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Dark Souls (pal/ntscus) (xb360/ps3) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Dark Souls: Kiln Glitch]

Verifier Responses

Quote from Fed981:
A/V: despite a tiny bit loud, it is very good, especially in comparison with the old run.
I suspect no cheating.

First of all, I watched the live higlight from that run and I definitely recommend it, especially the final reaction.
Also, before getting to details about the gameplay, I would like to say that I appreciated to read the comments. Perhaps the runner should talk more about the new route, since it's a huge improvement compared to BKH or even BKGS. And I would personally add a word about toggle escape and the fact that you can moveswap using the ladder climbing animation, but that's not a big deal.

The level up in Valley of Drakes was a bit sloppy but again it's not that important, as well as the stored roll in New Londo Ruins, which is purely bad luck. As a side note, has anyone noticed the dog/cat floating in the air at 7:56? Anyway, the Quelaag part was pretty good, both the RTSR setup and the fight itself. Also, the menuing at André was efficient ("Oi" skip!), and so was the RTSR setup in the church. That damn gargoyle jump made the fight really unlucky... Nevertheless the Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo part went well, and I assume the notification could not be avoided since the warp glitch uses online features. Now the fight against Ornstein and Smough was particularly unlucky, and I estimate it to be around 11 seconds behind perfection. In the end it was quite good anyway. Finally, despite the Kiln part being neat-o, you can feel the runner is nervous at the end of the video, when looking at the time.

Overall, it is an excellent run. The sum of mistakes is barely 1% of the total time, and all moveswaps were successful (even on the ladder). And the improvement over the old run is quite big.

So this is an easy accept!

Quote from CyclopsDragon:
Huge congratulations to Capitaine for the skill, patience and dedication that went into grinding this run for as long as he did.


No quality drops or framerate problems as far as I can tell, aside from the game's own framerate problems (I'm looking at you, Blighttown). No audio clipping or cuts as far as I can tell. No cheating found.


What's new in this run?
Two new glitches and a new method for a glitch allowed for an entirely new route, killing Quelaag first and absolutely destroying the Gargoyles. That's huge for the entertainment factor for anyone who's played or watched the game before.

What went wrong?
Less than five seconds of timeloss due to gameplay errors and safety strats, 1.5s-2s lost from a stored roll glitch, and around 15s lost due to RNG (mainly Gargoyles and Ornstein & Smough).

What went well?
No visible movement errors, every moveswap first try (including ladder moveswap), near-perfect Quelaag RNG, near-perfect general enemy RNG, and everything after O&S was pretty much perfect.

General comments:

The final time of this run is 21:29 by the in-game timer, which is 3 minutes and 42 seconds faster than SDA's current run. It features a much better route, better execution, multiple glitches that were unknown when the previous run was done, fewer mistakes, fewer "safe" strats, and overall better boss fights. Plus, the run looks better overall; the camera control while running makes the run much more visually enjoyable compared to the auto-controlled camera in most of the previous run.

Even disregarding the routing changes and new glitches, this run surpasses the previous run in every way I can see. I can't think of a single reason to justify this being anything but an accept!

A/V good

My introduction to the new X360-only version of this skip. Left me both confused and impressed, especially with the earlier warps. Watched the run side-by-side with the current run on the site and noticed how clear the IGT difference was by the amount of loading, heh. Runner does a very good job, and the route is obviously an improvement.

I'm still in favour of getting a non-Kiln Skip run on the site at some point, but for now this is a clear Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'CapitaineToinon'!
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Yay, got accepted ! Grin Thanks everyone !
Clear as a crisp spring morning!