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The Essentials

What: An RPG speedrunning marathon

When: 29 April 2014 - 4 May 2014 (post-marathon fun on 5-6 May 2014)

Where: Edmonton, AB, Canada

Benefitting: JDRF Canada, a type-1 diabetes research charity -


Promotional Video:

Other Public Threads

Prize thread:

Donation incentive thread:

Practice thread:

Promotional Artwork

You can use either the English banner or the French banner on your Twitch stream.  They are available at:

Signing Up

The deadline has passed.

Travel Considerations and Attendance Costs

C4L will take place at the Chateau Louis hotel in Edmonton, Canada.  If you are planning on flying to Edmonton, you want to fly into YEG (Edmonton International Airport).

For people just wanting to come hang out, there will be a fee to be determined at a later date.

Please be aware that, if you are not located in Canada, you will need a passport to enter Canada.  American citizens have a special "two-tiered" passport setup -- the "card" passport will allow you to enter Canada by land or sea; the "book" passport will allow you to enter by land, sea, or air.  For most people, the rule of thumb will be: you need a passport!  If you want to attend, be sure to apply far enough in advance to get your passport.


Please feel free to post in this thread, PM me on SDA, email me, or follow the event on Twitter at @C4LMarathon.

I wouldn't recommend contacting me via Twitch messaging, since I'm terrible at replying to those messages.
Thread title:  
Erin 'rinimt' Jenison

For now I just have one game I can for sure suggest. However, I'm working with MetaSigma to plan out a co-op run - I've included it in my post, however (because of real life stuff and it's very recent release date), I don't have a 100% time estimate I can give for now.

Game 1: Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
System: PS3
Estimate: 4:00:00
Info: Overall, I consider Star Ocean 4 a very fast-paced RPG that constantly keeps people engaged. Between nice, flashy battles and constant tight dodges, probably one of my favorites to have picked up and start running it.
Downside: Game got a lot of bad rap at release due to the voice acting and certain cutscenes (which are very, very skippable).
Incentives: Names throughout the game and various choices that can be changed throughout the game + some cute optional scenes (Looking at 12-13 incentives)
Watchability: I find generally positive responses to the game in my chat.
Freshness: Wasn't done at C4L 2013
Commentary Note: This game requires quite a bit of my attention for some parts (especially early) so I might be fairly quiet during those parts.

Game 2: Tales of Xillia Co-op (with MetaSigma)
System: PS3
Estimate: 4:30:00 (Going to go with conservative for now - There are Japanese times around 3 - 3 1/2 hours for the game)
Info: Brand new game, seriously just released last Tuesday. However, myself and Meta have been looking into hopefully doing a co-op for C4L 2014, and through my casual of this I've found several things that look to easily be abusable. Also, skippable cutscenes.
Downside: Since it's a new game, I don't have a definite route down yet. I've got a general idea going into it though.
Incentives: Can choose between two different story lines (which are different at various points where the party splits). Might be able to find others as I look into the game some more.
Freshness: Wasn't done at C4L 2013 (English version just came out August 6, 2013)
Co-op note: Meta lives roughly 4 hours from me and we are already initially planning to get together in September to work stuff out.

Poxnor: If you want to talk with myself and Meta some more about my second game offer, let me know.
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Just to clarify, you don't need to include all the criteria like "freshness" and stuff in your game suggestions (though it doesn't, in any way, hurt to include it).  What I meant with those criteria is that I'll be asking the "track reviewers" to provide me (hopefully objective, lol) feedback about each game based on those criteria.  Those reviews will be made public, though the reviewers' identities will remain anonymous.  That's just an attempt to help people see how the decisions are being made Smiley
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
In other words they're all named MetaSigma so when stuff goes wrong it'll just be inherently my fault
Samantha Lindblum, aka 'namisyx'

As it stands right now, I don't have any games I can offer to run, but given that Rini has already offered SO4, I'd like to put my name in for commentary on that.

Can I edit this post if anything changes? (Like if I magically get good at speed running RPGS, or if I'd like to put in for commentary on other stuff?)
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Rather than editing your post, I'd rather you just make another post.  It just makes it easier for me to track what I've added into the first post and what I have yet to see.

And yes, please feel free to make multiple posts.  At the end of September, all the game suggestions will go out in one batch to the reviewers, and I'll get all the reviews back at once.
Alec "AlecK47" Kuenn

I like the look of rini's post, so more or less copy her format. Smiley

Game 1: Mass Effect
System: PC
Estimate: 2:10
Info: The run would be a NG+ RTA, like your_name_here did at AGDQ.  Mass Effect is a 3rd person shooter/RPG that is really more RPG than shooter (no headshots, for example).  The run has a few legitimately interesting fights (the Thorian and Benezia to name two), good pacing and plenty of interesting OoB stuff.  Also, despite the game's M rating the dialogue is very clean (not that you get to hear much of it anyway Tongue ), and the romance scene would obviously be skipped.
Downside:  It is a shooter, and there is one somewhat graphic death.
Incentives: Male or Female Shepard, Save either Ashley or Kaidan, save/kill Rachni Queen, save/kill Shiala (a bit weak, maybe), listen to Liara's amusing dialogue (she thinks she's going crazy if you get her after the other main missions, seems like a good challenge to me)
Watchability: I think it's a fun watch, and it seemed to go over well at AGDQ.

Game 2: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
System: PC
Estimate: 20:00 (minutes, not hours Tongue - it should finish under 10 if done well)
Info: 3D Western action RPG, very popular and well-known.  Abuses glitches and a joke item to skip to and complete the endgame.
Downside:  Requires a specific version of the game to be optimal, and the optimal run is the most entertaining (glitches were patched Sad )
Incentives:  Player race
Watchability:  A short, fast-paced and action-filled run once the intro finishes.

Neither game was at C4L
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Ooh, the dreaded PC speedrun Wink  We'd need to come up with a plan -- in advance -- about how to deal with PC games destroying marathons.

Was there an Xbox version of Mass Effect?  Or is the PC version better for speedrunning?
PC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...>>360.  Seriously.  Not only does PC load much faster and allow faster dialogue skipping, the OoB stuff functions much better on PC (there are some skips you can't really do on 360... it's hard to explain though) and you have hotkeys for your powers (on 360 a wheel comes up that pauses the game).  It really isn't hard to get the game running though, the Steam version doesn't nerf anything, and the only weird thing you need to do to run it is run Steam and the game as an administrator.

Morrowind is in a similar boat because I'm not sure if an XBox version with the glitches the speedrun uses to make the character more powerful exists.  If it does I could run it on console (once I got a copy of the right version), but if I had to reload a save it would be much slower.
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Nami: I thought you and rini had been working on SO4 together at some point.  Is there any interest in controller hand-off on that run, since I thought the two of you were working fairly closely together on that game?  Or did I misunderstand something?

AlecK: Okay, then if one or both of those games are accepted, we'll work together to create some sort of "plan" about how to make the PC gaming integrate smoothly into the marathon.
Quote from Poxnor:
Nami: I thought you and rini had been working on SO4 together at some point.  Is there any interest in controller hand-off on that run, since I thought the two of you were working fairly closely together on that game?  Or did I misunderstand something?

That was for SO2 ^^;
There's a run I would like to do from a gamecube RPG but not sure if I can learn it in time to apply. I wouldn't be starting from scratch at least since there's a thread and runs of it on youtube. More a matter of how much time I can commit with all my other plans for the next few months.
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UraniumAnchor: 2013-08-12 11:22:22 pm
Not a walrus
I might be able to swing coming up to this since I expect to have some significant debts paid off by May. As for the game I'd like to run...

Game: Crystalis
System: NES
Estimate: 1:15:00 for any%, or 1:30:00 for 100%
Info: How can you not know this game? Top-down action rpg for the NES, came late in the cycle so it's pretty technically impressive as well
Downside: has a few grinding spots but they're surprisingly well isolated from the main flow of the game
Incentives: any% vs 100%, character name (though it only shows a couple of times at best)
Watchability: despite the grinding, the action is pretty fast paced and there's a lot of strategy involved in having the right stuff equipped at any given time

C'mon, it's got "Crystal" right in the name. Tongue
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Vulajin: 2013-08-12 11:49:06 pm
Well, I have to ask. Does a Pokemon game fit the kind of games you would like to include in C4L next year? Smiley

(edit) Well played, UA. <_<
Not a walrus
Only if it's Pokemon Crystal, obv.
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mikwuyma: 2013-08-13 12:17:34 am
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I don't know if I can make it for sure, because my finances will be unsure by February next year, but if I have the money I'll definitely come.

1. The Demon Rush

2. PC (barely)

3. The record is 3 hours 50 minutes by sockfolder (yes, the guy who found the big skip in OoT sockfolder!), so I'm gonna say 4:30:00 just to be safe.

4. This game is really bad, but hilariously so. Everyone who watched at JRDQ bonus stream could not stop watching it because it was the most intriguing trainwreck they saw. Between the godawful juvenile writing, giraffe necks, and just ridiculousness in general, the game is funny.

Gameplay-wise you can run away from every battle and you run very fast, and there are donation incentives for filename and character names (possibly some sidequest stuff too).

5. Uhhhhhhhhhhh, it's really bad, and not everyone enjoys that. The game also sometimes crashes.
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Rayas: 2013-08-19 09:37:43 am
Rayas: 2013-08-13 01:21:57 am
As some may already be aware: the french are coming ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ as MisterMV told the french audience during SGDQ ending, both of us are coming to C4L.


Game 1: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
System: Sega Master System (or Wii VC)
Estimate: 1:00:00
Info: Wonderboy is a series of games mostly known for its first Nes adaptation from Hudson named Adventure Island. But the following original games then started to add RPG elements, and WB3 is a metroidvania-esque game (side-scrolled RPG~), only lacking an xp system (you grab extra hearts à-la-Zelda). Killing bosses make you change into an animal shape, giving you specific abilities which let you get to a new part in game (and it's full of hidden places). What makes the game pretty fun is that a normal playthrough requires somehow a lot of farming, but there are two routes that can be used for avoiding that using... debug tools which were left in the game Cheesy the actual SDA submission actually uses the most outrageous one, cutting the game in half (using a 2 controllers manipulation with a specific weapon, you can change shape at will, even back as human, which shouldn't happen in the game; this is what I call tasmanian%). The route I use actually gets through all the dungeons without any big sequence break, except for the part where I go fly over a gap creating blocks from nowhere (the second debug tool I was talking about, which is why I call this route goldenblocks%) which lets me get the final items in the game early (without them, I couldn't survive in the last two dungeons actually). All in all, this is a very good game for the SMS (yes, I know, nobody knows that system outside of Europe/Brazil).
Downside: It's not popular at all, even in the places where the SMS actually sold; for Sega-fans it's known to be a very good game, but that's still a very niche public.
Incentives: Being a not very popular game, I don't think letting a choice for the route (tasmanian% or goldenblocks%) would accomplish much. There are some fun glitches that can be reproduced, but only with a Wii Classic Controller (you need to L+R). A stupid incentive could be an any% password speedrun, which is pretty similar to the any% death die hard runs: a password lets you start in town with everything, and you can just teleport to the final boss and kick his ass within a minute. I'll try to think if anything relevant comes to me. Sad
Watchability: I believe that's pretty nice game to watch (top-tier for SMS good-looking games), though I believe popularity affects watchability a lot, so, meh. The SMS isn't a popular or easy-to-find system in North America, though the Genesis is actually able to play all SMS games, using a small device for it.

Game 2: Secret of Mana
System: SNES (or Wii VC blablabla)
Estimate: 3:00:00
Info: Do we really need to tell what this game is? :p What we'd love to do though is a co-op 2p run with MisterMV. Though this comes from a long shot, as we, right now, haven't been able to even start training on it...
Downside: See a loved classic gets glitched and bosses get one-hit-killed?
Incentives: Names and weapons used, for the most part.
Watchability: I believe SoM is a VERY popular SNES game, both in North America and Europe. It's a colorful delight with very good music.

I can add Dragon Crystal for the SMS, but that's more of a joke game~ Anyhow, I'll have to contact you Pox, for obvious reasons.

Commentary: an incentive for the whole marathon could be to have french commentaries on some games if a total sum IS NOT acquired. :p
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Plays games quickly. Eventually.
EDIT: Dragon's Trap ^^^^^^^^. Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm Kreygasm

I'm hoping to make it, but it depends on a bunch of; what are currently unknowns; I'm not sure if I'll know by the end of Sept either, I have a trip coming up in a couple of weeks; once I get back from that, I'll be able to work on specifics but I may not know for sure for a couple of months yet. I'll scrub this post if that puts me out of contention, just lemme know. Tongue

That aside I'd like to pitch two games:
Game 1: Lost Odyssey
System: Xbox 360
Estimate: 8:30:00 (4 discs, Disc 1: 2:00:00, Disc 2: 1:30:00, Disc 3: 2:10:00, Disc 4: 2:50:00)
Info: Excellent 360-exclusive PS1-era-FF-style JRPG made by the bulk of the old-school Final Fantasy crew (Uematsu, Sakaguchi, etc.) after they bailed out after FFX.
Upsides: No grinding, no big gaps between bosses, mostly skippable cutscenes, fast movement, amazing visuals, would appeal to fans of FF games even if they've never seen it before.
Downside: See "Estimate". Could be split up though. Relatively obscure. Still a decent slathering of cutscene mashing, I will also likely be dying from hypothermia during the run. #BlameCanada
Incentives: Several funny cutscenes to play, optional bosses, Arena-style "Backyard" battles, out of bounds glitch demonstration.

Game 2: Tomb Raider (2013)
System: Xbox 360
Estimate: 2:30:00
Info: Recently released reboot and prequel of the Tomb Raider series.
Upsides: There probably isn't a 5-minute section of the game outside the intro that doesn't have a skip or glitch of some kind in it. Excellent visuals, very fast-paced, no notable slow sections minus a couple of ~1-minute cutscenes, lots of glitch variety. Popular, well-recieved and recent.
Downside: So many skips and glitches to explain that it may impede donation reading. R rated game, most of the bad stuff is skipped, but there will be one or two F bombs and some blood and visible wounds early-on. Not a "pure" RPG; it comfortably qualifies as Action/Adventure with RPG elements though (Like Zelda games), if those are accepted.
Incentives: Out of Bounds glitches, other weird visual glitches, probably 100% too (Still learning).

Commentary: Star Ocean: The Last Hope, several FF games, probably others.
Well, on that note, put me down for some Lost Odyssey commentary goodness. I'd say something about Spud and Gamble luck in LO here, but I think I'd like to remain among the living during the marathon. Wink
Plays games quickly. Eventually.
If Rini does my gambles, I'd like to reduce my estimate to 6 hours.
Quote from Potato Handle:
If Rini does my gambles, I'd like to reduce my estimate to 6 hours.

I'd like to note that my PB is still 17 minutes behind you. >_> Just cause I seem to be able to pull off 1k's more than you it seems...

(It's the seeds.)
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Lag.Com: 2013-08-13 01:55:08 am
sda loyalist
Ultima Underworld
System: PC, DOSBox lols
Estimate: 25 minutes
Info: Old-school first-person RPG.
Pros: Quick and confusing run, full of bugs and glitches to explain. Best game ever released.
Cons: Quick and confusing run.

Not 100% sure if I can come yet. UU is the closest game to being ready that I have. Other things I could potentially offer are Grandia II (PS2, who knows, like 10 hours or something) and/or Oblivion (PC, 30 mins)
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Professional Second Banana
Note: I don't expect to get all of these games - just throwing out what I'd be up for doing, with my 1st choice being FF6.  Estimates include endings and can be trimmed if needed.

Game 1: Final Fantasy VI (Glitchless)
System: SNES
Estimate: 6:30:00 for Any%, TBD for 100%
Info: It's FF6...
Upsides: New category never seen in an SDA/community marathon before, which differs quite a bit from the normal run/strats due to not being able to use Joker Doom or Vanish/Doom.
Downside: Some grinding will be required in the World of Ruin, but should only be 8-10 minutes at most.
Incentives: Might be able to offer 100%, but since an Any% FF6 run has never been done in a marathon before, maybe an alternative to offering 100% could be an Any% run with a bidding war over which World of Ruin route I use (a glitchless route usually makes 1 character the 'star' of the show in Kefka's Tower, and I've seen runs that use Celes, Sabin, Shadow, or Gau for that role).  Also, usual incentives for character naming, Phantom Train suplex, opera parts, etc.

Game 2: Kingdom Hearts II
System: PS2
Estimate: 5:00:00 for Any%, 6:30:00 for All Worlds
Info: Action RPG combining Final Fantasy and Disney characters with a really fun and deep combat system.
Upsides: Skippable cutscenes!  Current route uses some very creative & entertaining battle strats, involving summons and multiple drive forms.
Downside: Roxas sequence and gummi routes are pretty uninteresting.
Incentives: Could easily offer extra worlds not in the Any% route, plus Disney sing-a-longs, and possibly playing the Japanese Final Mix version (which has a ton of extra content, like some optional bosses that are very beatable in a speedrun and would make great donation incentives, plus the voice acting is all in English).

Game 3: Seiken Densetsu 3 (co-op run with romscout and/or RaneOfSoTN)
System: SNES
Estimate: 6:00:00
Info: Sequel to Secret of Mana only released in Japan, but which was one of the first JRPGs to receive a complete English fan translation, and has its share of fans in English-speaking countries.
Upsides: Very fast-paced battles, branching storylines involving 6 playable characters with very different ability sets (of which you choose a team of 3).
Downside: Game was never officially released outside of Japan, so fanbase isn't as big as many other JRPGs of similar length.
Incentives: Character naming.  Should also be able to offer bidding war for which storyline to follow (affects which of the 3 possible final dungeons/final bosses are used).

Game 4: Illusion of Gaia (Nitrodon runs this too - if he's able to make it and wants to run it I'll do commentary instead)
System: SNES
Estimate: 2:45:00 for Any%, 3:00:00 for 100%
Info: 2nd game in an Action RPG trilogy by Quintet, with the others being Soul Blazer and Terranigma.
Upsides: Fast paced run with barely any cutscenes over a minute long, lots of cool glitches, speed tricks, and sequence breaks.  Would make a great Quintet double/triple feature if Soul Blazer and/or Terranigma are in C4L.
Downside: RPG elements are very light and game plays a lot more like a 2D Zelda-style game than the other 2 games in the trilogy.  Probably would not be a good choice for an RPG-themed marathon if not in a block with one or both of the other trilogy games.
Incentives: Donations for 100% (would rather have this than an Any% vs 100% bidding war, since 100% is more exciting to do and to watch) and for fighting Solid Arm (optional boss near the end of the game).
Roses of May
i'll need to talk to shineeyo, but if he wants to do a co-op run i'll actually go.

Game: Tales of Vesperia/ and or Tales of Xillia (which rini offered too)
System: both will be Ps3
Estimate: 3:30 for xillia 5:35 for vesperia
Info: we both already run both games typical jrpg both have cs skipping, fights are pretty interesting in vesperia, xillia is so and so
Downside: Downside to xillia is that boss fights can get pretty dull not very much technique compare to vesperia. downside to vesperia is that A) we will be playing PS3 version due to free run canceling and CS skipping so it will be japanese only and there is like a 15  minute grinding part)
Incentives: Xillia has the story options, Vesperia has a few minor things that i'd have to talk over with shineeyo for see if it wont cost too much time as well as we can actually name the characters using english letters so character names
Watchability: These are NG/Normal runs which are much better than the typical NG+ one shot boring Tales runs a lot of things can be explained.
other notes: Shineeyo has the second fastest vesperia time and i think second fastest xillia time for NG/Normal so he would be the main player but i have to talk to him to see if he'd be cool with going
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megakidicarus: 2013-08-13 06:33:01 am
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ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
I'd offer final fantasy 3 NES aka Famicom but... several issues are preventing me.
1.I don't have transport. I have school. It's speedrunable the nes version is I just need to learn a route.
I tried learning the route this but had about 1.5 months of crap happen that prevented me from practicing.
don't have a japanese WII/Wii U with The game on it. or am comfortable jail-breaking my only WII.

for those wondering the DS/IOS/PSP version is utter crap to run. not only are the enemies harder they slowed overworld travel down. removed nearly all speedrunning glitches. and they added some event triggers. it's ok for casual play. but man does it require a lot of grinding.

also I'd love to see poxnor run final fantasy legend 1-2