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Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from KennyMan666:
Now this is what I'm talking about.

Much better, much cleaner. Good boss fights. Good use of damage boosts but I feel one more could probably have been used towards the end of Zone B. A few small mistakes adding up to maybe a coule of seconds, the biggest one probably being the conveyor belt thing at the beginning of Zone J. But a good run.

Kenny says accept!

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. The run was very smooth, runner had pretty good luck on the bosses. Accept!

Quote from Uilnslcoap:
Tried to download IQ and it didn’t work, nor did it work in the browser.  HQ looks and sounds fine.

Zone O: one missed jump climbing up.

Zone A: a hesitation or two that I don’t believe were on purpose.  Boss not fully cooperative, but decent.

Zone C: not quite perfect, but good.

Zone B: pretty nice, boss was very cooperative.

Zone D: good, not perfect on boss, but very little time lost (2 seconds for a missed throw?).

Zone E: good, essentially perfect boss fight.

Zone F: good.

Zone G: good, essentially perfect boss fight.

Zone H: stopped just shy of the exit for a sec.

Zone I: missed throw on boss fight costs a decent chunk of time (4-5 seconds) with waiting for him to reassemble, timing is fairly tight.

Zone J: missed conveyor belt/rhino jumps early on, lost health early--had to be more conservative with axes, essentially perfect boss fight.

This isn’t the best run out there of this category, but it’s very solid and showcases a lot of nice techniques.  It’s a sight better than the previously accepted run with a death, for sure, and hopefully this will drum up more interest.  Thanks to the runner for going back to this!  Accept.

Quote from Joka:
Warning! I'm going to be very nitpicky and it may seem somewhat mean. I'm sorry in advance!

Zone 0: Missed a jump right in the beginning. Otherwise good.

Zone A: A few obvious mistakes, like an unintentional hit. Bad luck on the boss and no way to tank damage because low health.

Zone C: Very safe first section. It is possible to damage boost of the kangaroo instead of killing it and then jump over the bird the runner kills. It's pretty precise and it makes the second section much more dangerous, but come on - it's only 3 minutes into the run Smiley

Zone B: Runner lets go of right at the start and end of the second screen! >:) I don't know what happened at the end of the stage, right before the boss. Boss fight was really safe - could at least have gone for the offscreen hit at the end.

Zone D: Old and safe strats on the first screen. Instead of killing the first jack in the box, you can damage boost through him and then take the lower path all the way to the door, to avoid the spinning guys. When picking up the health in the second section, try jumping "into" the box to not loose frames while picking it up. Instead of turning of the ball-thing at the end, you can damage boost through the ball. You shouldn't need more than 1 health on the boss. Perfect RNG on the boss, but the runner fails to kill him in one cycle anyway :/

Zone E: Instead of damage boosting in the beginning, you can just drop down a level. There is no need to stop before jumping over the beatles. Very, very safe first screen. On the last screen it is possible to just jump over the bombs and do a damage boost, instead of picking them up. Good boss.

Zone F: It is possible to damage boost over two of the falling balls in the beginning. It's very tight, but the runner doesn't even attempt it. The runner has a very slow strat on the climb-section and looses almost 4 seconds here. You want to always scroll the screen up as much as you can, all the time!

Zone G: Hold right zzzz.. No mistakes, moving on.

Zone H: The climb could've been smoother, but no real mistakes. At the end of the first screen it's possible to avoid killing both the flying enemies with some small jumps and damage boosts (hard to explain). No mistakes on the second section of the stage, except stopping right before the door!? Smiley

Zone I: Good stage, but misses the two cycle boss kill which costs a decent amount of time.

Zone J: First screen is pretty messy. I don't think I have to point out everything. Runner messes up the damage boosts over the axes, which costs a good amount of time. Safe, laggy strats on the section right before the boss. Try going trough it without killing any enemies - it is possible! Fat Cat cooperates. The fight could've been speed up a little bit by jumping up and catching the ball mid air.

Overall, the run is way better then the previously submitted one. It has not really any major mistakes, just a bunch of small ones and some bad/outdated strats. It should be accepted to replace the other run, but in all honesty it would be pretty easy to beat and I suspect the runner will get a better time very soon.

Quote from Alowishus:
Audio and Video is fine. This is a good improvement over the previous submission.

There are a couple of small mistakes here and there which could cause a bit of time to add up - hesitating in some places, Zone H stopping before the exit. Zone J has possibly the most costly mistakes (though not a huge time loss): the jumps at the conveyor belt at the start (which avoided a death) and on the second screen with the axes.

RNG was decent. Zone A boss had a bad pattern and as such had to wait to lift the ball - this can't be faulted, though it costs time!

In spite of these small mistakes the standard of play was greatly improved over the previous submission and it is clear that the runner has put effort into producing a better run.

Overall I am happier to accept this run than the previous run. Based on the discussion following the submission of the previous run it is clear that faster times are possible for this category (and do exist). This may be related to routing or RNG. In respect to that this run can be improved and I agree with the sentiment expressed by others that I think the runner will improve this time. However based on this run alone, there is nothing really outstanding which would make me question my decision. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'philosoraptor42'!
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Dapper as fuck.
Always happy to find out what top tier RR runners like you have to say Joka!  I have actually started messing with some of the strats you mentioned, specifically The Zone D boost strats at the beginning, the Zone E dropping down thing, and the Zone E damage boost in the last section.  I'll take note of the other ones you mentioned as well, as obviously I'd love a sub 13 time on this category.  I'm also kind of emabarrased about the Zone H thing.  I thought I heard the music and looked away for a sec to hit my split, then noticed I wasn't in the bonus stage yet.  That won't be something I plan to do again in future runs.  This definitely isn't the last of me for this game and category, so expect to see me beat this at some point, and thanks everyone. Smiley
Congrats again. Hope this decision not caused bad drama like last time. thumbsup
Dapper as fuck.
Thanks Master-88.  No, this was a much, MUCH cleaner run.  No deaths, and less silly mistakes.  I'm still going to work on beating it though.  Don't want to let these guys down hahah Smiley

And honestly, I didn't see the previous discussion as bad, and it drove me to work to beat it and get this time. 
so pro u don't even know
Nice improvement philosoraptor. Don't stop now! Believe in yourself and go for the pro strats, it is the only way to become pro.
Dapper as fuck.
Thanks for the kind words, Sin! Smiley

Edit:  Oh, and I got this PB that night you raided my stream, so thanks for that! haha Smiley