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Castlevania: The Adventure (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

So, why would you want to play this game? Let alone play it over and over again to get a run good enough to submit to SDA? I would applaud you for your bravery, but at this point, I think you're just a masochist. Tongue

I'm timing this at 19:13 (control is given at 0:10, and Dracula blows up at 19:23).
Audio and video are good (given that it's a GB game). What system did you play this on, just out of curiosity?

Also, for those who are not aware of it, this game lags regardless of what you do. Enemy appears on the screen? Lag. Candle? Lag. You attack? Lag. You jump? Lag. You walk? Lag. It's one gigantic lagfest. I'd not be surprised if it lagged when you were standing on an empty screen just because of the timer.

The gameplay is as good as it can get, really. I've suffered through this game myself, and I've seen some other runners play through it as well.
I'm not sure if you are aware of this or if it would speed up your run, but there's a way to use the pause to despawn enemies. I don't think it would be significantly faster if you did that, though, so I'll just leave this here.
I think the hearts and whip upgrades are in fixed candles, right? You might be able to save a couple seconds by not whipping candles that have coins in them in stage 1. Also, the hearts in the hallway with the stage 1 boss armors were really not needed. Since whipping and additional sprites lag the game badly, that might've been a few lost frames there. Tongue

Otherwise, I don't see much improvement. I wouldn't even want you to suffer through this steaming pile of crap again.


I already had my say about this run. I give this an accept.

Very well.
The run starts at 00:09.710 (when control of Christopher Belmont is gained) and ends at 19:23.343 (when the final blow is dealt). Thus, the run is 19:41.45 long after converting from SGB timing (19:13.633 before converting from SGB timing). I checked by using AviSynth + FFmpegSource2 (and previewing the script in VirtualDub).

Now for the actual verification:
A/V sync is fine, no cheating detected.

Audio has a slightly higher pitch, probably due to using a Super Game Boy.

I'm just going to say that this game is so freaking terrible, it's not funny. At least the music's fine (and actually really good for a GB game released in 1989, in my opinion). As RedArremer says, every single thing causes the game to lag. Anyway... let's get started.

It seems that the mudmen spawns in the first stage are RNG-based and, depending on when they spawn, can cause the first Creeper to completely despawn.

2:56 - You could've just dropped onto the first platform, then jump on the second one, and then hit the candle with the flame coming from the upgraded whip, as opposed to going all the way to the candle, then jump on the platform and then whip it. This could save around 1 to 2 seconds.

4:25 - That was actually quite lucky in my eyes, since you jumped a tad early.

6:08 - It is possible to kill the Big Eye here, but it requires you to do some extremely precise movements. Therefore, I can understand why you took the invincibility cross in the previous room.

13:01 - I don't think it's necessary to go all the way to the top of the rope.

14:00-14:07 - It is possible to kill the Death Bat in around 5 seconds, but since his movements are RNG-based... I'll let it slide.

18:06-18:08 - This is what I want to see in a speedrun of this game. Incidentally, I actually discovered that you could skip about 90% of the rope while arukAdo streamed himself TASing the game (he didn't jump just before, though... but doing so may make landing on the really small ledge easier), and since climbing/going down ropes is very slow... it's a significant time saver (probably saves around 4-5 seconds as opposed to climbing down normally).

19:07-19:23 - You can defeat Dracula's second form before he drops the first batch of bats by going to the top left platform and hitting him from there. However, this is very risky (and thus extremely difficult to pull off in real time), since you have to take one hit and do really precise movements. Therefore, despite the missed hit (due to the dropped input), the fight is acceptable in my eyes.

There are several occasions where you can skip the rope entirely (i.e. jump far enough to reach the very bottom of the rope and trigger the screen transition), but it requires a pixel-precise jump and thus quite difficult to pull off in real time.

All in all, I find that the run is pretty good for SDA's standards. Therefore, I give this run an Accept.

Video good. Audio is about right for this game... No evidence of cheating, and point values stay consistent throughout the run.

"Push Start Key" happens at 3 seconds into the video. Control of the character about 9-10 seconds in. Finished off first form of Dracula around 19:06 (when in-game timer stops). Finishes second form at 19:23.

Stage 1 - 13:15 to 9:44: He misjumps once at about 1:38 to get on the rope. At 3:02, he misses the torch once to start boss fight. Other than that, clean stage and clean boss fight.

Stage 2 - 12:15 to 6:44: Beginning of stage looks annoying. Got hit right off the bat (no pun intended). Level has its fair share of mistakes. Runner still does a very good job though.

Stage 3 - 12:15 to 5:06: The rolypoly enemies move almost as fast as he does... Stage is very clean. Runner does an excellent job here.

Stage 4 - 12:15 to 7:07 (doesn't include Bat Dracula): This stage is very clean too. Very good job on final boss. I don't know how he gets out of the castle in time as it crumbles, considering his movement speed.

In-game timer is 3:31 + 5:31 + 7:09 + 5:08 + Bat Dracula (about 17 seconds RTA) = around 21:36 in-game. RTA timing is around 19:13 on SGB, about 19:41 after SGB adjustment. Funny that in-game time is longer than RTA.


A/V is fine. I can confirm the 19:41 timing after SGB adjustment to be correct.

Stage 1: Just to correct verifier 3, the mudmen spawns are not random at all, and at least are manipulated by your actions. Leaving enemies alive and breaking the very low limit of allowed enemies on screen is what causes despawns.

Stage 2: definitely the least clean stage, but I can assure you from messing with this run myself that it could've gone much worse. The time lost actually ended up being pretty insignificant.

Stage 3: It's an stupid long autoscroller, and he doesn't mess up enough to necessitate a detour in the non-autoscroller parts. Not much to say here.

Stage 4: doing this stage cleanly is a lot harder than you'd think. Great execution for the most part. Had a missed whip or 2 but it's nothing to gripe about with this game, honestly.

The run is certainly improvable, as most runs are, but considering how bad this game is to play in general, let alone to speedrun, the bar is actually set considerably high. Good luck to anyone wanting to beat this run, you'll probably lose your sanity before long.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mark 'CountNeko' Moses!
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I can't tell you how relieved I am that this is an accept...and a unanimous one at that!

Thanks to all who verified this miserable game. I hope the speedrun (speedwalk?) was at least entertaining in some ways.
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Congrats Countneko! Looking forward to seeing this.
Congratulations. =)

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Looking forward to seeing this.