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Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses
Looks good. Aside from the saveroom zips that the runner mentions in his comments, this run went very smoothly, with generally decent RNG from the bosses/enemies. Said zips are the most major thing that can be improved in this run, and it's a few seconds worth of timeloss.


Another ridiculously well executed run.

God save the sub-pixels from Charleon.


First of all I want to say that I think the run is incredible. And now I'm going to list every little detail that I think would make it even better if it was to make it into a run, however unlikely it is.

During the entire run there is a trick that the runner does not use/get at all. And that is trying for a frame-perfect dash forward through the red doors. By succeeding in that you save a few frames every time you get it as it moves you forward a bit while you wait for character control to return.

The zip up the tower in the Entrance wasn't used, hard to do saves very little time.

The Bat fight could have been faster using the damage glitch, this was not considered possible at the time this run was made. It saves a chunk of time but is not easy at all to pull off.

Three attempts to zip from the save room after Living Armor results in a significant time loss, this is really hard to negate due to it being controlled by sub-pixel RNG.

The continuation of the zip from said save room can be done faster by doing a small hop into the right side of the screen to skip a screen transition, this is minor and un-safe for several reasons.

Missed to slide/dash of the top of a platform in before the Legion Corpse fight, this wastes nothing more then some frames I'd guess.

Missed a jump onto the same platform mentioned above, more frames lost.

Two tries for the next zip wasted around a second, this is one of the hardest in the game so that is still unusually good.

A couple of seconds lost due to Skull Knight walking away from the super in the second phase, really unpredictable boss so it's handled well by the runner. The last phase went well but could perhaps be improved even more.

Continuing the runner runs into an enemy with a slide, possibly wasting some frames, then starts the "Space Jumping" a bit too early and doesn't make it into the next screen but wastes little to no time on it.

There is a zip possible to do in the area before the save room that could save 2-3 seconds if done quickly. By doing so you would miss out on a heart and therefor potentially have to get an extra heart somewhere and thereby negate the time saved. Missing the zip wastes a lot of time and it's one that is highly inconsistent.

Four tries on zipping from the save room leading to the Entrance, approximately 6-7 seconds lost due to this RNG.

Missed to get the damage glitch on the first try on Death's first form and gets hit twice. Small time loss.

The Talos fight could only be faster with better RNG on the super. How well it hits him depends on the frame you activate it would be my guess. Talos always gives you the same pattern at the start of the fight.

Runner skips two small zips on the way from Talos to the warp room. The first of them is really inconsistent and the second one is only really viable if you do get the first time. Could potentially save a second if you get both of them first try.

After using the warp the runner could have ignored using the save room if the person would've used the small zips mentioned above. It would save the person from using up MP for "Space Jumping".

There is a minor time saving "whip launch" that could be done over the barrel-throwing skeleton-monkey. It has a chance of getting the runner into the wall for a major time loss and is hard to set up quickly. So there's another thing the runner decides not to try this run.

Golem could possibly given slightly better RNG, really hard to tell.

Three tries to get the zip from a save room to Chapel of Dissonance, ~4sec loss.

The Shadow fight could've been a little bit quicker with better crit-luck and by manipulating it to the right instead. If you lure Shadow to the right you can attack it in the corner without worrying about getting hit.

Misses the small zip in up in the next section, it's pretty consistent if you take your time but in a run you don't have that. Even if you get it, it's not saving much time.

The runner didn't get the damage glitch on Devil, still a quick fight thanks to good RNG.

After exiting the door after the Devil fight, you can take a step forward and then "whip launch" to the other side of the room. Could be slightly faster then what the runner did.

Bad RNG on Max Slimer, the runner also did not react accordingly to one of the small slimes and there for took an unnecessary hit.

Same zip missed in the tower up to Legion Saint as up to Devil.

Having some slow movement up towards the warp room to Pazuzu and also messes up a jump after dive-kicking a candle. Could probably save 1-2 seconds if done smoother.

Like the runner says in the comments, the Pazuzu fight could have been faster if not for a missed super.

The Minotaur fight could've been over by the second damage glitch if the second shuriken was placed so that it could do it's full damage. All these damage glitches are hard to setup to begin with so the fight was still done swiftly.

Even if Dracula basicly is a big hitbox ready to be damage-glitched it's iffy to get it to work on him. So the two missed damage glitches are not surprising. Faster Dracula fight could at least save another 3 seconds or so.

A/V is acceptable and I detected no form of cheating.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tobias 'Charleon' Nerg!
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I had to log in to say congrats! Cheesy
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I've been looking for this for some time now, turns out i've missed it completely! Thank you everyone who verified my run, and for all the support I've gotten so far, this is far from the last run you'll see from me Smiley
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Congratulations! Hope to see more of your work!
Looking forward to your current projects =)