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I'll be submitting a run that uses external hardware for a controller (Wii U GCN adapter) that replaces drivers. If it gets in, would I be allowed to bring my own PC so I don't have to change any of GDQ's PCs?
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The Dork Knight himself.
In the past people have been allowed to bring in and use their own computers. I believe the requirements are that your computer needs to output both video (60hz) and audio over HDMI for the capture equipment. Usually the tech crew helps get your computer setup, but there's always the possibility of a problem coming up that they may not be able to fix. It's recommended that if you do bring your own computer to also get setup on a GDQ machine just in case.

As for the external adapter, it has been allowed in the past but only with prior permission. I believe the people who'd be most apt to answer that question would be Cool Matty, UraniumAnchor, and Vulajin. You can do a user search and send them a PM here, but their response could be delayed since GDQ season is starting to ramp up.