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Contra 4 (Any %) (Single Segment) (Hard)

Verifier Responses

Contra 4 - what an honor to verify this game!

I spent all my breaks in high school playing this, and still after all that practice found it difficult to even complete the game. So it's pretty cool to be watching a SPEEDRUN of this game.

Level one's execution is awesome. Shots are quite clearly planned, and the spread/machine gun weapons are put to good use. Well planned ride on the rail machine, and very quick boss fight thanks to smart weapon selection.

Level two's intro area goes quite well. This section is quite tedious, but the runner just plows right through. Very fast climb up the waterfall, and an interesting weapon selection. It's nice to see more than spread gun abuse. Entire boss fight is well done, boss dies just about as soon as it arrives.

Level three shows off the power of the straight missile, and the runner picks up a laser! Again looking forward to seeing that get used. Good planning and execution on every room, and once again the boss dies almost instantly.

Level four just continues the amazing run.  Initial enemies are torn through by the laser. There is one enemy that the runner has to double back around, but it's not something they could be blamed for. Submarine doesn't even  stand a chance. Speedy climbing on the missile, lasers rip through the next boss. Forced "scrolling" section goes without any errors. Missiles and lasers combine to make short work of the stage's final boss.

Since level five is mostly auto-scrolling, the only thing the runner can do to go faster is to kill things ASAP. This definitely happens. Not much else to say here.

Level six appears to be mostly about missile placement. Solid!

Level seven finally takes us back to "normal" gameplay. Audio skip at 15:56 that is somewhat bothersome. I highly doubt this is caused by cheating or splicing of any sort. The runner is forced to take a minor pause to deal with enemies, but it hardly costs any time. VERY well placed shots for the monsters on the wires allow the runner to continue running nonstop over the flames. Very efficient boss fight.

Level eight, more missile placement fun. At least until the runner picks up the flames. Another audio skip at 19:54, which also has a video skip this time. Slightly concerning. Otherwise, great stage.

Level nine's beginning fight, unsurprisingly, goes well. Great use of the flames to keep the enemies manageable. Very fast run through the rest of the stage. Boss fight is well done yet again, cue the credits. The runner mentions they lose 10 seconds because of a bad boss pattern, but it's not something that seems terrible.

Honestly, in terms of accepting/rejecting, I really want to accept this. I'm sure the stutters were caused by either capture or encoding issues, but it's a little hard to get a true time unless the video is smooth. I think I'd like to see what the other verifiers have to say.

Hot damn this is a sweet run. Tight execution all over the place. Only mistake was on the final boss, and there were some bad RNG rolls too. Audio does cut out in a few spots, and the video skips twice, but nothing worthy of rejection. That's just something we have to deal with concerning the recording setup. I would've liked to see black space fill the gap between the screens.


Quote from Verifier 1 again:
I'll go ahead and accept it as well, then. I wanted to be sure that someone else felt the skips were small enough. It's an amazing run and should be seen.

Game- Contra 4
Run time- 24:15 (First control to final hit on brain)

Video quality- Great! I want the loopy mod for myself!
Sound quality- Good (minus about 3 spots where it cuts out), but only one complaint: Not enough explosions! Isn't this supposed to be Contra?!

Evaluation of the run-
All I gotta say is that you can never have enough bullets/lasers/fireballs/crush missles when decimating alien hordes shirtless. Oh, and explosions, they're good too.

Final Decision- ACCEPT. Duh.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen!
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Nice! Glad to see this game finally go up on the site. I wonder what happened to the video/audio though... was it outdated firmware for loopy's mod or something?

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I felt like I was a verifier for this but it doesn't look like it.  My memory is awful.

Congrats anyways, Mr. K!
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Contra 4? YES!

Congrats Mr K!
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Mr. K: 2012-11-06 12:37:48 am
Mr. K: 2012-11-06 12:35:14 am
Thanks to all of the verifiers and for everyone else for the support!  I did want to add something about the audio visual quality.  While this is a single segment run (it was streamed live), the final encode you see is the product of splicing several video files together.  The version of Loopy's capture software that I used to make the run would write into multiple AVI files every couple of minutes.  When the software would write a new AVI file there would be an audio cutout just before the dropout point.  Around the time that I recorded the run, Loopy did release a beta version of the DS recording software that would record everything into one AVI file so there would not be any cutouts.  I initially had some trouble with it and so I opted to use the software that I was more familiar with.  With that said, there really shouldn't be any dropped frames and there are just a few audio cutouts.  I didn't think the video should be too noticeable and if there is an issue it should only be near the points where files are joined together.
For what it's worth, I will be taking this time down after AGDQ.

Second Edit: I did manage to get this run re-encoded to get the black box in between the screens.  One of the verifiers might've seen an earlier encode.
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Exo: 2012-11-06 03:26:21 am
Congratulations Mr. K! So when is F-only gonna become a valid category? Smiley
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DK28: 2012-11-06 11:26:13 pm
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Congrats K.  More Contra = Win.  Oh, and LMAO at PJ.  He must be getting old like me.