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Decided to replay this game after watching Soda88s runs and got an idea how to improve, at least the first level. Grin I played the GOG version.

This run seems to be slower than Soda88s, but that is because his game runs 1.5 times faster (which made it also more difficult for him). So his time if converted would be like ~1:20 mins for comparison.
Hey, just wanna let you know that I am super interested in Commandos 1 speedruns. Would be cool if you continued doing levels, I might tune in myself at some point.
Just go ahead and do it. I´m not sure if I will continue it or not, this just catched my eye when I watched the runs.
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Dick_Assman: 2018-01-22 06:20:54 am
Dick_Assman: 2018-01-22 06:18:48 am
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How do you do!

I'd like to contribute to speedrun Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (1998).
In one hand, I've done the first 5 missions of the game, which are at the time of this post the fastest of all previous speedruns,
Watch my speedruns here:

and in the other I've created benchmarking videos for the different versions of the game.
Full test on youtube:

Commandos BEL retail was using dynamic gamespeed, which made speedrunning impossible, due to the game running at different speeds on different computers (or even on the same one).
However new versions of the game appeared, namely the Steam and the versions.

I propose to use Steam's version of Commandos or at least one that runs at precisely 20fps with 1024x768 max gameresolution (the highest that was available in the original game version).

Why Steam, why 20fps?
- I've found Steam's version the most consistent and easiest to record on modern systems.
- The original Pyro Studios pre-rendered video tutorials were recorded at 20fps, which suggests that this gamespeed was originally intended by its creators
- 20fps is slower and easier to watch than other versions (but also easier to create speedruns)

How do I know that my game runs at 20fps?
1. Just record it using a suitable recording software (I prefer Microsoft DVR in Windows 10, but Bandicam also works fine).
2. Then count how many "repeated frames" are in one second of footage. If the video you've recorded is in 30fps, then there should be 10 repeated and 20 unique frames in every second.
3. The most failsafe method, is to compare your footage to someone else's footage using side-by-side synchronized MultiCam action in your video editor. If your footage is correct, then enemy soldiers "field-of-view cones" should be exactly parallel to each other in the 2 recordings, even minutes after the recording started.
Note: the VLC command for 1 frame forward is 'E'. The Youtube commands for 1 frame forward/backward are .(dot)/,(comma)

I also use side by side MultiCam to evaluate my finished runs, and it would show if my recording is inaccurate, but it never has been:

- I plan to create author's comments for each video in true SDA fashion
- I will make the "Subtitle commentary"  more appropriate in the future

Btw, I still have the raw files and I'm open to debate whether I should change anything according to SDA rules.

Yours truly,
Mr. Assman
Looks nice so far! You should post a quality test reel with the kind of footage you're planning to send us under "tech support" and you can get quality feedback that way. Looks like you've been meticulous. Keep the raws until it's been published.

As for annotations, you can always link your annotated video (and whatever you like) in your run comments if you think it's enough commentary, but seems maybe there's some more generic notes to make on the game itself.

Looking forwards to seeing this in verification!
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Dick_Assman: 2018-01-26 12:43:06 pm
Hey, thanks!

I've submitted one mission for Quality test.
I'm still working on the descriptions, and of course running the rest of the missions, which I plan to finish in 2018.

Okay, Quality test launched. You may download the samples here:

Yours truly,
Mr. Assman