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Yep. I've got a side project! Cheesy
It's not a very complicated game by any means Croc 2. However, 100%ing may take a lot more route planning because of some of the stunts you can do to shortcut your way to gems. It seems that there is NO WAY to segment this game. I checked the data files even and the save slots come out as some Windows CardSpace file, which incidentally can not be opened in I guess this game is strictly limited to SS. I am a retard, it gives you seperate save and exit prompts for a reason *facepalm*

As to what my goal is, I can't be sure yet. I'd like to know if something that can be done would be allowed here.
In the PC version (pretty sure not applicable with PS version) if you have already loaded an area/level on that boot of the program, you can completely dodge the loading screens. Example, say I open a completed file when I boot the game and run into every level and boss that is given easy access. From there, I could do a run (from a new game) and the loading screens wouldn't appear.

I guess I'm trying to ask whether it's okay and also appeal to doing it. As I'm sure any one reading this could understand, restarting the application whenever I do a run will become very, VERY frustrating, and only hinder the process of the project majorly. So what's your call guys?

P.S Croc is such a man he can literally jump off of molten lava without taking damage. I'll make a video showing how tomorrow. Cheesy

Here are all of the Croc 2 movies I've got up so far, archiving them here so they don't disappear once the thread gets a bit bigger! Smiley

Speed Tricks/Tutorials
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Heavy Metal Powered
I'd watch this... I don't think the loading trick is allowed though, you should ask Mike about it.
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RingRush: 2011-01-24 05:24:43 pm
I really am no expert in Croc 2, but I do know a ton about Croc 1 and perhaps some tricks carry over.

1. First and foremost, test if you can hover like you can in Croc 1. I highly doubt it, but if it works, than it is a hugely useful move (search youtube for help on hovering).

2. While searching for Croc glitch videos, I found one for Croc 2 that shows that you can actually jump in hazardous substances and jump out before taking damage (maybe this only works in specific places?). This seems similar to a croc 1 phenomena where if you hold jump a few frames before landing in a water pool, you buffer a jump upon landing and will dodge the loading trigger to the water section. Definitely play around with this in your level routes.
Edit: Just saw you mentioned that in the original post. Haha.

3. In Croc 1, when you get a gobbo and die immediately after, you can duplicate it. See if there are any things in Croc 2 that work in similar way.

4. In Croc 1, your X and Y accelerations/velocities are calculated separately. This leads to the interesting consequence that if you jump diagonally towards your target (facing slightly to the side of it and jump repeatedly holding up and right), you will move faster than running straight towards it. See if this or something similar works in Croc 2.

There is a lot more I could mention, but not knowing the game that well (I haven’t played it in years), I can’t offer stage specific advice. Maybe if you post a practice run I can see if anything else from game 1 might apply in a specific situation.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
1. I have done what I know should work when it comes to hovering, haven't got much of a response yet. But yeah I'll definitely test it a bit more just to be safe.

2. Yeah it's very...odd how you can hop on hazardous things. I'm fairly sure as long as it's a surface you would bounce off of (when taking damage) you'll be able to do it. Something else I've noticed is considering you have 3 taps of lava/quicksand/death pool until it sends you to the starting point, if you say, take damage once, then bounce, then take damage twice, you will still be respawned. So even though you can hop as if it is solid ground the counter stays active until you land properly.

3. Something tells me if the Gobbo (and/or item) duplication trick carries over to Croc 2 it could only be used in very specific places. That and it would only be helpful in one spot in any%, being collecting the 4 tyres. Oh yeah, and because this game's 100% progress is based purely on the colored gems (which I presume are completely different items), which may simply freeze the game or overwrite the current one, nullifying the trick.

4. I had a strange feeling that might be the case. Hmm, I might look into it further if you can in fact jump FURTHER than you could before by going diagonally. Otherwise I think that'd be a trick for segmented, which incidentally can't exist with C2. Sad

Glad (and quite frankly surprised) that interest for this game exists. Smiley
@loading trick: Loading times don't count towards the total time (manual timing) for PC games, so that wouldn't make the run any faster. If you still want to do this trick for convenience sake and you're absolutely positive that it doesn't have any impact whatsoever on anything other than the loading screens then I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed.

Also, assuming SDA's FAQ doesn't have an answer, it's best to PM mikwuyma with questions regarding case specific official rulings.
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Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
@loading trick: Loading times don't count towards the total time (manual timing) for PC games, so that wouldn't make the run any faster.

Really? Hmm, excellent to know. Mike has given the all clear on it, I guess that's why! And yeah, it effects loading times for levels/hubs/bosses/cutscenes, nothing is changed outside of that, it's the game as it always is minus all of the loading screens. New vid with an insight on the 'Hazard Jump' + a few time/health saving shortcuts uploading now.

EDIT: Oh yeah and RingRush, the HJ works on anything that Croc can bounce off of. Lava, Molten Lava, Spikes, Icy Water, Steamy Greeny. The works! Smiley

EDIT #2: Snowball Level done in "0.51"
              Hazard Jump How-To and Some Shortcuts
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Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Here is what I've recently worked out.

1. The Hover trick DOES NOT work. Whether this is PC Version fixes or a straight up Croc 2 fix I can't be sure. What I do know is the new (back then) Argonaut engine seems clued onto it.

2. Hazard Jump has been confirmed for every single pooling hazard in the game you bounce off. Happy Day!

And here is what I'm going to find out in the near future:-

1. Going to test the possibility of duplicating the wheels. Could doing this completely void the first wheel level of purpose? Logic states the only wheels it could be possible with would be the two in the mine level (which one is fastest I am yet to time).

2. If I can somehow discover a way of tricking the counter that counts up the amount of Gobbo babies in the playpens I will be a VERY. HAPPY. MAN. I'll check it out.

3. OoBs....Yes I know it may not be a thing to bring up here. But I have several times unintentionally broken out of bounds. It happened when I fell into a pit and moved sporatically (spelling? :| ) I immediately appeared above blackness and proceeded to fall into nothingness and die again. If OoBs can be found intentionally (and controlled well), this game could become very broken, considering it is a hub-based level system (seriously, think DK64).

EDIT: OoB #01 - Cossack Village - - This one has some major potential for 100%
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CrypticJacknife: 2011-01-28 10:07:52 am
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
I've got tons of videos and stuff to upload about heaps of new things and multiple minute time-savers. Should be really helpful. Shame though, I can't upload until at least a week or so from now because my dad is a major bandwidth nazi -.- See you guys then.

EDIT: Late night/early morning ninja upload...GO! RingRush you wanted a practice run, I'm uploading part of the footage from a practice run, pretty much shows off what I'm going to be doing in World 1. I'm uploading/sleeping so if there isn't a link here when you see this just go to my YT channel and it should be up roughly 3/4 hours from now (bandwidth is capped btw Wink )

EDIT #2: Make that 8 hours....jeezuz :|
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RingRush: 2011-01-28 01:45:35 pm
Cool stuff with the Roger Red Ant shortcut. Watching your videos makes me realize just how much I've forgotten about the game, so I don't know if I can be that much help. I'll watch the full world 1 later when it uploads.

On an semi-related note, I finished my Croc 1 TAS, viewable here at . I don't know how many analagous tricks you can take from that video and incorporate into Croc 2, but it is probably worth looking into.
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CrypticJacknife: 2011-01-30 10:34:21 pm
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Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
I've already seen a big chunk of your new C1 TAS, (from the newly submitted section at TASvideos) it's really good!!! :-)
I will definitely scour it to look for new tricks. Bad news on the World 1 Footage though, 'some ass hole' decided to nuke the internet when it was 50 minutes from completion...yeah...really...

EDIT: Going to try again late tonight, that'll be about 6-8 hours from now till I start in case anyone cares.
They came out with a Croc 2?! What the fuck!

Loved Croc 1 when I was a kid. I'd love to see a SS or segmented run of either game.

Good luck and I'll be following this thread Cheesy
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Thanks edman3d :-) Support is always appreciated! I figured there would be people surprised by Croc 2. First time I saw it I bought it, just in case i never saw it again Cheesy

Finally, and yes, FINALLY!!! The World 1 in '15.26' is up on YT.

- Part 1
- Part 2
Looks great! Just some random thoughts that came into my mind while watching (I don't remember the game all too well, so these are simple suggestions):
1) At the section at 1:10, you could hazard jump to cut those corners sharper.
2) 1:48...there's got to be a way to get around the other side of the tree. You tried triple jump, etc?
3) At 3:30, you can't hazard jump across parts of that?
4) Same thing with the log at 0:23 in the next vid

By the way, you know that 11 minute cap on youtube is long gone? If approved, you can upload infinite length, everyone can upload 15 minutes.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
WHAT?!?!?!?!? I uploaded it two nights ago with a length of 15:46 total and it said it was too long! How do I make it infinite, if I can I'll probably reupload them on the 4th full length. Oh yeah and also:-

1) I suppose you could do it with the two corners there, but I'm not entirely sure how it would turn out if I failed those particular ones. Already as low as 0/5 health after the mines, so I don't really want to add any more possible pressure (granted until I become 95% efficient at the Hazard Jump.

2+4) There is a way to get across there, you can even make it in a single jump if you time it well. But the camera changes mid-way can screw up your direction, and if you even TOUCH the tree you will be doomed to not make it. The similar situation at the very beginning of the second video is much easier to skip, because the camera moves in a way that it doesn't push you into the tree. If anything, THAT will be the next thing I try and perfect, because yeah you can cut off a good 10-12 seconds by doing them all correctly.

3) That's true you can, but actually I kind of screwed up this area for momentum in this video (yes I did that epic backwards swinging unintentionally) I lost 2 swings worth of time in the whole pool, so when it's done right it looks a hell of a lot smoother and would probably only be about a second faster to do with the HJ, I'll still look into it though, for sure.

Please tell of infinite length :-) Me want!
Wow dude, awesome segment. Moar please :D!
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Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Thank ya! Smiley

I've got two four FIVE new videos with the strats I am going to use. If I upload more I'll simply edit this post.

- Flavio in '0.39' -
- Lava Lamp Larry in '1.16' -
- Car Wheel Level 1 in '2.09' -
- Waterfall Level Time-Saver (~45 seconds) -
- BABY-ZIPPING!!!! (must see glitch) -
Maybe better edit first post so that records don't get lost?
After playing around a bit with this game in emulator, the fastest way of moving in a straight line appears to be repeatedly long jumping (the short hop is slower than running, but the second is faster, and overall it is faster). This likely doesn't hold true for many other situations, so make sure to only use on a straightaways (and never short hop with no long jump following it).

Also, I found this trick:

As of yet it is useless but if a fix is found, that is obviously mega-huge. I don't know if this works in PC version, likely not, but it is something for future Croc 2 runners to think about. This would obviously be in a different category if it ends up working.
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Whoa! Definitely, I'd love to see a run ploughed with that, and god-dammit =( I need to start marking places I can long jump well, because it would not be something I'd do at every given opportunity, not in SS at least...Hehe, I'll look into whether these things can be done on the PC, hopefully I can. Pretty damn crazy stuff! Also if you are hopping onto TAS duties for Croc 2, maybe you could help me with working out how the Baby-Zipping can be reliably controlled, I'm still looking into it myself, but the more the better! ^_^
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New video up (Edit: Make that two, VFVT fight up as well EDIT AGAIN: Three videos now, Baron Dante dog-fight included)! Not only have I learnt how to destroy Village Smasher much faster than usual, I also managed to discover an interesting trick, hit the "Use Inventory Item" button when the cutscene starts and you can gain control of Croc early and get a good bit done. Will test others places this can be used.

If you are wondering where the link is I am taking DASs advice and putting all of the video links into the first post now! Cheesy

(What's that skip??? .... Editing the post for the FOURTH TIME???) This time it's the waterfall level in '2.06'. Screw this, I need to sleep! Cheesy
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Another day another video. This time it's just showing how Cannon-Boat Keith would've gone in the World 1 part if I hadn't screwed it up. Also to add, no way to cutscene-seperate in this boss, or so it seems at the moment.

Link up top, as per usual.
I've always wanted to see a run of this game. I can't wait until it's finished. Smiley
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*casts Ressurection on Topic* *Topic heals 500 damage*

Right, I am a dumbass, you in fact can segment quite easily, I just usually fly through the Save and Exit prompts so fast I forgot that there is in fact a seperate Save, and a seperate Exit prompt >.>

Point is, here, have some of this!

That crazy close call on the thief level inspired me to play around and see if I could hit him a bit earlier. I didn't do much better, but from a savestate before the part I managed to get him the room before you did. At about 11:03 in the vid you just posted, don't run on the bridge and instead hazard jump to the other side (maybe you can run up the bridge a bit, but I think that would make him start advancing too quickly). If you do it quickly, you can swipe him just as he is coming off the bridge (you can even do it mid hazard jump then simply fall a bit for the deathwarp.)

Now this seems really hard combined with all the other stuff you are doing, but saves over 30 seconds. If you can land the trick, it is probably worth splitting the segment into two parts. If you split after 1-2, you only lose about 10 seconds in the overworld (taking the river shortcut to starting 1-3 takes ~20 seconds, going from 1-2 to 1-3 takes about 10 seconds according to your video). Splitting after the sandwich level costs ~15 seconds by similar calculations, but means you don't have to do 1-3 and 1-4 at the start of the second segment before the trick (which may be worth the extra 5 second penalty). Either way, this will also allow you to optimize the first few levels more, which is a nice bonus in addition to the net savings from the thief level.

If you don't want to redo world 1, I'd understand, although I do recommend it. The current segment is definitely solid though (I especially loved the tricks in the sandwich level).
Ganondorf = Donkey Kong LOOK IT UP!!
Whoa, you can hit him even earlier? Great to know! I will definitely toy around with that. Honestly, if segmenting could lose 10-20 seconds in the overworld, if I can land this I'm going to straight up do it in a full-world segment. As you can see in the video description, I lost about 10 seconds in the segment total, including every level, bosses and text skips. So I will play around with that in the very near future.

Thanks for the great info as always Cheesy
If you get any other information that involves any lengthy explaining, feel free to PM me the details, especially if it involves World 1. I'd like to nail as much tricky things as possible to make a nice start for a run! Cheesy