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Dark Souls (Any %) (Single Segment) [Dark Souls: Kiln Glitch]

Verifier Responses

A/V Good, no cheating

Very good usage of wait time to handle menus and equipment. Decent job on the black knight for the sword, could have been better. By the way, what's the drop rate on that? I'm supposing that's the point where the runner knew it was a run or not. The descent through Blighttown was very impressive, as was the runthroughs of Sen's and Anor Londo. All the boss fights were solid, Gwyn especially was near flawless. The only real room for improvement is in the Biggie & Smalls fight. That, along with the two or three small hitches along the way there's definitely only 30-40 seconds of possible improvement. Accept.

I timed this run against the current full game record (56:28, using the Black Knight Halberd and the Red Tearstone Ring) and when removing all the extra parts that run does (Sif), it was over a minute ahead of the submitted run. What I can't say for sure is if that's because of the route or because of the terrible Ornstein and Smough fight. That fight is no doubt the point where the full game run gained advantage - the fight was far better executed and using a far superior weapon. Before that fight the runs are almost tied as the time the BKH run loses getting the ring and the halberd, it gains back with a much faster Quelaag fight and by being able to warp to Parish after ringing the second bell. It would also save time on Gwyn assuming a RTSR setup is possible.

In addition to the routing mistake and terrible O&S there are some smaller mistakes such as killing Oscar, going to Undead Parish through the rat room instead of running past the Drake and not parrying Gwyn's slow swings or his first strike. Still, the run is fairly decent, Sen's Fortress - Iron Golem - Anor Londo section is just about as good as it can get and most of it is okay.

As a conclusion I'm gonna go with an accept but not a strong one. Part of me wants to reject this seeing how the twice as long current full game runs are more optimized than this. Still, it's a notable improvement over the existing run on the site.

Here are my notes:
* From what I know, killing Oscar in the Asylum isn't the fastest way.
* There's a bit of time lost on the hollows before entering the fog to the Asylum demon
* Getting stunned by the firebomb looked bad
* There were a couple missed parries on the Black Knight
* Taurus fight felt slow
* I liked the run across the bridge with the drake
* Got hit by the Gargoyle...
* Getting hit by Lautrec was really unnecessary. You could've just kicked him off the cliff and reloaded since this is timed with ingame timer
* Quelaag fight was decent
* Run through Sen's Fortress was good
* Excellent Golem fight
* Run through Anor Londo is good. Killing the Black Knight archer in two hits really shows how powerful it is
* O&S fight is meh. Didn't like it much.
* Two-handed ripostes deal more damage and switching to 2-hand before riposting could've saved at least one parry, maybe more.
* The Gwyn fight is lucky; no grabs

Overall, the beginning of the run feels really sloppy, then it picks up after Gargoyles to dip down again at O&S. I really like the route, though, haven't seen the BKS before.

Like [above], part of me wants to reject this because there are a lot of longer runs that are better. But then also Sen's, Golem, Anor Londo was really smooth. So accept, I guess.

I said it many times, and Im gunna say it again. The best tool for a speedrunner is other speedrunners. The runner mentioned some twitch runners, but never said a thing in the forums. Seems to have used the guide to reverse patch that was in the forum, but never asked for others opinions, no talk about a route, nothing. I really wish I could reject for runners not utilizing resources properly. Collaboration is what makes the best runs, not person.

AV is good, nothing stands out as bad.

What they said above me. Im not a fan of some of the strats used in this run overall. Many safe strats. This run is half the length of the full SS runs and the runner uses safe strats...

Fact is that this run is faster. And when watching them side by side (outside of route changes) both runs are about equal. Where one messed up, the other would as well some where. Neither had a good Pikachu and Snorlax fight. I cant give this anything but a very weak accept. The run is faster, still has the mistakes but so does the current run. Would have been much easier to accept if the runner put more time into it and cared a bit about the game rather than a name on a website...

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Treynquil!'
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