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finap13: 2015-06-24 06:52:43 pm
Cat Ninja Discussion

Cat Ninja is a Flash-based "rage" platformer hosted on trackmill, a gaming website which has produced many games, including the well known free rider, and it's successor, free rider 2. The game requires you to navigate through many (often frustrating) levels and puzzles, with additional platformer elements such as the jetpack.

Before you post to this thread, play the game!

(Suggested) Timing

I suggest the way to time the run is from when you enter the first level to when the boss starts to fade away. This is where all the gameplay elements are contained, as the ending requires you to have all crystals, meaning ending the timing before hand will make categories such as Any% possible, rather than there only be one 100% category.

Movement Options

The fastest horizontal movement is rolling, which is performed by holding Down and a direction.

The fastest upward movement is wall jumping, which is performed by holding Up and in the direction of the wall

The fastest downward movement is fast-falling, which is performed by holding Down while falling.


The following glitches were discovered by me through extensive trial and error.

Corner Clip:

The Corner Clip (CC) glitch is a glitch were a triangular shaped corner piece can be used to clip through two blocks diagonal from eachother. Because the corner piece does not have a collider, you may fit into the corner and with the right input, clip through the wall. When you have performed the corner clip glitch, you'll see the inside consists of two blocks, grey blocks and black blocks. These gray blocks are fine to walk along, however the black blocks will kill you if you touch them. Because of this, you must walk around the gray area. This is useful for skipping time-consuming enemies and objects, such as lasers and missile-shooters.

A variation of this glitch is Jetpack Corner Clip (JCC) which involves using a jetpack to perform CC.

An example of this glitch is shown here

Laser Clip:

To perform a laser clip, you must double jump into a laser (has to be second jump) at the top part which clips you through the laser, therefore saving time as you do not have to press the button, or wait for the laser to deactivate.

An example of this glitch is shown here

Any% Route

- Roll down hallway
- Wall jump up wall, fast-fall down
- For the three platforms, Jump until you can fast fall and roll on the platform, then jump, fastfall and roll, until you clear all the platforms.
- Double Jump and on next frame you land, double jump again
- Roll and double jump over left-facing spikes
- Laser clip
- Roll over bridge
- Laser clip
- Beat direction-changing levels
- Glass ride of doom
- Roll over land mines
- Laser clip
- Laser clip any of the three lasers if necessary
- Roll and jump to jetpack
- Use jetpack to navigate into the corner piece before the first laser (If you cant move upward you're in right position
- Hold Up + Left to perform a corner clip and clip into the wall
- Fly along wall until you reach next level, for downwards movement disable jetpack and fastfall (This clip is displayed in the CC example video)
- Springs
- (unconfirmed) stay right side up and fastfall by attempting a laser clip on the direction-changing blocks?
- Navigate through upside down level until laser
- (unconfirmed) perform laser clip?
- Teleporter room: Enter portal on right, corner clip (by moving in direction of corner) and navigate to room with crystal in it, go through portal and leave room
- Crossroads: Enter right room and dodge missile shooters
- Navigate through magnetic room
- Use magic TAS skills to jump over platforms, use jump-fastfall technique you did earlier on the platforms
- Same with magnet jumps
- Hold up to move faster while in "arrow spam" room
- LSD room: Play normally, laser clip on laser "floor" if necessary
- Roll in falling spikes room
- Activate spikes in spike room by rolling under spikes and wall jumping to activate right facing spikes
- Ignore teleporters, wall has no collider
- Yellow ball rooms
- Boss fight
- Huh?
- Profit



Collect any amount of crystals and beat the final boss by any means, including the use of glitches and tricks


Collect all of the crystals and beat the final boss by any means, including the use of glitches and tricks


No glitches may be used in the run. May be in conjunction with Any% or 100%


I'm looking for glitches / faster routes for this game before I run it. Feel free to use my current route in a TAS or non-TAS run, and post it here!
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Hardrocker: 2015-06-25 10:33:55 pm
I was playing this game with my friends a couple months ago and we had found the corner clip, so it isn't new, BUT we thought it had no use because you must stay in an area and have a few pixels until a death trigger.
We also found that in the boss fight, after the first bomb phase is over, it is possible to skip the second laser phase and skip to the second bob phase by hugging the left wall. Its not very consistent, but it works.
I'm gonna attempt some runs tomorrow and them maybe do some slowdown tests for a TAS. Any recommendations for how to do that?
Quote from Hardrocker:
I'm gonna attempt some runs tomorrow and them maybe do some slowdown tests for a TAS. Any recommendations for how to do that?

You could attempt to use gnash and hourglass (assuming you're running a linux build)?

Anyways, here's my "WR" time of 7:20.46
was that in browser or played standalone somehow?
Quote from Hardrocker:
was that in browser or played standalone somehow?

i downloaded adobe 18standalone from the developer links and played the flash game by linking a url to the standalone player

also, here is a place where you may submit your runs:

- Try and jetpack-glide across perimeter after performing CC on jetpack level to save time? (possible time save)
- Find a way to skip both boss opening cutscenes (saves 10-15 seconds)
- Find a way to clip into corner under platform where you fight boss(shits and giggles, could you just hide away from the boss the whole time?)
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Hardrocker: 2015-06-27 11:14:40 am
I think that if you hold the left button you don't go as far down the boss platform as you should, maybe that spawns him closer to you?
have you tried a run yet?
Sub-7:00 is possible with work. I'm down to try it. if anyone wants to contact me
I think it would be good if you could save your progress
I've found out the same boss skip it is useful but random. I not the best but I keep looking for more glitches and here is my run not the best but it is my first time speed ruining it.
Hmm... by no means related to this game is it?

Practice makes perfect!
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LotBlind: 2020-02-21 01:06:06 pm
If you're stuck in a game, just look up a longplay, let's play or speedrun (or just a walkthrough) and see the relevant part.