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Castlevania Bloodlines (ntscus) (genesis) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Expert] [CV Bloodlines: John Morris]

Verifier Responses

Quote from PJ:
A/V are good.  No signs of cheating.  Well there are a lot of signs of cheating. This run is filthy.  But he didn't cheat.

This run has been a long time in the making and it definitely shows.  Klaige totally massacred this game.  He left *maybe* 3 seconds on the table with this run.  To end such a ridiculous run with a gold split stage 6 is just mind-boggling.

This is one of the strongest runs I've ever watched.  Absolutely accept.

It had been a long, cold time since the mighty bear; William Sapporis, had slain the evils of the world. He had gone into hibernation for 2 years after his mighty feast upon the remains of his enemies. His bones were weary, and his eyes ached from their heavy sleep, but he knew all was well in the world. But upon leaving his cave, he found his achievements had been overcome by a fabulous young man by the name of Yao Mincarde!

Sapporis was furious! How could his legacy have been tarnished in such a way and so completely? He let out a mighty roar, followed closely by a mighty fart, and began the quest he knew he must do. He must once again rid the world of its evils, but this time he must leave no stone unturned, no RNG allowed to escape, no clips allowed to miss, and no frames to be wasted by walking without jumping. Truly, he would become a bear of the gods.

His journey started out much as it had before, with Sapporis digging through the walls of the castle to find the bible he needed to fuel his rage. This time, the dog that blocked his way could not help but try to keep the mighty Sapporis away with fire, but this played directly into Sapporis’ hand and only lead to the dog’s faster defeat. Brian Battler, for all his fury and armor, was still unable to stop the mighty bear in his rage, this time attempting to jump into the UFO before realizing that he didn’t have that move in this game.

Sapporis then sought the broken bridges, knowing full well his complete inability to swim. He climbed the tower at the end to once again come to face the mage responsible for the water that had been very slowly pursuing him. This time Sapporis did not even give him the time of day, and rather showed him the back of his hand over and over again; a move which stunned the mage so effectively that he could not even bring himself to retreat from the bear’s mighty strikes. Sapporis’ next foe retreats, still knowing of the bear’s prowess, and once again sends his brother in his stead, only to be chopped down by the bear’s whip before even showing himself. After a few more broken segments of bridges, Sapporis again faces the mighty golem, and again uses his bear flames to attack from afar.

Sapporis then came to face one of his most hated foes; the cowardly harpies. The bear gave no quarter for cowards, and no survivors would be found. He then proceeded to climb the oddly wobbly tower, thinking to himself that this mode of transport could only be enjoyed by one of the age 7. Finally, he climbs to find the harpies older brother, the gargoyle, and unleashes the fury he had built up against his sisters onto him.

Nothing would strike fear into the mighty bear for the challenges he had ahead. Ramming his head directly into a skeleton to preserve his powers for later, Sapporis relented time to nothing, using every resource he had to smash those who would block him. Thrusting his head into the ceiling left him a bit dizzy, but somehow he had climbed past the pistons that would have blocked him, with no need for special grass. Crushing the would-be creature, he trusts himself through the coding of the universe to pass through the solid blades unharmed. Any last remnants of his foes were dispatched with bear fire, and the trippy gears he discovered at the end of his path were beaten up just to show his prowess.

Stage 5 is still boring, and this is once again tedious, and so the verifier will give it a rest.

So Sapporis found himself at the doorstep of his greatest foe; Death. Death was still a nerd, and again wanted to play a card game with the bear, but this time had exchanged his Uno deck for the worst horror imaginable: Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Warren had no recourse but to smash the entire deck, one card at a time, and then giving Death the treatment that every nerd deserves: the classic wedgy. Following this foe he once again encountered the bear’s natural foe: a snake. This time, Warren knew a new trick, simply backing up negated all of the danger of his foes most dangerous attack: Tail Whip. Then some woman showed up and did the same dumb stuff the water mage did, and took forever and was really freaking boring. Sapporis left only her cloth to mark her grave. This left only one thing in Sapporis’ path: some bat guy. Warren still was unconcerned with bats, but was far too enraged from his past encounter to allow it to live, and this time saw to it that he was not even touched in the process.

All his foes defeated; Warren had only one task left to perform: grabbing the red orb left behind. And once again, Warren honored his holy forefather, The Great Stanski, by missing the grab like a buffoon. And through that action, the legacy of those he held in such regard could be continued forever.

Warren Sapporis' quest was now over. After the countless monsters, speakers, and headsets that were destroyed during his quest, all that was left was to reflect on the fact that the audio and video qualities were fine. From the moment he began to the time he collected his final red crystal, an approximate 29 minutes and 51 seconds had elapsed. A run to be remembered, a run that could be idolized, and a run which this verifier accepts.

I swear to god if I have to write another one of these stupid things I will lose it.

Quote from Sonikkustar:
A/V Quality - Good
No cheating here.

This run is simply amazing. Stage 4 in particular and especially 4-8 was incredible (dat blade skip). I guess I can see maybe 3-4 seconds worth of improvements, but this is as perfect as it's going to get.

Huge Accept and big congratulations to Klaige for his hard work towards this game.

Quote from TheKeeperSA:
Audio and video are of high quality.

The run in itself is just as close as human can get to TAS. Very optimized runs, getting hurt when it matters so he can get the strong whip back at the right spot. Castlevania Bloodlines is a super technical game that needs very good consistency and execution to pull off a good run. Klaige raised the bar for all future runners of this game.

Very stron ACCEPT from me.

Quote from Worn_Traveler:
A/V is fine.No cheating detected

Definite improvement to the current run here on SDA. Lots of little optimizations here and there. Love the aggressiveness in Stage 2. When I timed it came out to around 29:51.

I accept this run to replace the current SDA run. Keep up the great work.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Travis 'Klaige' Nible!
Thread title:  
Thank you very much for all the kind words!  The months of runs that came up just short of the sub 30 goal are all entirely worth it to get a new chapter in the Warren Sapporis story! Cheesy

This run is 4 long years worth of learning and optimization and im honored that SDA will have a Bloodlines run of this kind of quality in the archvies!
Hahaha that 2nd verifier response.  10/10.  Would read again.
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RedArremer: 2015-03-02 07:24:55 am
Wow how'd I miss verifying this. Sad Congrats Klaige. <3
Fucking Weeaboo
Klaige is so awesome and Konami was so prepared enough, that Bloodlines includes a requiem for all the enemies and bosses that were CRUSHED in Klaige's wake.