorph and the missed stasis shot on the door which cost about 5 seconds.

Chapter 2 - Basically flawless. You were able to kill the slasher in the door of the train and skip the fight on the train, the hanging segment could have been done ever so slightly better but it was done really well.

Chapter 3 - Done pretty well. You had crap spawns in the final fight of this chapter, and lost a bit of time there.

Chapter 4 - This chapter was done pretty well. The Death Door went perfectly, but the first stalker encounter lost a little time.

Chapter 5 - Lost a bit of time in the puzzle. In future you shouldn't stasis the puzzle, you don't need to and it will save you enough stasis to get through the area if the booth doesn't activate. The pack room was done pretty well.

Chapter 6 - This chapter went fantastically. most of the chapter went pretty well, with a few minor time losses, but the second stalker room, one of the hardest rooms in the game was done absolutely perfectly. That's hard to pull off even in ng+ runs where you have mines to watch your back.

Chapter 7 - Got the first hack uninterrupted, which isn't that easy to do. Apart from that this chapter went really well, only a little time lost to lurkers, the swarm, and general kinesis trolling.

Chapter 8 - The processing plant went really well.

Chapter 9 - Got grabbed by the stalker and the stalker room could have gone better, but otherwise an okay chapter.

Chapter 10 - Got hit off the hack at the start of this chapter and got trolled by the power core in the medical deck. This chapter went okay, could have gone better though.

Chapter 11 - Power lock room went pretty well, that room is one of the most difficult rooms in the game. The mine strats in the zero G area saved a bunch of time and you didn't have to kill the necromorph. Pretty good chapter overall.

Chapter 12 - Went well, can't really save or lose a lot of time in this chapter. Going up first is the fastest way to do this area.

Chapter 13 - This chapter went well, for the most part. Lost a little time messing with menus, but got a perfect hack on the first door. The final stalker room went pretty well. The laser room, hardest room in the game, went reasonably well, could have gone faster though. The brute didn't die to the mine, which cost a bit of time. The eye poke went well.

Chapter 14 - Went almost flawlessly, only really minor time losses.

Chapter 15 - Didn't get hit by the puker, but got grabbed by the leaper. The boss didn't go so well, one of the contact beam shots didn't hit the core of the marker for some reason, lost a bunch of time there.

In game time was 2:30:24, RTA roughly  2:25:20
This run was really well done with only minor mistakes for the most part

Capture: No issues
no cheating detected

As for gameplay, I'm in complete agreement with [above]'s assessment of each section

Overall I believe the run was very well done aside from the minor mistakes and the miss on the final boss. Most of the other stuff is either bad luck or minor errors in execution.


Dead Space 2 in SD? Boo. AV quality is fine except for two thigns: when nate does the final encodes he should probably clip off the black bars, since the game letterboxes itself in 4:3, and I noticed what seemed like a video skip at around 49:22, screenshots of the two adjacent frames below. Probably not worth worrying about though since it stays synced up. Minor time penalty, maybe.

Not really much to say about the game quality that hasn't been said already. Overall I timed the run realtime from 4:19 (control of Isaac gained) to 2:30:36 (grabbing the hand at the end), so about 2:26:17, minus whatever time the game disc switch accounts for. (18 seconds or so?)

Also the comments attached to this run seem to be for another run entirely, since they mention deaths, a completion time from last July, and a time ten minutes slower. Runner sent in the wrong file maybe?

Overall, an accept.

Capture: No issues. Too bad we couldn't see this in hd.
No cheating
Decision Accept
Reasons: See below.

it's very good for a single segment. you generally fight bosses well. and have solid strategies using the plasma mine/bomb + stasis to get through tough sections fast.

Here are my notes (I'm not nitpicking - just trying to provide constructive criticism). Overall, you may have lost around 2 minutes due to small errors but nothing major that I noticed except the last boss, which is too bad.

Lots of small errors like getting hit by the floor/wall mine foes,  shooting bomb foes too close, getting hit by barf foes, missing one foe in the room and therefore no room clearance, stomping which is slow (I think sahailaway's dead space 3 videos used a trick to grab items fast with telekinesis), using line gun  (the wide one) instead of plasma cutter (small) on those raptor foes, not using telekenesis with limbs as much as you could (saves ammo and kills them fast) = see 01:54:00.791 - so many limbs yet only used like twice. A few times you looked lost like forgetting to activate a switch or wandering around before solving a "puzzle"

12:58 - missed stasis on door. 4 sec
13:25 - seems not optimized
15:35 - great mini boss fight
16:36 - should open door before grabbing stasis
18:34 - very nice!
30:20 - lost 5-10 seconds due to exploding foe and missed one foe so can't leave room
37:55 - forgot to activate switch. lost 5-7 seconds
39:40 - bad mini boss fight
51:00 - still got time for the ladies
57:55 - stylin'  ^__^
1:15:00 - got hit many times. I don't know how hard this section is, but maybe this is optimal.
1:20:10 - got hit by easy to avoid projectiles. lost 7 sec
1:22:10 - oh no, damn stalker took off 11 sec
1:23:30 - hit by exploding foe. lost 3 seconds
1:23:36 - shouldn't stomp - lose time.
1:23:35 - Huh? looked confused and grabbed wrong 3rd part and lost 5-7 sec
01:27:08.500 - lost 3 seconds from floor mine
01:27:50.998 - great speed on this section
01:33:55.859 - got interrupted while hacking
01:34:15.561 - while in menu there? - lost like 5 seconds
01:41:47.479 - should left room sooner 2 sec
01:48:57.320 - hit by bomb foe
02:05:04.115 - lost five seconds. should have sorted the menu out during downtime on the earth machine
02:08:20.453 - bad fight - lost about 10 seconds
02:10:50:650 - lost 5 seconds to poor movement and obstructing self with objects
02:13:06.717 - missed an opening - 3 seconds
02:13:14.542 - missed an opening - 3 seconds
02:15:33.391 - bad hack - 5 seconds
02:15:10:391 - appears to be lots of wasted time. maybe it's very dangerous. can't tell
02:24:24.873 - should've avoided this - 8 sec
02:25:24.908 - missed panel - 2 sec
02:28:05.695 - reload delay - lost 20 sec because the next hit killed

ya, that 49:22 is weird. I can confirm that.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Craig 'osey889' Kean!
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osey889: 2013-08-30 10:23:31 pm
first of all thanks to everyone who thought this run was worthy of accepting. about my comments its possible i may have uploaded my first draft that more then likely was not very good. if the comments are that bad i can type up some new ones.