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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (100 %) (Single Segment) (pal) (psx)

Verifier Responses

==Run comments==

Level 2: Frame-PERFECT skip? Good Job! Red Gem Skip? Accept Already
Level 1: This level cooperated by not glitching. The Blue Gem was done perfectly
Level 5: NSS abuse for the win, avoided Crash rolling 3 times. Looks like it will be hard for an NTSC TAS to beat this.
Level 3: Went almost perfectly
Level 4: Uh Oh! starting to look bad. anyways, he still goes quite well
Ripper Roo: First of 2 analog stick usages. I play the game always using the analog stick.
Level 8: Those 3 boxes can troll very hard. and their 4 friends cooperated as well.
Level 9: HORRIBLE! 8 seconds lost from the death alone.
Level 10: Great dodge of the fans, more NSS and No Damage!
Level 6: Red Gem route and NSS combo make it Perfect. The bonus round was glitch and it's glitchiness was stopped.
Level 7 Round 1: The only level in the game that must be visited twice for 100%/98% runs. The Crystal and Death Route gem are done perfectly.
Komodo Bros.: Sometimes you may lose your masks and die without getting touched. luckily that did not happen here.
Level 14: the hardest level in the game. also worst level in the game. He lost his masks and died twice.
Level 11: Perfect revival of the run
Level 12: Really PERFECT
Level 15 and Level 26: Both went PERFECT
Level 13: Hardest bear level in the game, all bear levels went well.
Level 7 Round 2: Good job, run now fully revived
Tiny: Perfect
Level 19: HORRIBLE Ruins, run is a reject?
Level 16 and Level 27: Bonus Round of the Apocalypse went very well, so did level 27
Level 18: Good Job on the Box Duping and perfect death route
Level 17: More box duping done perfectly. RUN IS REVIVED
Level 20: Perfect!
N Gin: Bad Fight!
Level 24: 1 Mistake again.
Level 21: 2 mistakes.
Level 25: Good gem route. and perfect main level
Level 22: Good Job!
Level 23: Good job on the Death Route. you could have gone TAS-like but seeing only Cortex is after this it is best to play safe.
Cortex: Great job on the final boss!

Decision: Accept!

Reason: Beats Tri-Hex's time

Audio: Pass
Video: Pass
Cheating: None found

A lot of these things are just re-iteration from the runners own comments.

Warp Room 1:
Only minor unlucky stucks and misses. Nothing bad at all.

Ripper Roo:
I think Mr. Roo might feel more sane now.

Warp Room 2:
Ouch, that death in Crash Crush is not pretty, but it doesn't cost much time. Some minor and a handful of not-as-minor-but-still-nitpick unlucky stucks and misses. Nothing too bad here either.

Komodo Bros.:
You spin me right 'round, Moe, right 'round ... *ouf*!

Warp Room 3:
Road To Ruin is by far the worst level in the game, the jump into the death route is just evil, getting it on the 3rd try was quite good for a single segment.
Missing 2 boxes during that waterboard jump in Plant Food wasn't too pretty either.
Otherwise just a few unlucky stucks and misses. Nothing too bad here.

A little bad luck with the falling platforms in phase 3. But it turns out Tiny was not a Flying Tiger.

Warp Room 4:
That was one really unlucky jump in Ruination.
Small problems with some of the boxes in the bonus route of Hangin' Out.
And one really unlucky bomb in Diggin' It.
Again some minor unlucky stucks and misses. Nothing too bad.

Despite the quite bad mistakes in this fight it was quite quick. N.Gin's battle bot was poorly maneuvered and made from inferior materials. I guess your genius is hampered when you have a rocket stuck in your brain.

Warp Room 5:
Some slight problems with a stack of boxes in Night Fight.
And once more some minor unlucky stucks and misses which again ain't too bad.

He doesn't put up a lot of a fight for being a final boss now does he?

Verdict: Accept
Despite the deaths and all the tiny details this is a really solid run.

A/V quality is good, no cheating. The run itself is absolutely amazing. There were some very small and barely noticeable errors such as bumping into a wall, failing to pop a crate or pausing in a lot of levels, but like I said they are barely noticeable and don't significantly disrupt the run. I would point out all the strengths and weaknesses of every level, but most of it has already been stated either in the runner's comments or by other verifiers. I will just mention a few levels I felt had some significant errors rather than small ones to avoid being redundant.

Crash Crush: First unintentional death, could have been in a worse place, rest of the level went okay except for some small movements like grabbing the crystal

Road to Ruin: I am aware of how hard the jumps are, this level had some hiccups, but to be honest , even the deaths weren't a major disruptor to the run in my opinion, however, as stated, there were some other non fatal errors too such as at the end.

Ruination: This level was the least fun to watch for me, the accidental death on the gem route cost a significant amount of time, but the rest of the level went well.

Fifth Warp Room: got stuck in the wall next the Level 24 Entrance

Night Fight: the part with the boxes took some time, but other than that amazing.

Tiny and N.Gin also didn't go perfectly but that has already been discussed. The rest of the run is incredible, especially the bear riding and most of the chasing levels. The runner did great and it was very enjoyable to watch. I agree with everything else that has been said.

Reason: The run is very smooth and enjoyable to watch, the errors don't make it rigid

A/V quality is good, no cheating.
There's lots of small things in a game like this, especially movement, that can slow you down over time, but this run has excellent movement all the way through, it's rather impressive. Many levels don't even have any problems worth noting. These are (in chronological order of the run):

Level 2 - Snow Go
Level 1 - Turtle Woods
Level 5 - Crash Crush
Level 3 - Hang Eight
Level 5 - The Pits (despite having the worst movement in the first warp room, it loses a second)
Level 8 - Bear It
Level 10 - The Eel Deal
Level 6 - Snow Biz
Level 7 - Air Crash
Level 11 - Plant Food (again, lost a second, but a second's a second, not really even worth mentioning)
Level 12 - Sewer or Later
Level 15 - Unbearable
Level 26 - Totally Bear
Level 13 - Bear Down
Level 7 (again) - Air Crash
Level 16 - Hangin' Out
Level 27 - Totally Fly
Level 18 - Cold Hard Crash
Level 20 - Bee-having
Level 24 - Pack Attack
Level 21 - Piston It Away (surprisingly)
Level 25 - Spaced Out (movement at the beginning begs to differ but again it's a second)
Level 22 - Rock It

As for the others...

Level 9 - Crash Crush. This level has an accidental death that loses the whole of 6 and a half seconds. This, obviously, isn't worth worrying about. There's also about a second lost to derping around boxes, but again, it's quite minor in the scheme of things.
Level 14 - Road to Ruin. There's a jump in this level that is a pain. It's near impossible to get consistant, and the runner gets in on their third go, losing a whole 22 seconds trying. However, getting this gem the normal way would cost 30 seconds out of your time, so they still picked the faster strat. There's also a fair bit of movement derping but hey this level's a pain.
Level 19 - Ruination. Ruin levels suck. The runner dies a decent way into a gem route, losing 17 seconds. It's the biggest single loss of time in the run, but it's very far into the run, so it's not too significant.
Level 17 - Diggin' It. A death that costs 5 seconds, near the end. It's not really significant next to the 40 second saving box dupe, so never mind.
Level 23 - Night Fight. Those boxes. I guess safe strats are all you really want to do with a run like this on your back though, losing the run a whole 10 seconds.

The bosses were very well done. The casual trolling of Ripper Roo was glorious, the way the runner ridicules everything about the fight is just hilarious. They manage to stay still for all of the knife throwing of Komodo Bros, and never stop moving for the spinning section. The final hit took longer than usual due to bad luck, but that can't be helped. The Tiny fight was very quick, and despite the rather simple nature of the fight, the runner still does something unexpected. N-Gin rendered the runner unable to count, meaning they lost a fair bit of time, but it was still fairly well done. Cortex was... painfully easy.

Final Verdict: Accept


Excellent run.  Video quality is great.  Time of 1:20:51 is accurate.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Robert 'MrBean35000vr' Chadwick!
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Wahey! Thanks everyone! Had fun making the run, hopefully will bring more runs in future Smiley
Obsessicus Parrotus
Congrats Mr Bean! I was aware it was your run when I saw it submitted and I couldn't wait! I had seen the 1:29:39 speed run previously, this truly an amazing run you did a great job.
Edit history:
Warepire: 2013-06-01 03:10:58 am
Heavy Metal Powered
MrBean35000vr: I don't think it's too late to submit the audio track from your YT version as a second track if you want to, that commentary boosted the entertainment in this run a lot.

And great job on the run!
Quote from Warepire:
MrBean35000vr: I don't think it's too late to submit the audio track from your YT version as a second track if you want to, that commentary boosted the entertainment in this run a lot.

And great job on the run!

Well, that commentary was more aimed for the people watching on my YouTube and those not too familiar with the game (to the point of not knowing the basic mechanics). I have got a link to that commentated YouTube version in my author comments, though, so I think it should be alright if there's no commentary on the actual submission.

And thanks!