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Congratulations OptimusPriNe for taking this down even further to 38:58.83 [38:59]  Definitely was an awesome run to walk into half way.
Thanks very much! For those interested, the latest record can now be found on my Twitch page...


Still some room for improvement, but 38:59 is gonna be tough for me to bring down with what we know now.
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Hey all, I finally accomplished a "No Death" speed run for Castlevania II in 43:37 that I am happy to settle with for now and you can watch it here:

Gonna tackle the 39 minute any% now..
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UPDATE: 1/31/14:

New WR, got a time of 36:52 - with only 2 Deaths!

This run was SOOOO close to only having 1 death total, but I died accidentally at the end, that really irritated me.  I have also figured out how to do 1 death runs through better micro optimizations everywhere without reducing time too much.

My goal has now changed from a sub 37 with 2 deaths to a sub 36:40 with only 1 death.
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Whew, you guys are doing some damage. Hopefully I'll have more time soon, but TGL and Rambo beckon as well. Excellent work!
I have stepped away from this for far too long. Time to make a comeback to the 100% run I was doing... maybe.

Optimus, that purple block trick in Rover for the Heart will take time off my 100%. I still need to look into re-routes to get it under 50 minutes. I think the biggest time saver I am going to have it finding out where to take my third death. It has been so long since I even looked at this run that I know it is going to be stale.

Paul, after watching your vid it blows my mind that only four Holy Waters killed Death. I am going to have to look at the ROM again and see if there are any other enemies that take extra damage from certain weapons. Is there a specific trick to that? As you delay the three holy waters at the end.

If you want to tackle the 100% as well, I can give you my route notes. Just let me know. I think I am going to be settling for sub-50, but with drops you might be able to break 48.
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Hey unknownplayer, yes i have been contemplating on doing the 100% as well after I achieve my goal of sub 36:40 on the Any% run.  And it is possible to kill Death with only 1 holy water hit.  I think you have to land the holy water on the edge of the hitbox of Death and the ground at the same time.  I could be wrong, but that's usually the case it seems when it works.  This could also work for Dracula as well, but I have not tested that.
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Quote from Furious Paul:
UPDATE: 12/9/13:

New WR, got a time of 38:37 !

My goal is to still get a sub 38.

Very nice run Paul! [So glad I got a new pc that actually PLAYS back recorded Twitch videos]  So much time left to be saved, but mostly due to the block drop glitch which is a bitch. But this was a really solid and impressive run! Keep up the fantastic work!
I took a look at the Insta-kill of Death. It looks like it might be frame perfect or nearly so. Basically, you have to hit Death with the Holy Water such that he takes the damage just as the holy water's hitbox is being wiped. Since the Holy Water hitbox doesn't leave screen until the Holy Water crashes into the ground, basically the Holy Water hitbox and the Death Hitbox have to be in the ground. This gives a one or two frame opening to do the damage.

I am going to look into it further to find out what instruction causes Death's HP to drop from 120 to 0.
Myaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa w
Wow, Sub-38 Deathless is insane. I remember my Sub-50s being hype two years ago! You guys are MURDERING this game, and I cede defeat - I'm definitely out of the running for this game. Great job on kicking my ass! Cheesy
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The Any% run involves dying around 1 to 4 times total.  With my 36:52 WR run I died 2 times.  It is possible to do the Any% run dying only once, which I have done so multiple times now.

Sub-38 deathless is possible.  However you would be doing some serious grinding to get that number.  My goal is to get a sub 38:30 Deathless eventually.
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Finally got my sub 38 time!  Final time I just got:  36:52

UPDATE (1/31/14): New Time:  36:52 - only 2 deaths

Unfortunately I am not satisfied enough to submit it to SDA yet.  I'm going for a sub 36:40 with only 1 death!

I will continue to get a run in that is god like, very soon, I can feel it.
SGL Scrublord
Lookin good, keep it up! I'm going to learn the new strats, but I imagine you'll have the record before I can properly implement them.
Keep it up!
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Quote from Furious Paul:
Finally got my sub 38 time!  Final time I just got:  37:58

Unfortunately I am not satisfied enough to submit it to SDA yet.  I will continue to get a run in that is god like, very soon, I can feel it.

This was incredible! I am really curious to try running this at some point, mainly because I have only beaten it once in my life. You help make this look like fun... outside of those horrendous block drop glitches... those just hurt my head.

I see you nailing a 37:40 soon enough with some block drop glitch luck.
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Huge Discovery with the "no death" route guys!!

First I want to say I am very grateful that my 43:47 "no death" run was accepted into the SDA, I definitely appreciate that!

But today.. I just confirmed a trick that saves literally 3 minutes off the "no death" run. It involves exchanging the white crystal with a blue one before the second day turns to night. The day in which you buy the white crystal and then go all the way to exchange it for the blue one before night fall must be done perfectly in the fastest way possible, and I mean PERFECTLY! This also means you MUST get the floor drop (at the 6 minute mark) on your first try.

I first tested it on an emulator and I indeed confirmed it was possible, then I went to my console and started streaming attempts.  I did 3 attempts today.  First attempt failed as I could not get the floor drop on my first try.  With the second attempt, I got the floor drop on the first try, but I couldn't make it to the blue crystal guy in time, only missing him by like a tenth of a second.  The 3rd attempt was successful indeed Smiley

The first part of the video first shows you the second attempt, in which I really thought I was going to make it, but failed. The next run during the video (my 3rd attempt today) shows it done successfully. Unfortunately the run had 2 deaths during the finished run, but the deaths could have been prevented!  This proves that the "no death" run can be done 3 minutes faster !

SGL Scrublord
Hehe, all these new little tricks. It's gonna be a hell of a good watch when it all comes together.
I got a question about the 100% run.  Do you think it is mandatory that you buy the Thorn Whip for the 100% run?  I am hoping not, because it is a waste of 100 hearts and you can easily use those hearts to upgrade to the chain whip right away instead.  This also reduces the grinding you would need to do, thus would make a better looking speed run.  You guys have any thoughts on this?
SGL Scrublord
Typically, all you need for 100% item-wise is to have the full assortment of items. As long as the Flame Whip is there at the end, you should be fine.
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So I got a 45:44 with only 2 deaths for the 100% run that is worth checking out!

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Furious Paul: 2014-02-26 05:35:48 am
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I did it! I finally pulled off a "no death" run with the new "no death" route of buying the white crystal and exchanging it with a blue one before nightfall! I end up beating my previous deathless record by 2 minutes and got a 41:50!  Check it out:

Svenne, I don't think I will submit this run, I am not happy with it enough.  I am still going after my goal of a sub 38:30 until I submit.  The only goal I have accomplished so far is the 100% run.  That one is ready to submit.  Once I get my goals accomplished with the Any% and deathless, I will then submit all 3 of them at once.
Congrats! Are you submitting the run? Cheesy
What is a man?
Awesome Paul! although the trick is supposed to save 3 minutes so you can definitely go further! Smiley
need to check it out when I come home from work
Did i misplace my sexy? I think not
Quote from theseawolf1:
So, uh, I beat the record. 41:33, and 40:30 or lower looks quite possible. I checked the menu too much, had a BS death, and leveled up one time too many right before Castlevania. The run is coming. BTW I timed it from gaining control of Simon to losing control at the end. If Drac's death is the end of timing, then its like 5 seconds faster. Woohoo!

I think Dracula's death would be considered the end of run timing
SGL Scrublord
MAn, that quote is old as dirt. SDA timing is loss of control, so its when the game freezes after the whole boomy-fireball thing.