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F*ckin' sanity effects...
FYI, I'd absolutely love to see a run of this game.  I'm in the same boat as Mr. Piggy, loved the first, haven't played the second yet.  I thought this game would be pretty bad before I played it, but it's sooooooo fun: the level-up system, the well-paced jump shocks, the silence when you walk in space, the anti-grav bits.  Way good.
i'll be streaming my practice runs tonight. fi anyone wants to watch join me on
as is said this is for practice so don't be afraid to bug me with questions.
my p.b. is 3:12:48 still needs some tweaking done before i start playing serious. i think of shooting for sub 3:00 is my current goal. i'll give it another go tomorrow.
i think sub 3:00 might be a little to hard for single segment. shooting for sub 3:05 instead. i'll be streaming my attempts today.
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GodModeGOD: 2012-07-31 06:14:19 pm
top tier GoW player


Hopefully you've studied up on findings demonstrated by Wolfwood, Farizle and others (myself included) by this point.

What conditions are you using for this run again?  DLC, difficulty, etc.  You note single segment, so there's that.

AKheon's work with glitching has only really just begun, but I don't know how far he intends to take it.
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osey889: 2012-07-31 06:45:53 pm
osey889: 2012-07-31 06:34:03 pm
new pb 3:03:40. single segment easy mode i have watched a segmented video speed run of this game on youtube called whoknows.
i have been using his tricks for the most part while including some more survival strats from myself.
ps no dlc was ever used in any of my dead space runs. cheats included.
pss. i feel i should also mention that this is played on xbox360 and its not new game plus.
top tier GoW player
I believe Farizle (or maybe Wolfwood) denoted this run at some point.

Duly noted.

>360 NG
Always good to have the details.
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UraniumAnchor: 2012-07-31 09:55:11 pm
Not a walrus
Are there ever any situations where dying can save time? Real time, not in-game time. Hitting a checkpoint and dying to clear out enemies, or something to that effect?
as far as i can tell no the loading time after dying cost me at most 40 seconds since the checkpoints are often before a dangerous area. most time you either have to kill certain necromorphs to open a door or the door is open but is not easy to reach.
for those who want to see where i have been getting my speed run ideas for DS1 check out this segmented run by whoknows4682.
note i have no idea if everything in his videos are possible or not but alot i have proven will work.
i just found out that i had over 10,000 views on my i thought to myself what can i do to celebrate this. so this friday 1 o'clock pacific time, me and my friends will be playing the dead space drinking game! i'll still be speed running the game but i'll have a couple of friends over too  entertain and make my speed run even more challenging! i'll have the rules posted as soon as i talk to the pros. /whisper the guys who will be drinking...
the rules are set and the stream is up. come join the fun.
i starting to feel confident that i can go for a solid time on dead space single segment on easy, but wanted to hear from someone else about what they they think is a good time. as far as i know there is no glitches or major skips. i play on the 360 and the only real glitch i have found was npc on chapter 9 who spawn in a tight corridor  blocking my way ruining my run. i have no idea how i triggered it either.
Not a walrus
For NG SS, sub 3 hours, apparently. NG+ should probably be at least ten minutes faster, but I'm pulling that number out of my ass so somebody else should weigh on that.
a part of me agrees the difference for a NG+ time isn't that big unless theres a suit that prevents you from stopping whenever you get hit by something.
In the infinite
I would agree with sub 3 hours for NG. The last time I watched you made me feel like around 2:55 would be possible, but that might be stretching it a bit.
well i got 2:56 today i plan to give it one more go in a bit. like i said any thoughts or tips really help me out. and could someone tell me if the pc version runs this game faster with loading times? i've been watching a segmented run on youtube that is pc version for my strats.
Not a walrus
Yeah, ten minutes on easy seems a bit much. Impossible maybe not so much, though.
i just got a time of 2:52:39! i don't know if the in game timer means much but it says 2:49:39.
i am going to start doing quality recording for this game so i can submit. i would love to go deathless but later chapters has a big random factor with enemy behavior. and please don't say go for sub 2:50. i just don't think its possible without a major skip or incredible enemy luck.
F*ckin' sanity effects...
Congrats on your great progress and can't wait to watch the final product!
i just found another game breaking glitch. this time on chapter 12. the brute never showed up after i killed the wall guards and some events did not trigger as well, including the  cut scene where you find out about the truth of your girlfriend. sadly the boss fight did not trigger as well. i saved my game just before the boss and reloaded the game but the boss never showed up. you know i am kinda sad i thought i found a huge skip.
i think its now possible for me to get sub 2:50. i have found some neat tricks and optimized my run to the point of playing it over and over again till i get it right. my pb is now 2:50:52 but i think i can knock off one more minuet if things go my way. and if anyone can let me know if theres a good way for me to help with AGDQ2013 i would like to be a more helpful with the marathon if possible.
Hi osey889, I wonder, what's your best time in impossible mode without NG+? Smiley
new pb! 2:48:57.  and no i have not tried to do impossible yet. it would require different strats.