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Cutthroat Island (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Cheating: Everything looks legitimate; all the tricks are possible and there's no evidence of splicing attempts together. The runner gets all the treasure chests and the amazing best ending. The runner even streamed the attempt live.

Audio/Visual Quality: Video looks and sounds fine, and the video and audio stay in sync.

Play Quality: I am amazed that someone can be this good at this awful game. The enemies are incredibly random and hard to deal with quickly, and the runner does a great job at dealing with them. The platforming levels in the run have great routing and execution. It's ridiculous to see someone maneuvering through the levels so quickly in a game where it's a feat to jump from one vine to another without falling to your death. The Treasure Chamber level especially is very impressive. The runner almost makes the game look like it's playable. The only time I see that could be gained is from perfect luck with enemy behavior, which isn't going to happen.

Timing: As far as I can tell, whenever a health bar appears is when you start having control, and whenever it disappears is when you stop having control. Frame 2012 is the first frame the runner can control the character (health bar appears). Player control seems to end at frame 54104, where the health bar disappears, which would make the run 14:28.20. The other potential end point seems to be frame 54197, where the animation of the character stops and it goes to the final stage clear screen, which would make the run 14:29.75. I would say it's a 14:28.

Great work on the run. Accept.

Audio: Good
Video: Good
Cheating: Nahhhhhh

Game in which Robin Hood gives pirates a lobotomy for 15 minutes.

Character Select: The choices are Mitsuru and Robin Hood. Mitsuru has sadly been heavily nerfed in this game, so Robin Hood is the correct choice.

His Majesty's Prison: Don't think I didn't see you whiff that sword swing. Poor form dude, very poor.

Quarry: You can memorize rock patterns. Goooooood for youuuuuuu.

Spittalfield: Drunken peg leg is the true star of this game. Shoutouts to the bad guy from Moonwalker showing up to taunt you before the boss fight. Anyways, well done stage.

Carriage Chase: I like how Robin Hood yelling "Get Off!" led to the pirate immediately jumping off of a fast moving carriage. He should have just done that throughout the entire stage. Anyways, you can memorize pole placements. Gooooooood for youuuuuuu. Also, shoutouts to the worst cannon shooters ever.

Harbour: lol

Mutiny: You got knocked down by a burp. You should have just reset right then and there.

Jungle: Annnnnd now the game just gets stupid. That leopard gave you the business, but whatever, off colored grass hurts you in this stage for crying out loud. Shoutouts to derp monkeys.

Cliff: If anyone has been reading the plot synopsis prior to each stage, you will notice that it randomly goes from 3rd person to 1st person at this stage. Great game. Anyways, the vines are stupid to navigate but you make it look quite easy Mr. Runner. Also, that damage boost is lulz.

Treasure Chamber: The game has established that moderately large jumps are deadly, yet the walkway goes out and Robin Hood falls very far but receives no damage. Anyways, this level is ridiculous and you completed it masterfully.

Cliff (again): Vines are a bitch but are made to look really easy. Also, gotta love the unmarked pit that is actually the exit to the stage.

Cove: DO A BARREL ROLL! Truly an epic battle.

Sea Battle: Pirate Cloud asserted his dominance over you. Only really embarrassing death, and it comes rather late in the run. As for the rest of the stage, lobotomies for all!

Ending: Such a rewarding ending! Let me know if you win. ^_^

Overall: Enemies are random, but outside of the last stage they are pretty cooperative. The planning and inputs are on point.

Decision: Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Josh 'funkdoc' Ballard!
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Whoa this got verified!  Congrats, Josh!

Here's hoping you can still get that prize!
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from PJ:
Whoa this got verified!  Congrats, Josh!

Here's hoping you can still get that prize!

A chest full of booty?
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Congrats funkdoc! Next game booty hunt? Tongue