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Drifting Skies: 2015-04-14 08:37:03 am
Drifting Skies: 2015-04-13 08:40:23 pm
steak Steak STEAK!!!
Quote from uha:
Okay, I'd like to post a bounty for Legend of Legaia.  Single Segment, Playstation 1 Console, sub-13:00:00.  $50.

Is this still live?  RTA WR is under 9:55 as of 4/13:

In order to generate some more buzz for the game and get more people than just myself into trying a great game and to challenge me to push this game further, I'm going to put some money on it.

Bounty: $100
Rules: Must be single-segment or RTA; no segmented.
Bounty only paid if the time is under my current WR as of the time of publication, as sub-11 is thoroughly eviscerated.
Run does not need to meet SDA A/V quality, but I reserve the right to verify and withhold bounty in the event of suspected cheating.  I will require video evidence of a completed run before I pay up.
Bounty is good for any run completed by the end of 2015. Edit 4/13: WR is now 9:52:16.
Edit history:
Omnigamer: 2015-04-14 07:21:54 am
All the things
Bounties are typically only for runs submitted to and accepted to SDA. So getting the run is a start Smiley

I'm not sure how many people who placed the bounties are still around though. It's been quite some time, if you look at the dates.
I think this thread needs to be re-done to be honest. Seeing as it is heavily out-dated and there are people who probably don't even remember agreeing to this stuff. I would imagine that some people would also have issues forking over the money due to changes in their circumstances. Not everyone can hold this sort of money aside for someone completing the bounty when things crop up in life. Illness, parenthood, job loss, rent, etc.
Fucking Weeaboo
Well, given that it's been over 2 years since the last first post edit, I think the thread is dead. Given that it's been that long since anybody has really done anything, if we do anything new, we should probably start over from scratch and lock this thread and start a new one.

But given how few bounties seem to be done, I don't think too many people care anymore to really make it worth it.
I've been debating if and where to post this ...

I'm sure many of the bounties in this thread are long-since dead, but I wanna say the Radiata Stories all-characters-recruited speedrun one still very much lives! Smiley

If I had any others up here, those may be dead.

But I am one of at least two people in the world who still think a good Radiata Stories all-characters-recruited run would be cool beyond words.  On that subject, I guess Enhasa hasn't been here for a very long time Sad which is definitely SDA's loss.  Enhasa is awesome.

Anyway, the bounty now stands at US$500. Smiley  It would be paid over a period of 2-3 months, lol, since I'm poor by USA standards.  Warning: Due to the effort needed for this run, that would almost certainly be less than $1 per hour.  Don't try to do it just for the money.

By the nature of Radiata Stories, the run would include two or very nearly two whole playthroughs.

Of course the run would have to be reasonably well-done. Cheesy  Although I wouldn't absolutely require it to make it onto SDA.  It would have to be submitted though; cheating and such would not be allowed of course.
Quote from Enhasa:
Wow, you went through every post? I thought you just copied over the old list. Guess that explains how you didn't see it.

The funniest part about the old thread is how he has the 1st post and 3rd post, and in between is Nate saying basically "you know, I think this is a terrible idea" when we officially condone this now. We really could have deleted Nate's post just to not have the gap if anything.

Poor Tom B probably killed himself over Beautiful Katamari being subpar or something.

Haaaaaaa, I accidentally went to page 2 and saw this very old very funny post for the first time.  Cheesy  It's true I posted the first "Cash Bounties for Speedruns" thread, and I was highly surprised when it got stickied, and I disappeared, and I was grateful Zyre took over. Smiley

Nah I didn't die, I just disappear sometimes, even from my favorite message boards.  Smiley  Like I just came back now after 3 years, lol.
Waiting hurts my soul...
This reminds me, I bought Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai thinking I'd clear the bounties for them.
So, are these bounties still up or are they expired?
Ye its still up?
No the last few posts from like a year ago talked about stopping the thread
Oh, My bad. I skipped to the last page and it seemed it was still active in members seeking bounties, but I noticed it wasn't update either. Shouldn't the topic be "closed" or locked? Thanks for letting me know.
This used to be a stickied thread. Since there was no activity for a long time, it was unstickied with the expectation that it would disappear down into the archives.

There has never been a guarantee for the bounties to be paid out (even though those not following through with a pay-out would obviously risk getting a bad reputation). If there is interest in a bounty, you should contact the one offering it to see if it's still valid.

Since there is no one updating the first post, I'll lock this thread. If someone reading this is interested in taking over the responsibility for cleaning up the first post and keeping it maintained, you can contact one of the admins to unlock the thread again.
Thanks to the LotBlind to unlock this thread!

I'm independent software developer and I want to offer an unofficial game patch for the old game Scorcher (Zyrinx 1996, a Scavenger team). Beside of solving technical issues under modern Windows systems, fully configurable game controllers, etc. patch also introduces three new game modes: "Survival", "Insanity" and "Speedrun".

I want to offer a free registration keys to the first 5 people who beat both demo stages in the "Insanity" mode and upload recorded video of that to YouTube.

But before that there is a few things I want to say:

a) I'm the author of the patch only. So you still need the game CD or CD image to use with the full version of the patch. You can find more at "Obtaining the game" in the "ReviveEN.txt" file after installing the demo version. I want to say this at the very beginning to be clear of any misunderstanding since it's only a patch and not the full game.

b) You can change screen resolution in demo too, but you need to start any stage before this (Left / Right to select stage in main menu) and call menu (Escape) in race to change screen resolution. Note that since this game has pure software rendeder (no GPU optimization, CPU fully utilized) your FPS may drop too low on very high resolutions.

c) If you have any suggestions or questions - feel free to ask.

Original demo version of the game comes with the patch and don't need any registration keys to work but you still need to install it to apply the patch via "ScorInst.exe".

So the rules of the contest:

1) Both demo levels must be completed in "Insanity" mode (in this mode if you fall even once from the track or hit the reset trigger which usually placed high above the track - it's instant timeout and game over; also this mode includes infinite and always triggered jumps and boost - just press the "Insanity" button to load presets) and at first three places: you must finish stage in 1st, 2nd or 3rd places. Since there is only "Time Attack" mode in the demo it's "individual level" run category.

2) Do not use "Always finish 1st" (as it will be considered as cheating in this category) and "Show debug output" (video will be messy because of a lot of debug text). Feel free to use "First person camera" and "Ghost world mode" but be aware that the later one can have a huge impact on a framerate.

3) You can change game screen resolution to anything but it must be at least 640x480 and didn't go below 15 FPS.

4) You need to upload your video at YouTube and post a reply in this topic with the video URL, so everyone can confirm that you have won fair and square. Uploaded video must have "Scorcher Reviver" in the title. If you don't have YouTube account - you can upload video to any file hosting which doesn't require registration to download files (like,, etc.). Please compress your video at least to MP4 format (h264/aac) before that.

5) With the last patch version the game can run under wine-4.0 so the videos from this emulator will be accepted too but check that you have a decent framerate since it will be a bit slower than running the game under actual Windows system.

6) Since registration key requires e-mail all the winners must provide their e-mail address (you can PM me if you want it confidental) to be able to receive registration key.

Some hints:
- Please read "ReviveEN.txt" before playing - a lot of helpful things covered in the documentation.
- You may practice with the "Default" or "Infinite" timer or any other settings before try the full "Insanity" mode since it's fun, but may be hard at first.

That's it and good luck to all the runners!

You can download Scorcher Reviver patch here:

Just in case if for some reason I didn't answer within few days - please don't hesitate to reach me via contacts page or forum at the site above.

Thank you!