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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (Any %) (Single Segment) [Character: Maxim]

Verifier Responses

A/V is as good as can be expected from a GBA game.

During the tower climb there's an optional zip that is sub-pixel perfect AND frame perfect in it's execution that could possibly save half a second.

When killing the 2 armor knights, he neglects using the shuriken while falling to get a faster kill, losing 1/3rd of a second or so.

The dive-kick to Sky Walkway could be tightened, although it would throw out a lot of runs due to the riskiness, and would only save about a third of a second.

The fight with Dracula could be shortened by a second at the maximum by getting enough criticals, but that is entirely luck based, and ridiculous to expect. Over my ~10,000 attempts, I've never killed him in 2 hit glitches, and am not even sure it's possible outside of TAS.

All in all, this run gets dangerously close to perfection, and it's insane to think that this level of execution and consistency is possible to beat by anybody but the most obsessed competitor.


I blinked, what did I miss? The whole run? Oh.

Yeah, Maxim any% is a silly thing.

A/V is good, and since I've seen Charleon do Maxim runs live several times, there's no suspicion of any shady business going on. Execution is fantastic and with even more perfect execution and luck you could maybe save another second. So.

Kenny definitely says reject because Charleon beat my Simon Boss Rush record in like two days after I told him it existed accept.

Loses about a second over what's humanly possible (read verifier #1's list of improvements, very thorough, ignore the 2 hit dracula because that won't happen in the same run as the tower zip ever). Before anyone says a full second in a run that isn't a minute long is too much, consider the fact that everything you have to do to save that second would make this run the rough equivalent of getting 2 Final Swords to drop in under a minute in Aria of Sorrow.

Accept. Close verification now there's really no point. Also it's not cheated he streamed it. Along with a billion other attempts.

I made an effort to time this with Wsplit just to doublecheck it. I got 45.59 which is pretty close to what the runner suggests. So, I'll assume it's correct.

Seen this category go down from a two minute long run into this madness since I picked it up for some casual speedrunning. I feel sorry for anyone who'd set their mind to beat this run, I can't see anyone beating this any time soon.

I wish the runner the best of luck with future endeavours (hopefully including some more Maxim runs) and of course this run should be accepted into the great library of quality speedruns on SDA!

A/V is good, gameplay quality is close to perfection and I got 45.56 too. I cant see that anyone will beat this time so soon either. Great work. Accept.


Cheats: None detected (feels like a lie with this mode but its not)

A/V: Good

Time: 45.56(Fast as hell)

What is there to say this is a maxim run that is ridiculous well done, I only wish I had managed to catch some of these wacked out attempts live, I have seen others do this just not this clean and crisp ( though most of them didn’t run this mode for competitive times)
This run leaves me speechless so I’ll just say its soooooo good!

Final decision:
This run is great and meets the standards SDA looks for in all videos easily; I give this one an easy


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tobias 'Charleon' Nerg!
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I'll try my hardest to take this from you Tongue
gj charleon you monster
What is a man?
Wow~~ My first entry at SDA, this is a big moment for me.. Thank you everyone that has supported and/or helped me bringing this run to close perfection, some of you will be mentioned in the comments of the actual run when it's up on SDA. Finally I can start doing Maxim All Bosses attempts too! This really made my day, thanks guys! and Kainblox, I really thought you were going to reject me there for a moment haha, you've been nagging me so hard about that shuriken strat Tongue
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I´ll wait see this run.

I like play GBA castlevanias. My brother "emperor91" have COTM WR runs in SDA. I personally beat Dragondarch AOS SDA run nearly by 2 minutes (no glitches and hard mode) Its still suck ass run so im not submited it, but all this rng luck not give me motivation redo this. Its incredible frustrating spend 5 hours with each drop and make good segmnt after this.

But finally SDA has first HOD run and i´ll really glad to see this. Awesome job charleon.
Congratulations, Charleon!
Charleon, you are the man!

Whatever else you decide to do I'm 100% behind you. Been a lot of fun trying to catch up to you in the All Bosses category of HoD Smiley