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Almost a year after Toad told me he was expecting a sub-10:15 "soon," I finally actually did it. Now, it's time to get that 10:09 (or better!)

Amazing, Battlechoad and Zmick! Updated the leaderboard.
https://www.twitch.tv/angrylanks/v/97337565 Got a 10:06 tonight.
Fighting like a Warrior
New PB 10:00 almost sub 10 Sad https://www.twitch.tv/themexicanrunner/v/100612445
Fighting like a Warrior
Finally!!! 9:59 https://www.twitch.tv/themexicanrunner/v/100924777
I am officially done with this game.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Congrats TMR! Great time man
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ZmicK_TricK: 2017-01-10 03:15:26 pm

I guess we're just going to do this one second at a time. Cheesy Knowing that this was a 3-cycle run, at least the potential is there for something huge one of these days Smiley


It's a silly little thing, but 10:10 is a really important milestone for me, because it means that I've bested Heidrage's time. I know it's not as impressive as his run, given that we've learned new things about the game since he was an active runner, but in my own little mind it feels like a passing of the torch. I learned how to run this game, and Super C, by watching his tutorials. Might I also have a 13:10 in my future? Wink

I think it's also big for Contra, itself, as a speedgame because 10:10- once considered a "god" run- is now the entrance point into the top 10 on the leaderboard. Very soon, it won't even be in the top 10 and we'll have 5 people, if not more, greeting DK at sub-10:00.
Congrats to all the recent PBs! And thanks for a great race at AGDQ, Toad and TMR!
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Battlechoad: 2017-02-05 03:46:47 pm
I got a 9:57 last night with a horrible base 1, and I can still save about 1.5 seconds on base 2.

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Battlechoad: 2017-02-05 03:46:34 pm
Battlechoad: 2017-02-05 07:48:46 am
Wow, epic run! Cheesy
Congrats on 2nd place!
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sharma: 2017-02-12 11:36:27 am
sharma: 2017-02-12 10:52:11 am
So my second post...

I love Contra, scored my PB 10:49 last night.  Original NES, original controller, old school.

I need to video this thing, I'm still not sure about all the tech stuff I need to start recording, but I still have issues in the game.
1.  I suck at the 1 mouth kill to boss 3
2. I really suck on the lasers still, getting better though.  I have got thru the final set a couple times, that final top laser trigger too quick, I have no idea how you guys get there.  I don't use the pause trick...yet.
3.  Still need some work on the claws, messed up too many games being too aggressive there.  I also have never been able to do the cart trick either.

I love this game, this speed run and all you guys have done with this game.  Maybe sub 1030 someday!
10:49 is something to be proud of! Getting to sub-11 isn't easy.

What strategy do you use for the Waterfall boss? I usually jump just as the mouth opens, and once more to get the last few shots in. Requires a pretty decent spread rhythm to get right.

The lasers in Energy Zone are tough. Have you seen this page? https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/Contra
It has a bunch of explanations, tricks and videos about speedrunning Contra. For the lasers in Energy Zone specifically, take a look at https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/Contra/Game_Mechanics_and_Glitches.

Best of luck!
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sharma: 2017-02-14 08:42:44 am
Thanks Hurblat.

Thanks for the links, I have seen those.  I need to finish this thread as well, I keep rereading things.

I don't think I have the timing down on boss 3, I jump right before his mouth opens.  It usually only takes a single bullet on the second mouth, but still.  I can get a solid stream going, just working on the timing still.

Also, I am in a debate on how far I push my time.  My goal was sub 12, which came pretty quick and sub 11 was harder but you learn so much more doing it.  How far to push?
The waterfall one cycle is pretty tricky to learn at first. The key is to time the jumps at exactly the right time while maintaining a really nice mash. The first jump needs to be timed so that the mouth is opening as you're at or nearing the peak of your jump. Then after you land you want to hesistate a little bit store jumping again. If the second jump is immediate you won't get the kill. I hope this can help you in some way. Feel free to ask me questions anytime.as well. I stream contra on a very regular basis on twitch under the name Angrylanks. @sharma
Thanks Battlechoad, I haven't try the little hesitation move yet.

I'm going to get back at this, my goal was a top 25.  Does anyone have a link to what I have to do to my set up to record runs?  I am not a techie, don't even own a cell phone.
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ZmicK_TricK: 2017-04-12 08:29:03 pm
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ZmicK_TricK: 2017-04-12 08:22:55 pm
I forgot to share this here. I finally got that sub 10:10 Smiley My execution in this run is worse than in my 10:10, but this time I got a 2 cycle in base2 and much better luck at the end of the game. I was planning on taking another extended break once I got a PB, but there are so many things that didn't go quite right and I think that I still have a few more seconds I can chop off before I'm reaching too close to the ceiling of my abilities.

Here are my splits. The golds are fake.

Ideally, I could save enough time throughout the game to not even need a 2 cycle in base2 to get another PB, especially if I get a better global timer, but I have a feeling that I won't get another PB from here without a 2 cycle. I play too inconsistently. However, with enough attempts, anything is possible! Smiley
Quote from presjpolk:
Nice setup here. I don't run Contra but I wanted to say I really like what you're building here in a community.  In fact I kinda want to steal the Twitch notifier bot idea for Zelda II. Smiley
How wonderful it is! I will try this game.