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SS with Trevor
SS with Grant
SS with Sypha (JP version)

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Well lets start with saying that i LOVE Castlevania and this was something i had to do, so im going to start with:


A/V: was good so no problem there

Now i knew this run was going to be a treat for me, because i saw funkdoc doing it while he was streaming, the first part with trevor was perfect didnt lost anytime in the first two levels, now the fun part starts with grant, the level of skills you need to be able to play with him and be good while doing so isnt easy,  and this run is proof of it, all the levels where done flawlessly, i love the lighting dagger on the third boss, awesome as hell, the only thing i can say about this run is ACCEPTED and give you 11/10 muffins points


This run was also very fun to watch, but still grant was my all time fav, the bosses where very well made,  and i did learn a lot from this run hehehe, but lets go back to the topic, there where some mistakes made in this run as in "you got hit and lost some secs" but thats all by some bad luck, and even with that you managed to get  a really good time, , my fav stage with this run would be level 7. really well done on that so this run is also ACCEPTED


ACCEPTED enough said....but since i have to say more about the run i will, i liked how you use the ice to make a ladder in level 7, i thought you were gonna jump on the first skeleton dragon, sypha is fun to play with, the mummies quick kill was awesome so congrats on that,  death's fight was also a good one and a really close on that, and WOW those 2 quick kills on dracula was have a new respect for her was a really good idea to get that quick change on the final form because you had one of those "crazy balls" comment, kudos for you.

Overall this has been a treat to watch all of this runs, live and now as i watch them again to pass "judgement" haha, a congratulations is in order, it will be very hard to beat this times. and with this i end this comments.

Audio/Video quality fine for NES.

Trevor: Very effective use of the cross in the first half of the game, especially on the Cyclops bosses.  Great use of holy water on the water dragons.  Better handling of bone pillars and axe armors throughout the whole run.  Fixed ugly fall off of a pendulum in level A that made me hesitant about accepting the previous Trevor run.

Grant: Very nice application of newly discovered TAS tricks in a console run, especially the lightning/dagger easter egg on the level 3 boss and the corner grab clip in level 4.  Great boss strats, such as killing both water dragons in 2 cycles, AI looping the doppleganger with Grant's dagger, and beating Dracula's 3rd form in 1 platform cycle by using triple shot axes.

JP Sypha: Excellent application of the JP-exclusive multi-hit trick with Sypha's lightning spell (which requires very meticulous planning and execution due to most uses of the trick also involving damage boosts), on top of the ice spell clipping tricks also used in US Sypha runs.  Lost a few seconds in the level 9 flea man room due to avoiding possible subweapon drops.

I vote to accept all 3 runs.

Audio/video is good. No signs of cheating.

Grant: Great idea using a stopwatch in level 3-2 and the the damage boosts were executed nicely. Got the corner clip second try and the impossible jump in 4-0D without hesitating! Really good Death fight and the best Drac 3 fight! My only complaint is you didn't get the blinding light character transformation at the beginning of level 8. Sad

Trevor: 10/10 campfire on level 1! I was really impressed with the strats in level 9, especially the climbing sequence with the bone towers.

Sypha: Lightning spell is soooo broken! I love the ice strats you used to skip certain areas, especially the one at the beginning of level 7. And that Dracula 3 strat was insane! I remember watching that live when you finally got it.

Easily accept on all three runs. They're amazing and definitely worth the watch!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Josh 'funkdoc' Ballard!
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I uh....I missed the train to verify these ones.  Sorry Josh.  Big congrats anyways!  Really nice runs.  Cheesy
These were quite a bit older, PJ.
Still missed the train.  Tongue