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Castlevania Bloodlines (Any %) (Single Segment) [CV Bloodlines: Eric Lecarde]

Verifier Responses

Audio Quality - Good
Video Quality - Good

This run is absolutely incredible. The only sort of "mistakes" I saw were getting hit by the Minotaur in Stage 3 and the barrel skeleton in Stage 4. But when I tuned into the audio commentary, the runner explains that these hit were intentional for stuff later down the road. So that is excusable.

I honestly don't have much to say about this run other that it is a really fun watch. It's an easy Accept for me.

Alright, I'll start off by saying that I'm RedArremer (no reason not to).
Sadly, I did not catch you streaming this run, but I'm glad you finally got it. I'm also glad your mentioned circumstances have given you the power and dedication to complete this, and I feel honored to verify this for you.

As I expected, this run is entertaining to watch, Bloodlines is one of the most interesting Castlevania games to see a speedrun of. Impressive execution, which comes to no surprise to me. There's really just a few seconds that can be improved upon, but knowing this game in a bit more detail, I am well aware why it has taken you 5 months to finish this run - this game is one of the hardest and most random, as well as unforgiving games in the entire series.

Formalities, really, so it's an easy Accept.

Once again, story time has come. This time it is the tale of Yao Mincarde, a man who dreamed that someday, somehow, he would be the fairest lass in the land.

Yao began his quest after talking to a bear of some fame, a bear known only as William Sapporis. Sapporis told young Mincarde of a land where he had seen many marvelous things, and promptly defeated them all, leaving a bloody mess in his wake. Mincarde decided that he would go on such a quest himself, but knew that he could not compete with the bear’s incredible strength, so instead he stole Lucky Glaubers basketballs and painted them green in preparation.

Yao followed in Sapporis’ footsteps quiet closely for the first stretch. He knew where to find the bible from the mighty bear’s tale, and took advantage of his only true advantage over the bear, his incredible spring-jumping prowess. Thanks to this skill, he was able to skip several parts of the castle that the bear had simply crushed his way past. Upon arriving Brian Battler in his armor, Yao quickly realized that he would be unable to repeat Sapporis’ fight, since his normals weren’t high-tier enough to easily zone Brian, but managed to find the magic pixels to do so anyways.

Soon, Mincarde found himself face to face with the dreaded water mage. Yao had a clever plan, one that Sapporis hadn’t known, to confuse the water mage and trap him in a corner, dispatching him even faster than the mighty bear! RIP water mage, you were a saint. Yao then copied the attacks the bear had taught him to scare the first mini-boss, then did some ridiculous jumps through an axe of the next. Yao was feeling confident, perhaps too much so, and took a break to admire his work. Then a medusa head smashed into his back. But such was his plan. Yao continued on unheeded, recovering his magical basketballs just in time to throw them all over the place and absolutely demolish a gigantic golem.

Yao then went on to find the dreaded harpies. Fortunately, the harpies were really drunk or something and just flew straight at him. The rest of the area was uneventful, simply climbing some leaning tower, then some magical floating platforms, and so forth. Whatever. Finally, he encounters the giant bird that Sapporis had spoken of, and dispatches it without giving it a chance to do anything of interest.

Finally, Yao arrived at the dreaded ‘stage 4’. While he knew of the horrors that awaited him, he could not help but to contemplate his course of action. This gave a skeleton just the opportunity he needed to smack Mincarde in the back of the head with a bone. Yao promised himself to be more attentive, and immediately got stuck on a staircase. Upset with the result, he decided to try out the special grass, and followed the magical path through the piston. Yao then again took advantage of his pole-vaulting abilities to skip an unfairly designed room. After dispatching the horribly, horribly weak monster, Yao followed the most magical of all paths the bear had taught him; the path directly through a set of blades. Mincarde managed to find the path, and continued on to fight some machine that was probably mad at him for cheating and skipping his area. Or so Mincarde thought, the machine actually just wanted to dance.

Stage 6 is still boring, and will save me a paragraph of writing pointless stuff.

Mincarde continued through Dracula’s castle, unimpeded by the special effects that resulted in his earlier use of the special grass. Yao soon encountered Death, who was still trying to get a game of uno together. While Yao was tempted to play with him, he decided instead to heed Sapporis’ warning and chopped all the cards up. Fortunately, Death was still a nerd, and went down easily to Yao’s basketballs. Yao thought he heard death say something about it being like high school gym class again, but wasn’t sure and just moved on. There he found the snake, and thanks to Yao’s clever planning, even the tail whip ultra was ineffectively. Then he found Elizabeth, who takes absolutely ridiculously forever dear god konami what were you thinking with this chick? Finally, Yao encounters his final challenge: the bat guy. Having already learned all of his patterns, he dispatches him quickly and without issue, in what goes down as a seriously boring final boss fight. Drunk with happiness over managing to not only complete his quest, but to do so faster than the mighty bear, Yao misses the final orb, costing him a cool second at the end of the run.

Yao Mincarde went on to become the fairest lass in Castlevania Judgment, living out all of his wildest fantasies. Little did he know, however, that the mighty bear had watched and learned from him attempts. While now it was time for him to hibernate, soon enough, the bear would come to crush Mincarde’s record. Soon.

Anyways, this times out to 30:27 from my measurement, and gets a reject for not having the flaming fart pose for me to write about.

Oh wait, it’s like 80 seconds of improvement from the current run. I guess I’ll accept then.

Yea so I pretty much watched Klaige doing this run from scratch, from when he first decided "SDA run sux, let's fix that" to "woo hoo we beat the SDA time with a bad run!" all the way to "I want to kill myself, help" (the current run). Not quite as much time on the calendar was spent on this improvement as the Morris run, but I can safely say that there is a higher level of execution and precision shown in this in comparison. Some of the stuff is much harder than he makes it look, and he even got a few things I almost never see him pull off in attempts, such as a 1 pixel jump in stage 4. He mysteriously lost 5 seconds in what appeared to be a pretty clean stage 5 due to lag, but considering that's the only "big" time loss sticking out in a half hour run, who cares?

This run improves the current SDA time by 81 seconds, coming in at 30:27. The A/V is fine and the run is overall very clean and would make a great addition to the site. However, I must reject it for lacking the flaming fart pose that should be required in every run. And unlike [above], I'm NOT taking it back.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Travis 'Klaige' Nible!
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It should be noted that the only real reason i suffer through these runs is so i can read the awesome story style commentary.  You guys are awesome.  It's pretty cool to officially have both bloodlines runs  be under my name now.    I'm working on some more casual stuff right now but i have some new stuff planned in the coming year, so stay tuned!

Much <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 to the verifiers.  You guys rule.
Congrats Smiley Just about to watch your new John Morris run!
Congratulations! Smiley
B+Left, Left, Up+B, ★
Quote from Verifier 4:
However, I must reject it for lacking the flaming fart pose that should be required in every run. And unlike [above], I'm NOT taking it back.

Dang, Klaige, better luck next time Undecided

Quote from Flip:
Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Travis 'Klaige' Nible!

...wat. Flip you made a mistake. You might need to fix this asap.
For real though, congrats man. The determination you showed in your streams to perfect your Bloodlines runs is nothing short of impressive and I wish you luck in your future runs. <3
Haha, thanks again guys.  I too am very dissapointed in my lack of flaming fart pose.  We all know end stage post is the most important thing in a CV run. Time to make it a donation incentive.
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Congratulations Klaige Smiley
Thanks exo!