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Contra (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'K1ngK0opa'!
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Contra (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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RockoSonicFan: 2023-01-06 09:13:25 am
Very impressive run. I don't see any cheating. The quality and the sound is superb. And this is an incredible improvement. Accept.
Not sure which superlative to use for this run... Truly a milestone acheivement.

The level of optimization that has gone into this run is quite far beyond what most watchers not already very familiar with Contra speedruns will notice and appreciate. I therefore hope you'll consider providing run comments at some point.

Big congrats and an obvious ACCEPT!
Thanks it was definitely a hard run to get, almost one and a half years of grind to get this run so I'm happy that i finally got it. i also added the comments for the run i hope my english isn't too bad i apologize if that is the case Sad .
Thanks for the comments. It's really completely up to yourself how much you would like to explain about the run. But as far as SDA goes, it's at least encouraged (but in no way mandatory) to document the runs as much as possible. I think my only feedback is if there is a guide or similar where the interested reader can find more information? When using terms like "EXO skip 2.0 no Leap of Faith", I'm guessing that either the reader knows what this is and can tell from watching the run without having the need to see it typed out in the comments or the reader doesn't know what it is and then won't understand the comment either.

One question about the run. I haven't kept closely track of the latest findings in this game, but last time I checked, a pause strat was used in the Energy zone to manipulate a global timer and the flames section that started around 7:07 in your submitted video. Is that no longer a thing? Or is this what you're describing following "after the L-jump" in the comments? If that's the case, you mentioned several patterns, but I don't think you commented on which one(s) you actually got in your run.
Yeah the pause buffer is still used in runs but i didn't used in this one because you need to get a specific top flame that needs to occurs late to be able to survive and do the pause buffer because if you get a early top flame you will die on the middle flame because you are not fast enough , this pause buffer saves at best .2 compared to middle flame and is also kinda hard to execute. And i also commented that i got middle flame here is the comment "middle flame the second hardest pattern to get but is the best one overall and the one that i got on this run" .
Looks like 6 seconds off if the time in the filename has the correct time. Doesn't sound like a lot but... Contra.

A/V: Slightly worse than the last run actually cause the background is probably supposed to be black, not gray? Also it flickers more (compared the old HQ vs IQ here). The difference isn't big or exactly relevant for the verification but something to think about I guess.

I'm far from the guy to comment on this but... I saw it... and it looks faster in some stages and a little slower in others. And I'm fine with that!

Formerly known as Skullboy
A/V is fine. No cheating detected.

Small things come together here along with good mitigation of the randomness this game likes to throw at you (Waterfall, Snow Field, and Energy Zone come to mind). This run is faster than the currently published one.

That two jump core kill in Base 2 looked great.

Decision posted.