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Conflict: Vietnam () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]

Decision: Reject

Reason: Unoptimal segmentation has resulted in a run with a lot of room for improvement.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Conflict: Vietnam () (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Easy]

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A/V: There are little one-frame flashes of the background applications, e.g. at 4:13 but thankfully those seem to affect only mission 1.

13:07 - noticed the frames per second meter top left, might have been there before

General - I don't think you ever answered why you don't give soldiers extra points after each mission? Are you saying this wouldn't save time? Why not? You even said it would make YOU more accurate as well as the teammates. The accuracy is low in this game because it's realistic so it really feels like missing less bullets would surely help over the course of the whole run. I see there's even an option to assign them automatically. Are you thinking it's a different category if you give them the extra skill points? It's not!

I feel the best way to run the game might be to keep in 3rd person mode while running around, and if it's possible to jump between that and first person w/ crosshair, this would eliminate the wait time between being able to shoot. I don't think either of these lose the runner much time but wouldn't it be safer when you can kill enemies ahead of you faster? And with the 3rd person view maybe you can see obstacles and the player model clearer.

I thought for a moment this was missing portions of the video showing the runner going into the save menu, but looks like you can just hit "continue" in the menu, and Israeli says it's enough, but remember in future segmented runs to show all saves within missions unless you just hit a quicksave bind! Quote from our timer:

Quote from IsraeliRD:
So it autosaves when pressing continue?
If the save is done on that point I'm okay with showing menu and not having to press continue
However if he segments within the mission (no visible breaks) he has to show it unless it's a keybind to save


(I was going to paste in the time improved but after seeing that this will probably be rejected, I didn't see the point)

Mission 1 - improved from  to 9:14

4:44 - forgetting where to go? Or is there some trigger there?
7:50 - runner still adamantly refusing to segment inside missions

Mission 2 - improved from  to 3:23

12:30 - why don't you use the other two grenades? It seems you could have at least spammed them in the direction where the enemy generally spawns while you weren't shooting.
Even though the last fight is faster this time, it should still be segmented off and optimized even more.

Mission 3 - improved from  to 6:57

I think in the first part you could have kept moving the other soldier a little bit further, switching between him and the one behind the turret: you're spending some time just waiting for the next enemy to spawn with a few seconds to spare in-between. So long as the spawned enemy doesn't move somewhere where you can't shoot them, you're not losing any time while moving the other soldier into position for the next goal, or so it seems.

18:32 - looked like you could have hidden behind the crate when you weren't shooting to avoid dying here in case it lost time

Mission 4 - improved from  to 3:54

23:10 - obviously could be faster with segmentation, or looks that way at least. Using grenades is a new strategy I think.

Mission 5 - improved from  to 2:57

26:52 - may have lost a second to waiting for reloading?

Mission 6 - improved from  to 4:28

Mission 7 - improved from  to 7:47

Mission 8 - improved from  to 7:20

43:30 - Switch to the second teammate, going back to get the girl? Or is she always equally slow? This part while in 3rd person view has lots of lag for some reason.

Mission 9 - improved from  to 8:16

This mission absolutely needed to be split into segments. The runner was told to use segments. They didn't use segments. WTF...

Mission 10 - improved from  to 5:34

1:00:40 - still having to stop here, and elsewhere in the mission. Segmentation would have helped.

Mission 11 - improved from  to 4:43

Should have segmented because clearly having to stop in multiple places.

I'm not even gonna bother watching the rest of the run: the runner was told (in multiple languages) what he needs to do, and he didn't do that. I've just wasted probably two hours watching this run and writing notes...

reject: where's the goddamn segmentation? also why not give soldiers skill points? Why do you make me have to watch pointless runs like this?
Decision posted.