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Contra (Any %) (Single Segment) (Normal)

Verifier Responses

Accept for the jump animation.  We need this game at SDA, now...

A/V Quality - Good

Comments on the Mechanics - Jumping in this game is interesting to say the least.  Aiming in this game is extraordinarily awkward.

Stage 1
There is some slight lag when firing the laser in this stage (and in general) and the runner keeps all shots to an absolute minimum.  This is perfect.  Also due to the fact that your existing laser disappears each time you fire a new one, mashing on the boss core is not necessarily faster.

Stage 2
All of the shots that destroy the cores are decently well timed.  If you shoot too early not all of the laser hits and they take two shots.  The boss kill goes pretty well.  While it's possible to get a diagonal shot off on the boss, hitting at the correct diagonal angle is atrocious and this kill is still very fast.  Unlike the NES game there are multiple diagonal angles and hitting the right one is really annoying.

Stage 3
That jumping, too strong.  The runner cuts out a jump by catching the platform after the bridge to save time.  On the boss fight, it's necessary to take out the row of guns covering the core.  The time until they open is random and the runner gets good luck here.  You get bad luck if you see a soldier coming in from the left.

Stage 4
The base rooms went well.  Shooting over the barrier is a really cool trick that saves time and requires some precision.  The boss fight here is excellent.  Getting the timing and aim with laser shots this good is not easy.

Stage oh my goodness why 5?
We're still looking into completing as much of this stage as possible without stopping, but this is still excellent.  The discus throwing guys can just jump over you, but their actions on one player seem to be very random on one player and the runner takes them out very effectively.  The gunners don't have hitboxes in this game and the runner does some impressive jumping after the first discus guy.  That jump on the second discuss guy is a sight to behold.  As a side note, you can't abuse the hitboxes on the claws in the hangar section in one player.  In two player you can just jump over them.  What the runner does here is optimal.  The runner had to stop a bit at the very end of the hangar, but I understand there's a bit of randomness to it.  Everything that comes after the hangar is a testament to the runner's skill with the laser.  The shot placement is way harder than it looks.  For most of the shots, if the runner misses it's over.  You can see how close the runner was to dying at the heart fight.  It's all pretty insane.

Decision: Accept
Reason: This is an easy accept.  I'm just impressed at the runner's time and dedication to this game.  It's highly optimized and getting it much further is going to take some re-routing and a lot of luck.

That lazer makes DK and Mayor K proud. The flawless frame perfect jumps in the waterfall makes more Contra players shed a tear or two. And them well places shots in the base stages... I need not say more.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Zakkie 'ZakkyDraggy' Starres!
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Just to clarify, this is the 360 XBLA port of the Arcade version, not the NES version.
With how ambiguous the title is, titles should probably also include the console the game was played on.

Oh, it got edited while I was typing this, go figure, haha.