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SS 100% run

Verifier Responses

Huzzah, a 100% improvement run! With no half hour of grinding! In English! Cheesy Up to said grind point, this run is much the same as the current segmented runs, with mostly excellent execution. After that comes the interesting part! Nizbel II is mostly the same, but the BlackTyrano is dealt with very cleverly. As is the Mud Imp; I never thought I would see that happen in a speedrun Lips Sealed

Forget hard battles, the miming game and the slidy ice on Death Peak would have been terrifying. From there on, it's nice to see that Omega Flare isn't used on absolutely everything (not that it realistically could have been, but still). To put it plainly: The concentration required to keep this level of speed and careful timing up for six hours and still clinch out those tight battles at the end is enormous. There was a touch of bad luck, but it's made up for by good luck in most of the parts where it counts the most, including the Magus 're-fight'. Very enjoyable watch. Still makes me wonder what a segmented 100% would look like - probably gratuitous Crisis Arm abuse and max crits from Lucca's Wondershot.

That's an accept, by the by.

Chrono Trigger 100% Speed Run Verification:
-Runner loses maybe 1/2 a second in the opening menu trying to cleck Battle to Memory.
-5:15: Runner was able to attack the Blue Imps fast enough to not lose time getting hit.
-6:00: Runner skips grabbing Tonic and in general throughout the run grabs less Tonics/Mid-Tonics then in older runs of this route. This makes the first few hours of the run up to buying Mid-Tonics from the shop after Zombor much tighter, but obviously the runner was able to work through it.
-The Runner also picks fewer Ethers/Mid-Ethers cutting down on how many Mid-Toincs can be bought after Zombor, making the middle chunk of the run tighter, since not as many mistakes and bad luck can be accounted for.
-10:20: Runner gets Crono to deal 30 dmg. to the first Roly Rider, saving an attack phase.
-11:07: Runner had to deal with two Slow spells from the Naga-ette's. Honestly for a SS, that's not bad, and Lucca took a good amount of damage to put her closer to death for the Yakra fight.
-12:50: Runner elects to grab Tonic next to Revive. Hadn't seen runners grab this one yet, so I guess it is slightly faster the the Tonic in Truce Canyon.
-13:30: x3 Hench, x2 Gargoyle fight was perfect save for Crono taking an unnecessary hit from the middle Hench.
-15:00: Runner loses about a second selecting Slurp to heal Crono/Frog before the Yakra fight.
-15:43: Lucca dies immediatly in the Yakra fight, saving a good amount of time. Runner only got 2 Criticals, which I would say is below average, and had to Slurp twice, which is about average.
-27:15: Runner was able to safely slip through enemies here pretty quickly. These enemies are very unforgiving.
-28:00 Runner got a little unlucky with the second guard not turning around, however it's most important that the runner didn't get caught by a guard, which would have wasted much more time.
-28:15: Runner was a little slow slipping through the 2nd set of enemies.
-30:15: Runner accidentaly attacks the Body instead of the head at one point, wasting a turn in the process. Probably lost about 10-15 seconds in the process. Rest of the fight went very well though.
-32:40: Runner is very quick with skipping the Guard text.
-35:00 Runner was able to avoid all battles here, while grabbing the items and not losing any G to Rats. I do wonder if it would have been worth grabbing the Tonic in Truce Canyon in order to abuse the rat trick to save time, however the runner does avoid all the battles very quickly anyways.
-37:45: Runner got TERRIBLE critical luck on the Guardian. Without Crono using the Berserker, it's pretty much automatic that it will take two cycles to kill the Guardian, however the battle still could have been about 30 seconds faster. Unfortunately the runner only got 2 criticals from Marle and none from Crono/Lucca. Even two Crono Criticals would have sped things up quite a bit.
-41:00: Runner lost about a second due to missing the Panal.
-43:41: Runner loses about 15 seconds to getting into a battle with the bugs. Should be a pretty easy battle to skip compared to many of the other harder battle skips in the run.
-49:48: Runner got bad luck with Robo doing 1 Dmg. with his attack, causing the battle to last an extra 2 attacks, plus an attack from the Acid.
-51:35: Was able to get in a Cyclone where the runner hit all five enemies. Battle overall was pretty fast.
-55:00: Runner command input was fast enough to avoid any extra attacks from R-Series. Just a little slower input causes multiple attacks from the back row and likely death.
-1:02:05: Runner let an attack in from one of the Roly's due to not staying in the menu quite long enough.
1:02:20: Runner failed to skip the bat battle. Somewhat hard to skip, but skippable. However, the runner only loses maybe 12-15 seconds to this.
1:03:00: Ruuner was able to make the Heckran fight a safe battle while keeping the battle speed at 1. This was mainly due to giving the Bandana to Crono so his ATB would fill faster and allow him to heal.
-1:08:40: Runner was able to execute the hardest skip in the game right here. Cool beans.
-1:13:00: Runner essentially got average luck on Crono attacking the Top instead of the bottom. Runner got unlucky with getting no criticals from Crono during the Bottom phase.
-1:16:10: Runner had a movement hick-up, going to the left of the ladder, costing about a second.
1:17:00: Runner skips all the battles in the Denadaro Mtns. very quickly, with practically no set-up time.
-1:17:50: Runner had a menu error, as they accidentally entered the menu screen before stepping on the save point.
-1:19:00: Runner was able to manipulate the Masa/Mune fight to contain no enemy attacks.
-1:20:20: Runner had standard luck and good execution on Masamune here.Was able to cut out final Slash with a Fire Punch. Runner likely would have lost some time if the Fire Punch didn't kill Masamune.
-1:34:00: Once again, the runner has excellent execution at skipping battles.
-1:34:45: Runner elects to take the guaranteed hole in the middle of the first area, despite it yealding two battles. This is smart though, as the odds of getting a better hole is pretty bad, and you'd have to wait around to see if you get one anyways.
-1:36:30: It's possible that the runner could have saved 4 seconds earlier by not eating the cake back at the Residence. In the four battles they had to face until using this shelter, they took almost no damage, and MP wouldn't have been a factor. Not a big deal though, as again we're talking about a 6 hour RPG, so 4 seconds is pretty insignificant. Something to point out at least.
1:37:00: Runner again gets pretty much average, if not a little above this time, Critical Luck. Nizbel is defeated on the 3rd cycle.
-1:39:55: Runner uses a small trick to save some travel time by talking to Ayla in the hut.
-1:43:20: Runner fails to execute skipping this battle a second time. Costs about 12-13 seconds.
-1:53:00: Runner elects to hold off on equipping Frog with the Berserker until after this fight, to insure he attacks either the left or right Hench, saving a turn.
1:54:45: Flea fight got some bad luck in the 2nd half of the fight. Runner had to use a Heal to wake up Frog, and runner had to heal because of Chaos attacks multiple times.
1:59:00: Slash fight was pretty standard. Things got a little hectic at the end, where another Critical or two would have helped, but yeah that fight's just slow in general.
-2:05:50: Runner loses about 1:23 by falling down Ozzie's traps twice. As the runner states, it's the ugliest part of the run. Runner also accidentaly exits the next screen real quick, wasting another 3 seconds.
-Throughout Magus's Castle however, the runner was able to avoid all non-required battles, particularly impressive when dodging the enemies on the stairs, as the window is so tight.
-2:12:00- The runner had amazing execution during a very stressful battle with Magus(the longest battle in the game) . Overall, the RNG of the battle was better than usual, as he used Fire and Lightning quite a bit, and Water and Shadow we're only used 4 times. Very mpressive with all the commands you have to input in this 10 minute fight, which if you screw up, will probably kill you.
-2:26:15: The runner pulls off two of the hardest encounter skips in the run in the Dactyl's Nest. Boss.
-2:29:30: There are many more impressive enoucnter skips throughout the Tyrano Lair. In particular, there are 1 or 2 that can cost about a minute each if not skipped and are mildly difficult to pull off, so kudos for these.
-2:34:00: Nizbel II went according to plan.
-2:38:00: Runner used a new-ish strategy here to take out Black Tyrano, cutting out all use of Fire Sword from older runs, and still only getting one lareg flame attack from Black Tyran, finishing the battle just before he uses the 2nd one. The Runner's input was very fast to pull that off.
-2:57:00: The runner elects to race through this area as opposed to walking through it. The in-Game timer doesn't count this, so she saves time in that, and it ends up being about the same real time.
-3:03:00: Runner looked like she had some slight trouble in the menu during this battle costing second or two.
-3:04:25: For one of the worst fights in the whole run, the runner actually got pretty good RNG. She put the Blue Beast to sleep on the first try, and took about 4 and a half minutes to complete.
-3:09:30: First and second rubble trolled quite a bit after the runner got a critical from Crono to start the 1st fight. Still, the runner was able to kill 3 out of 3 rubble, so not having to encounter another one was helpful, and besides, these enemies we're pretty much designed to be trolls.
-3:12:30: Third Rubble fight was good.
-3:13:00: Again, the runner produced some more impressive enemy skips in the area.
-3:15:00: Love seeing the runner have just enough MP with Crono/Ayla to finish off GigaGaia. Runner lowered the battle speed in order to defeat him before the 2nd revival of hands.
-3:18:50: Runner is able to skip a small part of the cuscene here by entering the menu screen.
-3:24:30: Runner lost a second or two by missing a save point, therefore having to enter the menu screen a second time.
-3:26:00: Runner was very good about avoiding running into the Thrasers on the stairs.
-3:29:35: Runner needed Lucca to use an Attack to finish off the final red scout due to randomness with Falcon Hit damage.
-3:30:00: Runner was able to avoid both Scout battles in these rooms. About medium difficulty to pull these off.
-3:31:00: Runner was able to manipulate the Golem Twins here to use their weakest attack(Fire) by quickly selecting Lucca's Fire2 immediatly after Falcon Hit, avoiding any Physical Copycats from the Golems. Great strat obviously.
-Runner pulled another cutscene skip here by going into the menu at the right time.
-3:44:00: Golem Boss: Pro Strats.
-3:56:20: I imagine the runner had to be a nervous wreck trying not to screw up this mini-game. The game isn't that hard, but 4 hours into the run, it would suck to lose nearly 2 minutes to a twitch mistake. The runner avoids that however.
-3:59:30: Two minor errors in the menu here, gave Lucca the Time hat on accident, and tried to use a Shelter when not needed.
-4:00:00: Again, the runner displays many enoucnter dodges without any hesitation.
-4:04:00: The runner needs to group as many Krakkers into battles as she can in order to 1-shot them for enough TP that Lucca will learn Flare by Mother Brain, this whole section is well executed as the runner is able to group 6 krakkers in every fight.
-4:08:00: The runner forgot to heal Lucca before this Lavos Spawn fight, so she had to waste a turn reviving Lucca at the beginning. The runner was able to avoid Lucca/Robo being put to sleep, so that was good.
-4:12:00: ...awkward.....
-4:12:50: Runner only got three "Counters" from these guards, so that is a little better than average luck.
-4:20:30: Two great Rubble fights here for great TP.
-4:22:00: Battle goes normally, with stealing a Red Mail at the beginning to speed up/have some safety on two future fights.
-4:29:00: As the runner states in her comments, none of these battles in the Geno Dome are escape-able, but she is able to pick up the last of the TP she needs to have Lucca learn Flare and using Fire2/Ice2 from Lucca/Magus is able to avoid any attacks throughout the dungeon.
-4:35:00: Runner runs into a few snags here while escorting this robot, but it still ooks pretty good considering how troll-y that thing can be.
-4:37:00: Run is rejected for use of a 2nd runner. It at least needs to go under the Co-Op category.
-4:42:40: Some slight hesitation here in the menu screen cost a few seconds.
-4:43:00: The runner uses a great strat by protecting her characters with Red Mail/Taban Equipment/Shields, than using Ice2 from Magus to reveal the right target.
-4:48:00: OmegaFlare starts to make many of the battles for the rest of the run a joke, starting with this sidequest. In the actual Ozzie/Flea/Slash fight, she uses Dark Bomb on Flea to avoid a counterattack.
-4:54:40: Lost about a second here by re-entering the ship.
-4:55:40: Runner was able to find out how avoid all enounters except 1 in the Sunken Desert.
-4:56:30: Runner ends up not having to waste a turn healing the core, and she ends up getting a few criticals, which might have sped up the battle, but the runner states that she actually used 1 extra Magus attack than needed at the end.
-5:06:xx: Runner executes the dodge on the Naga-ette both times successfully. Only had to pause briefly the 2nd time.
-5:10:00: Not too much to say about the Yakra XIII fight. Both important characters survived, and 25,000 Dmg. was dealt.
-5:14:45: The runner mentions having accidentally chosen the PrismDress in some practice. GOOOOOOOD deal she didn't here.
-5:16:00: Runner is able to avoid an attack by the Laser Guards by leaving the Speed Belt on Magus until after the battle.
-5:21:00: Runner got insane RNG here, where they could have gotten anywhere between 0 and 3 battles on the elevator. The insane luck means they got 0. This saved over a minute.
-5:26:30: Runner gets still very good RNG here by only getting one battle on this elevator.
-5:16:00-5:31:00 Other than that stuff, the runner is able to avoid every encounter it is impossible to run from, 1 shots all the little enemies, and 2 shots all the big meanies.
-5:31:00: Runner is able to avoid the Lavos Spawn's big counter attack if you attack the shell by waiting to use OmegaFlare until it has less than 4,800 HP.
5:33:30: Runner is able to manipulate Zeal to only use the same attack over and over again due to how much damage they deal with OmegaFlare.
5:37:00: Runner is once again able to avoid major counter-attacks(this time that have long animations) by saving OmegaFlare until Zeal is under 4,800 HP
5:42:00: Not much to say about these battles really. Everything pretty much gets murdered by OmegaFlare.
5:50:00: Again, OmegaFlare destroys. 2 things worth noting here though. The runner is able to avoid the Protective Seal attack from the right arm by destroying it with Doublebomb on the third attack. The runner states that waiting for Magus would cause that attack to get off. The other thing to note is how well the runner has down the timing of the AI on the boss here, as they know exactly when to use their MegaElixers, sometimes electing to attack instead of heal at critical health at the 2nd to final battle.
5:57:30: Runner stopped here because of an odd mechanic in the game where the Right Bit turned it's Defense off twice in a row, causing the runner to think the Defense was turned back On instead. This wastes about 20 seconds from what I could tell. As for the rest of the final battle, the runner only got bad luck once with the Middle guy killing Robo, causing them to revive/Elixer him.

Overall this run is truly amazing. Other than losing nearly two minutes in Magus's Castle, and getting two unintended battles, the run is about as perfect as you're going to get in a Single Segment of an RPG this long without saving and re-loading the game to manipulate the AI. The runner displays a great memory of all of the menu work/shops and especially how to avoid every possibly avoidable encounter in the game. Not to mention how quickly their input in every battle is, almost never hesitating and getting off many attacks/commands sometimes just before the enemies attack, where you might have only a split second to make the input. Even getting the two battles they did along with the Magus's Castle incident is pretty forgivable considering the amazing RNG the runner got in some places like the elevators in the Black Omen and the execution of the runner to avoid some of the extra hard battles in the game(extra hard in terms of avoiding) The run just does come in at a slick Sub-6:00, and really, I don't think without new tricks/glitches found that the run is really improvable. The decision is pretty easy for me.


Oh, and I forgot to post, I never experienced any Video or Audio problems, as they both seem to have great quality. Also I verify that the run had no inconsistencies and that there was no cheating present.

I'm sorry this has taken so long. But now I'm finally done!

Audio and Video are both good. Video twitches a bit when the screen turns all white. But that's acceptable.
No sign of cheating.

Being a single-segment RPG I do have complete understanding if you would take safety measures at certain points. And of course RGN. Having that said. There Magus castle is ugly, very ugly. I literally stood up and said "Wait, wait, what?", thinking I was watching a live-stream for a second Smiley  Some missed battle skips. Some miss-placed attack not due to Berserker. But the actual misstakes does not add up to more than a couple of minutes.

Item managementis excellent throughout. I was initially questioning the some pickups from chests like elixir and mega-elixir, but they came to use during Queen Zeal 2 and thereafter when the difficulty increases. Additional weapons are available for Lucca and Robo during the BlackBird escape. Keep an eye on the Shelter-counter and you know what I mean.

Experience management is also excellent. The runner stops att the Tyrano Lair, Death Peak to grap some fast experience/tech points.

Critical hits RGN was very good during this run. But as the game progresses, there are less psychical attacks and more magic. Which brings me back to the previous statement of good item management. Good ether management. A character is never out of ether!

The runner mentions some exceptionally hard encounters. Being, Nizbel II, Magus, Mud Imp, Zeal and Lavos. These encounters have the potential to result in a game-over.

Planing made this run happend. There runner knows how to handle every situation at heart, and even every other scenario.
Excecution is only flawed in a number of places (Magus Castle, Dragon Tank). But I don't believe missed battle-skips is a major let down.

For a 6-hour run. It's damn impressive!


Scoured this thing for cheating or a/v problems, didn't find any.

No fine details on gameplay necessary, as the runner covers everything in the comments, and this beats the old segmented run by quite a bit.

Easiest accept ever.

The last two verifiers never responded, which is why this verification took so long. D:

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kari 'Essentia' Johnson
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Gratz man! Can't wait to check it out.
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I can't wait to see it! Congratulations!