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Chameleon Twist (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Reject

Reason: Sloppy towards the end, plus the runner has a faster run?

This run will be available for a month. After that this link will no longer work.
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Chameleon Twist (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verification Files

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by Sept. 13, 2013.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
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Korzic: 2013-08-30 08:11:01 pm
A/V seems fine, no cheating detected.

The runner takes damage in some spots in some places; a couple in stages 3 and 5 (respectively, the 2nd/3rd stages seen), I can't tell if they were intentional, but little time is lost either way.  During the Stage 5 boss, the runner falls down, but as it looks to be a boss you have to wait around for, it doesn't seem to waste time.  Stage 6, the runner misses once when flinging flame enemies at the candles, plus there was a missed enemy grab, though this looks to be due to a bad spawn or something.  Not much time loss.  Later on, the runner fails a tongue swing trick and falls into a pit, costing 5-6 seconds.  Shortly after, there are a couple failed attempts at getting on top of one of the blocks, costing another 5 seconds.  As for the final boss, there looks to be a few missed hits during the 1st phase, but the second phase seemed to go well.

Decision: Weak accept.  The runner indicates that their PB is actually 20 seconds faster than this attempt, but this does beat the current SDA run.  Still, if this is not the runner's PB, then I highly encourage them to beat that first if they decide to submit another run of this.
Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
A/V is fine. Didn't see any evidence of cheating.

I noticed the same flubs as the verifier above me also noticed. The tongue swing fail is a little bit glaring, however this run is 15 seconds faster than the run that is currently on SDA. To be honest I kinda want to see this 11:19 PB the runner has instead of the 11:39 they submitted. However not knowing anything about Chameleon Twist, I decided to go back and watch the current Chameleon Twist run on SDA to get a feel for how the execution of the submitted run stacks up to that one.

Through some basic subtraction, we can figure out the final time of the final individual level, which was a 3:56, which is 4 in-game seconds slower than the current SDA run.

After watching the final level, I don't think the execution on the final level of the submitted run comes close to the current SDA run.

Here are some observations from comparing the current SDA run to the submitted run on the final level.

In the first mirror room with two mirrors, it appears you only need to destroy the mirror on the left to advance to the next room. The runner instead chose to destroy both of them. This room is a approximately a second in real time slower than the current SDA run.

The candle room that immediately follows that mirror room, the submitted run is approximately 7 real time seconds slower than the current SDA run due to flubs.

The wood plank room has some major issues. The runner misses the tongue swing on the lower level and is put back at the beginning of the room. Instead of trying the tongue swing again, the runner walks the planks normally, flubs getting onto the first box to get to the upper levels and then skips the upper level tongue swing, which the current SDA run does do. This room is approximately 16 real time seconds slower than the current SDA run.

The final boss does have a more optimized boss kill on phase 2, which the runner does utilize. However the runner fails to 2-cycle both of the arms, which negates any time gain from the more optimized boss kill.

That being said, the other three levels are excellent. The problem is this final level, which honestly feels like a letdown after watching the previous levels. The quality difference between the final level and the other ones is high. All that being said, while some parts of this final level are faster, others have routing issues. Killing both mirrors being one of them. More glaringly however was not utilizing the upper tongue swing in the wood plank room, which the runner should clearly have known about considering the previous SDA run used it. Couple that with how poorly the rest of the room went and...

Decision: Reject. It may be faster than what is currently on the site, but the quality isn't there in the final level, which brings the whole run down with it.
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Vulajin: 2013-08-31 02:01:06 am
A/V is fine, no anomalies detected, no evidence of untoward behavior.

Stage 1: Good platforming and good tongue usage. This level is very impressive.

Stage 3: Several nice instances of carrying monsters from previous rooms to break blocks in later ones. Also at least one place where the runner broke the top block of a stack to save time on the dropping - nice job. Barely missing the last hit on the boss wasted about 6 seconds, but otherwise execution was very good on this stage.

Stage 5: The tongue strats in this level are really impressive at times. Again, good use of early monster catches to save time later. Some of the "puzzle" rooms appear to be pretty RNG-based, so I can easily see losing several seconds here through no fault of the runner. In the long platformy room, the camera movement could have been better, but ultimately wasted only about 3 seconds. Cake boss execution was strong, save the death, which (as mentioned) did not seem to affect the cycle timing for the boss.

Stage 6: Again we see storage of enemies from previous rooms. On the first candle-platform room, I would have liked to see the runner activate only the alternate platforms, as in the current SDA run. Is there a reason this was not done? A few of the jumps seem eminently doable without further assistance. The failed tongue across the planks in the final room cost 8 seconds, and the screw-up at the blocks cost 3 seconds. Is there a reason the tongue strat on the bottom section wasn't retried? It seems like that still would have been faster. Also, the current SDA run has a tongue strat for the top section as well - is there a reason that was not used in this run? It looks like that strat would have saved about 4 seconds. (Timing from where the tongue started until the runner entered the door, it was 3 seconds in the current SDA run and 7 seconds in the submitted run.) The runner missed the two-cycle on the final boss, wasting about 7 seconds.

I'm sad, because for the first two-thirds of the run, I felt like this run was clearly way better than the current SDA run. The final stage, as JackintheBox333 so eloquently puts it, "brings the whole run down with it." There are definitely some RNG aspects of this game (some of the rooms clearly differed from the current SDA run to the submitted run), but they cost the runner at most about 5 seconds. The time loss on the final stage alone totals at least 22 seconds (not counting the first candle-platform room). I would like to accept this run, because much of it is clearly superior to the current SDA run (which has far more deaths, for example). Unfortunately, the last level prevents me from giving it an accept.

Given that the runner says his/her PB is 20 seconds better than this run - I'm hopeful that the runner will submit an even better run, and I'll be happy to accept that when it comes.

Decision: Reject.

(edit) Fixed a factual error in my comments: said "one-cycle" when I meant "two-cycle" re: the final boss.
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KennyMan666: 2013-08-31 04:11:43 am
Being one of the few (only?) who actually signed up to verify this run, time to do my duty.

Jungle Land, Bomb Land and Kids Land are all excellent, with some minor hiccups, but nothing serious. Very well played there.

And then there's Ghost Castle.

The execution of this stage is poor, to say the least. I too thought the runner activated too many platforms in the candle room - I don't think it's actually hard to skip about half of them, I seem to remember having done that myself when playing this game. The plank room was terrible and the boss went kind of bad.

So I'm not sure what to do with this. The quality of play is great for most of the run, but the runner chokes badly in Ghost Castle, and also mentions that he's planning on improving it, and is slower than his personal best by twenty seconds.

In a run shorter than twelve (gameplay) minutes, that's too big of a margin.

So while it could be accepted as an improvement to the existing published run, I really think it needs more attempts. Therefore, I'm sad to say I have to give this a reject.

Also, Linda is best character and the biggest crime this game commits is not having the level seen in the credits be playable in any way because it looks like it would be the most fun level (and has the best music).
Weegee Time
I agree with what everyone's said so far.  The runner has a clear understanding of game mechanics and how to route this game.  The first three stages are great to watch.  The last stage tanks it though, especially that first candle room for me.  I'm not the guy who says you absolutely must submit your PB, but given the big discrepancy for such a short run and the play quality in Ghost Castle I must reject this run.  However, I'm glad to hear the runner is still making attempts I do look forward to a more polished attempt. Smiley
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keymakr: 2013-09-06 10:20:28 am
AV seemed fine, except there was one point in the bomb land boss where the video hiccuped a bit.

So, im gonna go room by room for anything interesting and will probably just skip any rooms without anything interesting, and ill make up fake names for any rooms we dont have names for...

Jungle land

Outside: Was really nice over all. Stuck to the wall to save movement time wherever it was needed, and all of the spin positions were pretty much perfect.

Bridge 1: Bit of wobbly movement when going onto the bridge? Not sure what was up there.

Bridge 2: Grabbed all 3 spiders here for safe strats in the next room, incase a shot is missed. Good Stuff

Jungle Boss: A really nice 2 cycle boss here, and pauses for just a second on the first phase to make sure he can get the kill faster overall.

Overall, a really awesome jungle land.

Bomb Land

Nothing much to say here for the first few rooms, they are nicely done, and the strat of grabbing missiles from previous rooms to speed up the next room is used a few times very well.

Lava 1: So, in lava 1 and lava 2 intentional damage must be taken to speed things up. There is a newer strat tho (I'm not sure if it was known at the time of this run) to use the invincibility frames from getting hurt by the lava to z-flip directly from the lava to the top platform where the door is. This saves going around to the far side of the room and the middle platform.

Towers 2: This is really well executed. From grabbing the missile in the previous room so you only need to wait for one spawn on the first tower, to jump to fire the missile on the last hit of the last tower so you don't get a fall animation from the blocks (which you have to wait to end before you can jump onto it). Very nice.

Lava 2: Same here as lava 1.

Corner Jump Room: Wow, first try jump. This jump is a lot harder than runner makes it seems. You have to jump off the very corner from a running start, and deal with a moving camera (which changes where you need to direct your analog stick) mid air, only to land on another corner. Awesome!

Tic Tac Toe Room: Again, I think this comes down to newer strats that weren't known at the time of run. Runner tries to use an interesting strat when he blows up the second block, where if you blow it up while an enemy is touching the block, the enemy will blow up as well and reveal the X or O below it, but unfortunately fails because the enemy isn't quite touching. There is however a much better strat for this room where you grab 2 missiles, run towards the side of a block and fire both at a certain distance, which will blow up both the block and the floor beneath it, showing the X or O. This also allows 2 more missiles to spawn at tongue level, allowing you to try the next block even if u didnt get perfect RNG.

Bomb Land Boss: Pretty solid fight, I think the setups for grabbing bombs can be a bit faster though, and runner misses one shot at the end that could have saved a few seconds. The video glitch is at the beginning of the fight.

Toy Land

Platform Spin 1: Nicely executed. Runner jumps to first platform to avoid issues with grabbing the second pole while the first tries to break your tongue. This can sometimes make the spin a bit tight on the landing side, but runner handles it like a pro.

Cracker Skip 1: Very nice. I'm not sure if this cracker skip is possible without taking damage, and either way its much safer just to get hit to get around it.

Platform Puzzle 1: Nice route for this room, and grabs the 2 ice creams to use in the next room. Sometimes it can be a bit trolly to grab those because of the crown right next to them. If your tongue touches the crown, then it insta-retracts.

Bouncing Enemy Room 1: Nicely done, using the ice creams grabbed in the previous room.

Platform Spin 2: Ok so, these rooms are wierd. The platforms seem to start to move when you enter the world itself, not that individual room. So, any mistakes/extra successes in the previous rooms will mess up the cycles/change what you are used too. I didn't see any mistakes in the previous rooms, so I'm not sure why the cycle in this room is messed up. Usually you can just spin to the 2nd platform and immediately grab the 2nd pole, but runner has to wait a few seconds to be able to grab it instead. Also, that 2nd spin is freaking beautiful. He gets sooooooo close to the wall, but doesn't quite touch it.

Cracker Skip 2: Awesome, doesn't take damage on the first one, so decides to take it on the second one just to be safe.

Platform Spin 3: WOW, just wow. It's rooms like this that make this game and this runner shine. This room requires you to deal with grabbing a pole...thats moving...bringing yourself in towards the pole some arbitrary you can spin onto a platform...that's also moving. And again, these platforms start moving when you begin the level, so any mistakes can totally change what room you are dealing with. Runner handles it like a boss.

Bouncing Enemy Room 2: Very nice job in this room.

Platform Puzzle 2: Good route in this room, and well executed jumps.

Platform Spin 4: Ok so, the start of this room has the worst camera ever. I can't blame the runner for having to stop for a second before the jump. Also, same deal with the second half of this room with starting to move when you enter the level. This was a bit on the slow side in my opinion, and a few seconds could have been saved here.

Toy Land Boss: CAAAAAAAAAAAAKE. For anyone who doesnt know, its pretty hard to gain/lose time in this boss. The only thing that can lose you time is if you die or dont immediatly grab the little gremlins inside the cake as soon as it opens. Runner gets knocked off the level by getting stuck in a corner with the cake all over him, but it literally makes 0 difference, since he has to wait for the cake to open anyway. Also, one small thing to point at is at the beginning of the fight, runner allows a few small strawberrys to blow up on screen, causing some lag. This is avoidable, but only loses a second or 2.

Ghost Castle - so, this is where things kinda fell apart

Fire Torch Room 1: Runner seems to take a bit of a chill route through this room, rather than hugging the wall as much as possible while avoiding flames. Not sure whats up.

Ghost Platform 1: So, the runner decided to light almost every torch rather than skipping every other one (which can be done in this room) and misses one shot. Its a bit too safe in my opinion.

Ghost Platform 2: You actually can't skip any of the platforms in this room, so runners fine here. Also that first platform that was a tough one haha.

Mirror Room 2: Unfortunate RNG here.

Fire Torch Room 2: Its pretty much impossible to go through this room without getting hit, except in TAS. I'm guessing the runner moves the camera to avoid some lag? I'm not familiar with this strat.

The Last Room: This is easily the harder room in the run...and its at the end. What an urn killer. Unfortunately runner misses the first spin, and decides to take the long way around for the rest of the room. He also has some trouble getting up onto the middle block, and doesn't attempt the second spin in this room. This makes me sad Sad

Ghost Castle Boss: Runner gets a few unfortunate misses and misses one cycle for first part, but manages to save it during the boss's spin and get a 1 and a half cycle or something like that.

Second half seems like its going ok, and runner grabs all the balls he needs to kill off the boss. He then decides to wait until the boss starts to spray to finish it. There is a strat here where you can finish it even if hes shooting straight at you, but I'm not sure if this was known at the time of the run.

Overall, I think this was a pretty good run. The first three worlds are very nice, but ghost castle completely kills it for me. Knowing that there are better strats, and that ghost castle is kinda crappy in this run, I don't think I can vote accept. Though, I know that the runner has a much better run that they are gonna submit soon, so I'm ok with that.

Edit history:
AlecK47: 2013-09-06 08:18:17 pm
Yeah, this does seem like a placeholder submission, so I'm glad there is apparently a better submission on the way.  Others have already said why this would be rejected, and I agree with them.  It's kind of a meta-decision, but the better run on the way is what really matters at this point. Tongue
From what I know, this submission was from like, months ago, and runner recently got a much better recorded run.
Decision posted.
Hey. This is the runner. I do have a much better run recorded. I submitted it once but haven't heard anything. I'll resubmit it. I had to resubmit this last run once as well (I'm kinda dumb when it comes to anything computer related lol). I'll resubmit the better one some time over the weekend.
^im so pumped for this
Not a walrus
Make sure that you use the new submission instructions, if you just emailed it right to puwexil it might have gotten lost. Smiley
Will do. Thanks!