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Cobra Triangle (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Not sure on how this run should be timed (I can't remember how ktwo's run was timed), so here's what I've got:

Start pressed: 0:08
Stage 24 completed: 17:33
Stage 25 completed: 18:03

Time through stage 24: 17:25
Time through stage 25: 17:55

I think the previous run didn't include stage 25, but I'm not 100% sure.

In any case, this run looks good to me. No obvious cheating spotted, audio and video are good.

I think the comment for Stage 7 should say: "The coast guard has arrived to save the hostages you've taken, your job is to assure at least one of them doesn't drown." Unless I'm reading that sentence wrong.

Great job! Accept!

A/V: Looks and sounds great.

Cheating: Yes, the runner is way too good at this game.

Timing: The last run was timed using in-game time, but we determined that in-game time can be abused by pausing on some bosses so we're going to time using real-time from now on. However, this run beats ktwo's run by 8 in-game seconds, which is mindblowing because ktwo's run was RUN OF THE YEAR! I guess this is run of the century.

Gameplay: This run looks way too sexy. I can't really point out any mistakes except for an iceberg trolling in one stage, and that wasn't the runner's fault. Everything else looked super tight and I have no complaints about the run.

I'm wondering if the final boss can be one-rounded, but it looks like there's a slight invincibility period in between hits so it's either very difficult or impossible.

Accept to infinity and beyond. Seriously, this game is possibly Rare's most difficult game along with Snake Rattle 'n Roll, and the runner crushes the game like it's nothing.

This run was made of epic win! No cheating, excellent A/V and it was fun to boot! I mean a few times I seriously questioned why certain things were done until I realized... oh wait.. lag is being lessened with that tactic! I agree with CJ's timing assessment as well.

Excellent gameplay with absolutely mindblowing manouevers and a very fun approach to it! The gamer shows off immense skills in navigating so well through the many pitfalls and perils this incredibly difficult title provides. The dying but not dying on some levels added a LoL factor that added to the enjoyment. This is definitely one hell of a run through an intense NES title known for its difficulty and trolling tendancies. This will be hard to beat.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Adam 'KHANanaphone' Ferguson!
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You got a deletion wish?
Ahem, Cobra Triangle did have a page but it went with ktwo's run (removed at his request).
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congrats KHANanaphone can't wait to watch it (^_^)
Waiting hurts my soul...
How does this compare to the previous run? Glad to see the game get a run again.
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Zenic: I said it in my verification post (hi), but this run is 8 in-game seconds faster than ktwo's run. In other words, this run is nearly flawless.
so pro u don't even know
Wow, beating ktwo in this game is something special. Congrats khananaphone!!
difficult and stupidly random
Excellent job with this one!
This game beat me down relentlessly in my younger years, and probably would in this day if I gave it a good try. Definitely looking forward to this.
Thanks, everyone. I had a 1000 attempt limit on this, and this run was like #997. Otherwise, I would have submitted a really annoying (yet only slightly worse) run that I would have hated forever.

The shark can be 1-rounded, but I've only ever done it on emulator with rapid fire. Definitely not "thumbable", so I didn't even bother risking it.
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I remember Mike agreeing that the old run was basically the run of the year.  Can't wait to see this now.  *Sits on the edge of his seat...*
This run is pretty amazing, yea.  I watched it twice when I was trying to find highlights for it.  It's really a spectacular watch.

Congrats, KHANanaphone!
First of all, congratulations to a very nice speedrun. I especially enjoyed the new approaches to the mine disposal levels. There is also one trick I'd like to share as it would have saved one and a half seconds in level 17 (octopus battle). The trick is to mash both A (fire) and B (speed) simultaneously. You don't even have to mash very hard. Level 17 was possibly the easiest level for me, so it's a pity to lose time there.

How does this compare to the previous run? Glad to see the game get a run again.

Like Mike says above, this run is 8 in-game seconds faster than my run. However, both runs are 17:19 when converted to ntsc-timing (as far as I can tell, the 5/6-rule can be used to compare the play quality of pal- and ntsc-runs). To understand this a bit better, I compared KHANanaphone's and my own run in a bit more detail. I did it for my own sake, but maybe it can be of interest to someone else as well. Anyways, here is a breakdown of where the 8 in-game seconds have gone:
* ~6 seconds were eaten up by the fact that the new run in average ended levels closer to flipping over to the next in-game second than in my run.
* ~0.5 seconds due to ending levels with higher in-game timer. This meant longer time to convert time into points (6 frames for each 2 in-game seconds).
* ~0.5 seconds were lost due to bad luck with the timer countdown. Normally, if you end a level at for example 1:00, the countdown will be 0:58, 0:56, ...,  0:02, 0:00. However, sometimes it goes like 0:59, 0:57, ..., 0:03, 0:01, 0:00. In the latter case, it takes six more frames to count down. I haven't found a pattern in how this works, but the new run had more of this.
* ~0.5 seconds came from in average unoptimized finish line crossing in level 1, 9, 14 and 19. If the boat doesn't cross the finish line at the center on these levels, some time will be lost when the game automatically aligns the boat afterwards.
* ~0.5 seconds because the new run clocked in at a lower 17:19 than mine.

In conclusion, I think the last four points can be grouped together to say that the new run is around 2 seconds of gameplay better than my run. Whether it's 2 or 8 seconds though, I'm still happy to see that my run has been replaced by an ntsc-run (which I'm the first to recognize is a better watch than a pal-run).
" ~0.5 seconds came from in average unoptimized finish line crossing in level 1, 9, 14 and 19."

Never thought about that...bah

But yeah, obviously "8 in-game seconds" is misleading, since there was tons of nickel-and-diming, like in both jump-the-waterfalls where i saved 1 second on each but was probably closer to like 0.1 seconds faster in actual time.
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Regardless, I think we can all agree Khananaphone's run is *insanely* good.