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Contra III: The Alien Wars (ntscus) (snes) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Easy]

Verifier Responses

This is a great improvement and a welcome addition to SDA.  Glad to see this category get a much needed facelift.

Quote from Elipsis:
A/v:  I watched the HQ version and the playback glitched out in VLC  at the end when the audio commentary on track 2 was selected, I think this is because of the drastic difference in track length, so you might want to consider looking into fixing this.

Cheating: No reason to suspect anything amiss.

Gameplay: All but one of the time losses are very minor, great quality run with some impressive tricks.

Conclusion: Aside from the audio commentary weirdness, no reason to give this anything but a strong accept!

Quote from zallard1:
There are 5 runs for Contra III but only 3 verification threads, so for this one I'll do the 2 easy low% runs I see in the queue (easy low% deathless, easy low% w/ deaths).

So first up we got deathless easy low%. I'll break this down by stage.

Stage 1: Pretty smooth overall.

Stage 2: Pods were good, successful spider tango for the kill.

Stage 3: Nice crusher & twins patterns. Also dat 1 cycle Terminator!

Stage 4: Decent acrobat, jumper, and jetpack guy. Player uses the 1 bomb at the boss presumably to damage all parts at once since this boss is pretty random. It's probably for the best to use it here.

Stage 5: The only pause I saw was at the first rock skip, probably to either make sure it's lined up correctly or to react to the red centipede. Other than that, the stage was smooth.

Stage 6: I love how the heart can't spawn anything on easy even in low%, haha. I forget if it's possible to skip the burrowing phase on low% for the Super C boss, but it looked like it just barely killed him in 2 cycles, so probably not. Gargoyle and the final boss went pretty much perfectly too. The selections on the brain orbs were sufficiently fast considering blue is pretty much a necessity to succeed in this category.

Not much else to say! It's a pretty clear accept in my eyes.

Now for the easy low% with deaths. The deaths are used primarily for the extra bombs since the game gives 1 1 bomb upon respawn. The run is pretty much the same except for the deaths, so I'll just mention those in my breakdown.

Stage 1: Died once at the turtle to use 2 bombs against him.

Stage 2: Died once after the final pod died, losing no time and gaining a bomb to use on the spider.

Stage 3: Died once the screen stopped scrolling to restock on the bomb to guarantee a fast 1 cycle on the spinning boss. Unsure if runner didn't die as the crusher boss was climbing up the tower because of lag or not, but if that's not the case then that could get him a bomb that might be useful on the crusher boss. Also wasn't sure about not using the bomb on the stage 3 boss when he died on him.

Stage 4: Died on the big laser cannon for a bomb on the jumping miniboss. Also died to get a bomb for the stage 4 boss (which is the same place the deathless run uses one).

Stage 5: Died on the edge to gain a bomb and take advantage of the respawn thing that easy any% does. Uses the bomb on the boss which is probably for the best.

Stage 6: So it looks like you can skip the burrowing phase on the Super C boss in easy low%, but I'm not sure on the difficulty/consistency of it. Runner dies during the laser shot which wastes no time. Dies on the gargoyle as it retreats & gains another bomb for the brain.

Overall the execution was fine. I'm not sure on the routing things that I pointed out, but regardless it is an enormous improvement to the current SDA run, so it's a pretty safe accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Joseph 'joecoolgames' Hamblin!
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