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Castlevania Bloodlines (Any %) (Single Segment) [CV Bloodlines: John Morris]

Verifier Responses

Gather round and hear the story of Warren Sapporis, a bear dressed in a man costume who uses a whip and various other items.

Warren begins his quest by collecting a bible. Bibles fuel Sapporis' anger such that he strikes with much greater force and gains the ability to throw magical fire that slows down the universe. Warren continues until he encounters a giant dog. Sapporis is angered by the fact that the dog gives him a less than ideal pattern, and decides to put the dog down, losing little time due to the dog's poor decisions. Sapporis continues, destroying all the skeletons who might get in his way, until he encounters brian battler covered in armor. Fortunately Brian is low tier and decides to stand in one place and using his terrible normals until he gets KO'd like a chump.

Sapporis then encounters some ruins over water. It is common knowledge that bears wearing man costumes are completely unable to swim, so Sapporis climbs the ruins in search of the source of the water. At the top, he encounters the water mage, and is angered by the water mage's ineffectiveness and confusing teleportation, and so he quickly dispatches him without giving him so much as a second to breath. RIP water mage, you were a saint. Sapporis is so upset by the water mage's ineffectiveness that he throws a weapon crash away from his next would-be assaulter, who quickly realizes how large of a mistake it would be to assault Sapporis and calls in his brother with a giant halbred to attack. Sapporis, however, is now angered once again by his enemy's ineffectiveness, and does not even allow his newest foe to enter his field of vision before destorying him. Sapporis then continues until he encouters a giant stone golem submerged in the still decending waters from the water mage. Unable to swim in to attack him, he utilizes his magic flame to shorten the golem until such a time as he is able to take matters into his own hand. Or whip. Whatever.

Sapporis then continued to his next challenge: Harpies. Harpies are notorious cowards, and while Sapporis' taunts inspired the first wave of harpies to foolishly dive towards him to die, the second wave takes pause and slows the universe just to spite him. Later Sapporis encounters yet another ineffective sub-boss whom he dispatches with an axe he found in a candle. Warren continues up the tower, opting to climb up some magic platforms in lieu of normal stairs. At the top, Warren questions why the tower is suddenly so small, but before he has long to ponder he is attacked by some sort of bird. Birds are one of bears many natural enemies, so he manipulates it into his whip, leadingto its quick demise.

Warren then enounters more skeletons. At one point, he confuses a skeleton for a fish, and turns back to grab it only to discover that it was a skeleton. His confusion from this turn of events weakens him, but this was only a cleaver ruse to play at his advantage. Warren continued his quest, and in his confusion he could swear he was pushed up through a wall by a piston or some trippy such thing. He made a mental note to lay off the special grass. Sapporis continued to find another ineffective sub-boss, who's lack of abilities upset him so much he decided to just jump through the blades in the next room with no regard for his own safety. Thanks to bad programming of the universe, he emerged from the blades unharmed, and invigorated by his defeating the laws of the universe, Warren broke his 40th candle since his initial blunder with the skeleton, and once again felt his true power returning. He then found some gear stuff bouncing around, so he beat it up just to prove he was back at full tilt.

The next area was boring and writing in this style was losing its appeal to the verifier, so I'll just leave it at 3 cycling the sub-boss.

Warren continued to stage 7, where the odd effects made him once again make a mental note to lay off the special grass. Here he encountered death, who wanted to play a card game with Sapporis. Possibly Uno. Bears hate card games, so Warren opted to instead strike at deaths cards, and also destroyed some of death's friends who were trying to play with him. Death finally became enraged after his entire deck had been destoryed by Warren, but fortunately death was a nerd and went down to a measly 5 strikes from the powerful bear. Next Warren encounters some snake thing. Snakes are another of bears natural enemies, and so he immediately set to work whipping it repeditively. The snake was mostly low tier, unable to strike effectively. It attempted to mash its tail whip ultra, but Sapporis had planned ahead and made her wiff it. Then some woman showed up and did the same dumb stuff the water mage did, and took forever and was really freaking boring. Sapporis was not amused and allowed her no time to breath before finally dispatching her. He then rocked out to Simon's theme for 10 seconds before encountering some bat guy. While bats are not one of bears natural enemies, Warren was too mad at that last fight and so simply opted to beat up this new foe. While the first two forms of this foe went down without issues, the 3rd did manage to tag a hit on Sapporis. While this weakened him, it only lead to him adding axes to his assault, which ended in Sapporis' complete victory and the destruction of the bat guy's castle.

Warren Sapporis' quest was now over. After the countless monsters, skeletons, and speakers that were destroyed during his quest, all that was left was to reflect on the fact that the audio and video quality were fine. From the moment he began to the time he collected his final red crystal, a mere 30 minutes and 47 seconds had elapsed. A run which this verifier accepts.

How the fuck am I supposed to top the story of Warren Sapporis? How about this: I won't even try. Let's keep it simple. I watched Klaige start up his attempts on this again after his first submission and saw all the hard work he put into optimizing the stages and making sure someone would have to go insane to beat the run instead of being able to wing it and it was a great experience. Is there still improvement? Sure. But like I just said, someone would need to go insane and be putting in the time that Klaige did in order to compete. Good fucking luck.

So yea, good shit Klaige. Put this thing on SDA ASAP. Accept.

p.s. can confirm that the run time was 30:47

Audio and video look fine. No cheating detected

After watching this run, I felt like re-reading Dracula. Anyways, the runner power struts through Europe and saves the world. The current John Morris run is cool but this one is better. Verifiers 1 and 2 have pretty much said it all. Here are some stage notes:

Stage 1: Nice and smooth
Stage 2: Looks good. Boss fights are super clean and quick.
Stage 3: Good recovery on the missed staircase jump. Poor Gargoyle; It never had a chance.
Stage 4: Beautiful zip and great looking blades section. This level is a lot cleaner and cooler than the current run.
Stage 5: Three cycle pillar! Excellent. This stage is also cleaner than the current run. I’ve had the boss go forwards too, though it’s rare. Everything else looks good though.
Stage 6: Good boss rush. Doing the armor battler corridor with an upgraded whip isn’t worth the stress and you chose to be safe yet fast.

I accept this run as an improvement to the current John Morris Expert run. 

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Travis 'Klaige' Nible!
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PJ: 2012-11-07 09:01:42 pm
Wow damn this is an old run.  Congrats again Klaige!  Loved watching this one.  Cheesy

Edit:  Please make sure the epic scream at the end of the run makes it into your commentary.
You know.  I'm hella  proud of this run....

Not nearly as proud as I am of a certain robot verifier who wrote that story.  That is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.  I don't think I can ever run Sapporris again, for it would sully the legacy we have all just had shared to us. 

Thanks again to all of you, this record never would have happend without my friends at SDA, my stream monsters, and all the awesome people who get runs verified.  As always I'm humbled.
SEGA Junkie
Been looking forward to this one Klaige!

Quote from PJ:
Please make sure the epic scream at the end of the run makes it into your commentary.
Edit history:
Mr. K: 2012-11-08 12:42:15 am
Congrats Klaige!  I'm just really really sad I didn't catch this live.  Your attempts kept me on the edge of my seat though and this run just needs to be posted ASAPP.
Congratz! I was happy stream monster and your attempts would make me stay up waaaay too late, always had too much fun. I can't believe that I still haven't played this yet, must get to that in the near future.

Hope to see more runs from you in the future, you are really entertaining to watch Smiley
I've got more stuffed planned for the very near future, so stay tuned. Hoping to stat streaming again next week!
Klaige \o/ Congrats on the accept! (As if they had a choice)