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Congo's Caper (Any %) (Single Segment)

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First off, some general notes:

- The fact that most instant rolls are done almost instantly is insane. Getting them at all is a pain in some cases, the but the accuracy and precision of the runner's is just great.
- One thing the runner didn't actually specify, but I'm sure is obvious, is that rolling is the fastest form of movement, which is another reason it is very important to be doing as much as possible!
- Optimal routing is used as far as I'm concerned.
- I watched the MQ version, A/V is fine on my end (using VLC media player) and there is no cheating evident.

Anyway, level by level time!


- First instant roll performed with 1 "fail", second with 2. That's just insane...
- Roll allows runner to pretty much do nothing...


- Beginning "spring" to the first gem executed perfectly.
- 2 fails on instant roll...still very clean though.
- Use of roll storage (I think...) to roll off the very small ledge and onto the blue ledges is very smooth, allows for little stoppage of the player.


- Super Monkey used ot full effect, high jumps and floating (flying) being used to pretty much neutralise the challenge of the level...


- Outrunning the T-Rex is a timed event, and it doesn't matter how fast you get there, only the "timer" set, which is how long the T-rex takes.
- Boss is a little trolly by moving forward, as runner mentions, but I can't hold it against them, was no fault of the runner!


- In my opinion, runner does not need to specifically get that third gem of health, and with perfect play, could simply jump over the two enemies and not need the third gem. But as htis is single segment, I again can not hold it against the runner. (But possibly an optimisation in the future?)
- Boss fight went as well as can be expected, and it is obvious as to why the third gem is taken. The direct nature of the strategy demands it! I maintain that a safer strat could be used, but still, that's my opinion! The fight goes as well as it could have gone.

Spooky 1

- Getting the second gem good safety strategy. Again, with perfect optimisation, not required as far as I can tell, but for single segment...I'd be getting it!
- A few missed instant rolls, but nothing all that hazardous to time.

Spooky 2

- Second try instant roll, very clean. Rest of level plays itself.

Spooky 3

- Insane execution here...Not much to be said

Spooky 4

- Mildly slow instant rolls, to start with, but the rest of the level optimisation more than makes up for it. One mistake I saw, but nothing hazardous.
- Getting the third gem again probably not necessary, considering the quick kill coming up...
- ...Which is executed perfectly. It looks messy, but as said, no time is lost since the kill is done before the first opportunity to actually trigger a death. (Of the boss)

Ninja 1

- Spike strategies...nice game design!

Ninja 2

- Some more insane tricks, executed skillfully. Very precise, very clean.

Ninja 3

- Using the pterodactyl as a bounce is perfect planning... Getting hit is eh, but overall maybe costs some minimal amount of time. (Had to collect an extra gem)

Ninja 4

- This level sucks for running, and is executed as well as can be expected from a human input!
- Boss goes swimmingly, kinda bad pattern at first, as mentioned, but I'm really trying to gauge the skill executed by the runner, which is more than optimal!

Lava 1

- Blasted through...nothing to say here - haven't seen that strategy before - but it's a good one!

Lava 2

- Autoscroller. I refuse to comment on this absurdity. . . Wink

Lava 3

- Back to normality...that being rolling around and through everything. Executed near perfect.

Lava 4

- Nothing much to say here. Bosses taken care of in the best fashion possible, pre-boss execution was solid.
- Second boss pattern was eh, but 100% hit rate was maintained, so who cares?!

Water 1

- Um...that was quick?

Water 2

- Perfect execution of swimming...which is pain to do, but runner handles masterfully.

Water 3

- Autoscroller 2: The return
- Autoscroller 2: The revenge....etc etc...whatever.

Water 4

- Rolling through the water? Sure, why not!? Very cool trick that.
- Boss goes well - very hard isn't it...A few missed swings, but nothing to write home about.

Final 1

- Couple of neat damage boosts, then just float the rest of the way! Sounds like a plan

Final 2

- This level is kinda slow, but you have to take it slow thanks to those rising/falling spike things. Killing enemies with other enemies always a good trick, and done well by the runner! A little lag but nothing substantial.

Final 3

- Near-perfect execution here, not much to say.

Final 4

- Here we go! First phase is a joke. Getting hit here is just bad...and the runner doesn't! So it's good!
- Second phase is also a joke...but not getting hit is harder. The "alt" strat is to jump and hit, which is safer, but a little slower. The risky strat is used and for obvious reason! It's a damn sight quicker!
- Last phase gives a good pattern at first and last...the middle is a little sketchy, but all worth it for the monkey finish! Still very quick final boss!

To sum it up, it's just very solid. This is one of those games where it is less reliant on insane BS and more about being solid and consistent with the tricks. i.e. the instant rolls - becoming solid is the insane BS part! The runner does that swimmingly and I can therefore say this is an easy accept!

Timing as I did it was 23.5 seconds through 21:17 giving 20:53.5 - that is rough and not exact. A very good time and full props to the runner!

The verifier before me has said just about everything I could've said, so I'm just gonna say that I've been following Omnigamer stream his practice runs of this game, and gotta say that he's come a long way since he started. I also firmly believe that he only picked up this game because of the butt-wiggling monkeys.

With that said, AV is great, no cheating, this is mainly formality than anything else. As usual, Omnigamer provides a really well executed run.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Eric 'Omnigamer' Koziel!
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Wow, that was quick. Thanks to the verifiers! I could see this time coming down another 5-10 seconds, but I don't have any plans to work on it for the time being.