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Counter Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes (Any %) (Individual Level)

Verifier Responses

I'll just clarify this a bit since the history is a bit weird.

Condition Zero's main game is basically multiplayer counter-strike "arena levels" with bots and a really weak campaign wrapped around that.

- Deleted scenes was originally supposed to be the main game itself (Along with some MP mode) but once Ritual (the 3rd developer already) had finished the SP campaign and it wasn't well received, they started from scratch and hired Turtle rock studios (Now Left4Dead creators) to do it.

- DS was released alongside the "main game" as it was about 80%-90% done already, When playing it can be seen that it's clrearly slightly unfinished in places.

- DS Plays out very much like Call of duty where you have a main story and you get dropped in various locations around the world to deal with situations.

- A lot of people got to know Deleted Scenes as plain "condition zero" since an almost identical version was leaked to the internet back in 2003 when the Half-life 2 source code & game was hacked/leaked.
This leaked version was very popular but only ~1 year later it was officially released as "Counter-Strike Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes"

So essentially it's two different games but in the same package (Both have different executables, game files, etc..)
IMO it would be better to clarify the deleted scenes part in the SDA's game page as ( Individual-levels "Deleted Scenes campaign" run in 1:43:27 ) or similar since the SP campaign portition of the main game can also be run which is almost a totally different game to the DS itself.
The current run with the SP campaign IL table is the Deleted Scenes campaign itself.

Audio / Video is good, resolution is comparable to "DVD-quality" and 60fps with no issues.

For timing, there are various level loads that have been cut from the video itself that can be seen as the HUD
disappearing for a few seconds now and then. Other than that, start / end is pretty much the video length.
It seems that anything after "MISSION COMPLETED" Doesn't really count so I would end the timer at the moment
the first letter arrives and start it with the video.

Overall, you can see that the runner exploits a lot of the common quake/half-life mechanics that can speed up the
movement considerably. The fluency of movement and precise timing makes this fun to watch.
A lot of the scripts are broken in levels and none of them aren't really completed "as intended" since the player
manages to reach areas faster than the enemy gets to properly kill him (or just skip them otherwise by doing X)
Nade boosts and rocket boosts work surprisingly well in this game.
Clearly a lot of skill involved and great execution, Accept.

Looks pretty good, not sure if the first crouch could have been slightly faster but it's so minor.
Otherwise things look pretty damn optimized and uses various typical movemet tricks to keep movement fast and fluid.

Drug lab:
Nice nade boost at the start, again the movement is smooth and well planned out.
Ending was a nice touch Smiley

This guy goes solo, hopping over fences and dodging bullets like mad. Ending doesn't really match mission complete but hey, the text is there so everyone is safe.

Lost Cause:
I remember seeing coolkid grind this one for a while, final product looks pretty damn smooth and just shows how much effor is put to a run like this, and I still love that barrel jump.

Miami Heat:
Sneaking mission, good thing that the guards are completely blind and deaf. Lots of hilarious moments here.
This mission really shows that Deleted Scenes wasn't fully done yet and was mostly released "as-is".

Motorcade assault:
Being a model citizen as usual, stabbing friendlies and whatnot when finally deciding to abandon them and go quake with a well placed rocket boost on a game that is supposed to be realistic.

Rise Hard:
Goes out of bound pretty quickly, the quick assault kinda puts the nano suit in to shame.
At the control room after the elevator, it looked like a few shots weren't really optimal but such is life.
Two nade boosts near the end that look damn risky and probably killed a lot of runs.

Everything is pretty well optimized in here and the solid gameplay makes the level end really fast.

Another sweet nade jump and the ending is done with a nice suicide.

Truth in Chaos:
Not much to comment here. Going solo again and saving the day.

I'm going to keep this quick because I've delayed this enough as is. The run is very well executed. The movement is really fast and solid, and the AI cooperates well considering how thick it can be normally. All the levels are well optimised, so for me this is an easy accept.

Also, video and audio great as expected!

Yeah, these runs are kinda really good.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Max 'coolkid' Lundberg & Albin 'quadrazid' Sigby!
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Congrats! The few IL runs on YouTube you uploaded were fabulous. Looking forward to seeing the rest!
Thanks for the accept & the lengthy verifier comment. We appreciate it!
I'm also hyped to see these. Congrats on the accept Smiley
Svart Lyser Tronen
Thanks a lot : >

And extra cheers to coolkid for the most demanding levels.