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Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Holy crap! Thanks for starting a chain of super early thief skips RingRush, I just found one which saves an extra five seconds on yours if done correctly as well as only requiring 2 HJs (1 if you aim it well).

Skip is as follows:-

This level ain't got nothing Smiley DEFINITELY re-doing Segment 1 now.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Oh wow. Hahahaha. I have neglected the shit out of Croc 2.

Don't worry all, I am still definitely doing this. In all honesty it only took maybe an hour, hour and a half to nail that original Segment 1. Pretty much all due to the fact I did a good lot of SS running. So really, this shouldn't have taken me this long to re-do once I discovered the new trick. All I need to do is re-do it with the Early Bird Thief Skip *above*, and probably just generally improve, heh, gives me an excuse to nail it even better this time around.

I know we've yacked about it on SRL RingRush, you said you couldn't find any way to get up to that ledge in Level 1, and I guess there's been no headway on breaking into the loading zone for CBK. Also, you mentioned something about the river in the Village, something about someone walking on the bottom of it? If there is anything that COULD still be discovered,
----> Let me know about it and/or test it ASAP <----
I'm aware Cossack Village has MUCH more potential for doing all sorts of crazy breaks. So that will probably take a bit of research before that Segment starts. Pretty sure we are near the peak here of what can be done any% wise in Sailor Village. So let's knock this quarter of the game on it's ass! thumbsup >8D
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Good to know that apparently this quarter of the game has already been knocked on said ass.
By the way


Feel's good man. I've resurrected this because I am very proud to announce that Croc 2 runs perfectly on Win 7 x64, and now that the DKC hype has died down a bit I can focus a little more on it. Even though it has been over six months, I did a "casual" run through of Sailor, Cossack and Caveman, got most of the skips without thinking (even the snowball level).

A few things I took to mind while doing this was:-
1) There is a lone heart above the entrance of the second area of Roger Red Ant's level. This could be used to great effect, cushioning the blow of the inevitable deathwarps that will be done.
2) It is definitely a bad idea to get any checkpoints in the first Wheel level (the non-cart one).
3) With the right timing and height, you can avoid Lava Lamp Larry's fireballs during the fight, completely avoiding him hitting the cube and essentially cutting down at least one of the late holes to half. More testing needs to be done on this.

After so long, game on again Smiley
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(Am I a horrible person for necro posting this old old thread? x3)

Seems like Croc 2 isn't a favorite for people to speed run. I'm kind of just starting out and find Croc 2 to be a pretty fun easy to run game. Though it can be a jerk sometimes.

I haven't seen a full SS of this game at all so I went ahead and put my personal best up on YouTube. You could easily improve it by 6-10 minutes because I did make some pretty big mistakes on every world (Except Sailor Village).
I know I'll still be running around hunting for faster routes and improving my skills a little.

I run on the PC and I have to tab out of the game to split so that's what you see me doing. Bit of a time loss but I don't have another computer to time myself with.

(Better run posted below. My old run is still on YouTube if you want to see it.)

Come on Cryptic~ Game on~? :3 (Sorry for the sound quality and game quality in the video.)
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penta: 2013-06-23 09:19:33 am
good run man

About the split issue, you can put the splits to be "always on top" so it will appear for you while playing even when full screen, and then you assign a hot key to make the splits.

Edit: can this game be bought in download form?
Oh the Nostalgia! I'm with Penta, I'll bump this and second the question, can we download this somewhere?
Heh, amateurs...
I have a PC copy, but I do not of anywhere where you can buy a digital download version.

As for "Game On", I've been practicing this game. I know of maybe one or two other people as well interested in running this game.
I actually do have it set to "always on top" but it still doesn't appear on top when I'm in full screen. Right now I use a program that forces Croc 2 to be run in Windowed mode but the game still fills up my whole monitor so I am still playing in a full screen...I just have borders around my game and I still have to Alt tab into Wsplit so that I can split.

I also did go and try and find a place to buy Croc 2 and the only things I found are PSX disc on Amazon, Ebay, etc. There are places to download it but those places aren't places you can download it "legally" from so I won't be linking those.
My Croc 2 CD is still alive so I was able to use that! ^^
Heh, amateurs...
I use Dxwnd and use 640x480 or 800x600 resolution. Llanfair has better capabilities of "Always on Top" better than Wsplit's. Even the most unstable PC games can't over power Llanfair.
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PinkHusky: 2013-06-23 10:18:30 am
I use Dxwnd as well. I guess I'll try Llanfair and see if that's any better for me. It will make it less of a hassle to have to Alt tab 4 times to get to WSplit and split. Thanks~

Edit: Still had the same problem with Croc 2 running in full screen and Llanfair being "always on top" and still not being on top of the game. Guess I'll have to keep using Dxwnd so I can see my timer.
Get run'd!!
I got this game on my PS1. I think there isn't real differences between both versions except that the PAL version i own will be slower.

I'll try to help you when i'm finished with the other game i'm working on. Seeing someone running a game i liked is motivating Smiley

Unfortunately i don't have any capture card for consoles, so the video i'll made will be recorded with my webcam :/
Heh, amateurs...
If I remember correctly, PS1 version doesn't have camera controls or something along those lines.
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PinkHusky: 2013-06-24 08:23:59 am
Probably would have been a better idea to improve my run before I uploaded a video because I just got a better run today and the last run I did was really sloppy.

This would have been a fantastic run if I hadn't got a random death on the Goo level, missed the 2nd hit you're somehow able to get on Baron Dante if you hit him fast enough in the dog fight, and hadn't died at the actual last boss fight.
I went ahead and looked at the video and the last crystal was placed at 1:24:55.28!

Here's what I have in the YouTube description if you're too lazy to go there.

Hell yes...One day after I got a new personal best I get another. Late birthday present I guess. The quality in this video is still lame so sorry about that. However the game play is better because I obviously made way less mistakes than I did before.

World 1: Decent run nothing fancy about it. New best segment.

World 2: I need to figure out a better strategy so that I can have more hearts and don't have to die to refresh them.  I really should get that heart above the entrance to the 2nd part. I can easily use the checkpoint to jump up and grab it. That heart can save me ~8 seconds in a deathwarp with it only taking ~4 to get it? definitely an easy time saver.

World 3: Better than my last run I did. Didn't die at all to things I didn't want to die to. I almost did though one the first wheel level since I suck at dodging dinos. Worked out for me in the end since I got a heart refresh on my deathwarp. Final boss went...bad still. An ember and the floor ate my bucket. Still faster than my last run.

World 4: I could do the baby level faster but I need to figure out a better route. What I did was good for now but it could be faster. Didn't forget that baby this time! I missed the 2nd hit you're able to get on Baron Dante in the first pass so that's about a minute wasted.

Baron Dante: Didn't die anywhere other than that weird spawn I got in the goo level thing. I was sooooooo sad when I died in the final boss fight with only 1 crystal to go. I should have killed myself to get a heart refresh but I though I could handle it. Ended up just wasting 3-4 mins I think.

All-in-all I think this run went pretty well and that sub 1:20 is entirely possible and is my next goal for a better time.
Heh, amateurs...
It pain me to know that this is useless.
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PinkHusky: 2013-06-25 07:32:27 am
Quote from Piston:
It pain me to know that this is useless.

Ya the hit detection or whatever it is that does that is quite bad. You can side step farther into a wall that you can walk into it because Croc likes to push on objects rather than walk into them. You can fall through the floor on the main entrance to the first world (Door that can't be open and keeps you from getting to the dock...says"Bye Bye."

You can't control Croc at all while you're falling but it's kind of cool to know that when you fall through and land (but die since it's a void) you land into water! It seems like all of this clipping you can do into things is kind of useless unless we think of something to use it for.

List of pictures. Messing with the entrance. World 1 is apparently named "Oki-Doki"

I found this on YouTube. You may have seen it but I find this extremely weird being able to jump back into a corner like that and get teleported to somewhere only a clock-work gobbo is supposed to get to.
Get run'd!!
Hi guys, i finished this game this week as a derust but i'm not going to run it until i have signed a peace treaty with  3d platformers.
I will still watch this thread to stay aware of the progress you make.
I felt this was a pretty notable thing that makes it worth necroing the thread. I'm messing around with the thought of making a 100% speed run. I don't really have a route planned for anything except a few individual levels.

Here's the little bit of information I made up for myself and other people:

I've been experimenting with what is actually possible for shortcuts in Croc 2 by using Cheat Engine.

1. It's possible to get every single puzzle piece by getting behind the door and yes this makes it possible to get the 100% credit screen without 100%ing the game. (Tested)
2. Skipping to the Octopus fight is possible but after you win and you walk out the Gobbo is there for a split second then disappears and the gate to fight the pirate doesn't open.
3. Getting under the gate to the pirate is VERY hard to do even when you change your Z value and teleport yourself down. You need to first fall out of the map and then you can teleport yourself to the loading zone. (Which is there all the time)
4. Clipping behind the door to Lava Lamp Larry is impossible.
5. Skipping straight to the final boss in world 3 is possible and lets you beat the World right away HOWEVER you have to teleport yourself outside the door again since it doesn't open even after you beat the boss.
6. It's impossible to get to the final boss on World 4 since it looks like the loading zone doesn't exist.

Sadly after looking carefully behind these doors I found out that it could be a real challenge to skip anything in this game. The door to the final boss on World 3 is blocked by not only the door but a thick invisible wall that is just as thick as the door itself. Other things that make it hard is the fact loading zones are in weird places that the door physically blocks and etc. To get the puzzle piece early on World 2 I had to teleport myself behind the door and run towards the level while jumping to get myself behind the door since teleporting only made me fall off the map.

Now, enough with all the silly hacks and theories. A glitch that I'm trying to figure out that is legit is something like the loading glitch on Croc 2 for the Play Station. On the Play Station during cut scenes you can move around and other things allowing you to do silly stuff and etc from what I can tell from one video I watched. Well, this glitch exist in Croc 2 for the PC but I see that it only happens when you beat the game.

Let's take World 2 and level 1-1 where you're saving a bunch of Gobbos. Every time you save one of them they do a little animation where they jump into your backpack. Well, with this glitch you can press the Esc key and then press it again really fast and that makes it so you aren't stuck in the animation anymore and you can move around freely. Doing this 4 times on World 2 level 1-1 would save you 8 seconds alone. However, the glitch doesn't work on a new game save file from what I can tell. If you make a new save and do any level and then try to do the glitch with any Gobbo to try and cancel the animation it just doesn't work. However, after beating the game and coming back to one of the levels you are able to cancel the animation. So, maybe you have to have everything loaded for it to happen or maybe you do just need to beat the level one time. I don't really know but I wish I could use this glitch all the time.

Anyways, I hope I can get the motivation to do a full 100% run of this game. I estimate that it would probably take 3 hours maybe even 4? Since having to play the levels in full and having to actually get crystals is a real pain. Accompanied by the fact that 100%ing the game makes it so you have to beat 1 extra level on each world AND have to go through all the worlds again collecting crystals to get an egg would greatly extend the time it would take to beat the game.

Happy Speedrun Gaming!
I *think* I got a new world record for any% at 1:23:18, can anyone verify this? :S
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PinkHusky: 2014-07-31 10:10:41 am
That is definitely a new record that does beat the one that I have currently. Mines not official though since I'm not able to record it very well. You can see my record up above a few post. You beat me by a minute. I plan to steal the way you do the final boss since you did really well on that part. I should be able to take 6 minutes off the time I have currently. So, if I get motivated I should be taking your record. X3

I've added "former" to my YouTube video.
Its unfortunate I can't find a way to make this game work on Windows 8. I only did a full run once, its timed around 1:4x:xx and I it was when I had windows 7.

Congrats on the run CheftoadGaming.
Naughty me for reviving this thread again, but this is the hub for all Croc 2 discussion.
I started running the game and i believe i have a new world record.
Not sure if this is well known, but the cheat menu from the PS version of the game is in the PC version too. Not sure if you can actually access it through:
potato potato potato
Quote from BlackCap:
Not sure if this is well known, but the cheat menu from the PS version of the game is in the PC version too. Not sure if you can actually access it through:


Quote from hdc0:
Cheat Menu: Hold A, press T, Left, Left, Right, Space, Up, Up, Left, C
When enabled, pressing Page Up and Page Down simultaneously shows a cheat menu where you can teleport to a village or modify the inventory.
potato potato potato
Continuing the tradition of necro-ing this thread every year or so lol
"Necroing" is only bad if the conversation is likely not to be relevant anymore, AFAICS. That shouldn't be the case here.

Let's see some runs guys! Wink