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Vulajin: 2015-09-21 09:58:15 pm
For those unaware the 12th of September saw the beginning of the California's 9th largest WildFire in history and resulted in over 10,000 evacuations and over 1000 homes lost. For those unaware i live in the lake county area where most of the damage was done and was forced to evacuate myself, i literally watched my community be engulfed in a cloud of smoke and embers. while the currently the fire is starting to be shut down completely the damage has been done, friends of mine have no home to return to and entire fields and mountain sides are black.

With this said, i would like to throw together a marathon to help not only the people suffering thru the Valley Fire but also the several other fires currently ravaging the state. I won't lie, i never see myself as a good organizer for marathons but as i drove home after getting the ok from CalFire and seeing the devastation, i cannot let my unease stop me from doing something to help out.

I ask to hear from others who would wish to help me with this and to get some suggestions as to how it should be handled as well as a possible name for this marathon. I am currently looking up the best way for the donations to be handled and hope to learn more in the near future. any feedback is appreciated.   

This marathon will either take place during october 17th-18th or 23th-24th, i would prefer the 17th-18th so please state whatever works best for you.
As usual state your submissions with estimate, donation incentives, description of the game (sorry if i don't know your run) and a video of your run(optional but preferred)
Please feel free to message me directly on twitter @osey889 or on the forums if there is any questions. thanks again.

Update 9/28 - Great progress with preparing the marathon so far! We currently have over 90 hours of content offered, A official starting Date of October 23rd, A banner, and most recently out layout for the marathon are done. The schedule is in progress but will have more concrete info by the 10th next month, as we would like to give other runners a chance to offer a run or two.  A proper Google Doc with all streaming info will be prepared for everyone once we finalize the Schedule.  I am working my hardest to make this a successful marathon so all i ask from anyone that reads this to spread the news of this event.
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Tterraj42: 2015-09-22 08:32:51 pm
Terrible news Sad

I may be on the east coast but I'll do what I can to help. I've organized a few online marathons, so if you're planning an online one I can help out more than an in person event.

As for donations, if there's a specific charity you're going to raise funds for, contact them and maybe they'll have a paypal or some payment form you can use. TwitchAlerts is pretty good for use with paypal, as is Support The Stream (or so I'm told). There's also now, but never used it.
I've been giving it serious thought as to what charity i wanted to support but the message was clear when i saw them working myself not far from my home. I want to support the Red Cross, and i hope to hear back from them with permission to use their brand and a proper way to track donations if possible. As for a starting date i would personally like to be in 2 - 3 weeks of now but i will adjust as needed. I thank any and all that are willing to help in some form. Smiley
Dapper as fuck.
Just FYI osey, Oct 17-18 overlaps with Deuce Con. 
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Neerrm: 2015-09-22 03:00:17 pm
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Neerrm: 2015-09-22 02:53:21 pm
Dang, that's crazy. I hope your marathon is a success and I'd be happy to run for you. I would recommend the latter dates, as the 17th-18th would conflict with DeuceCon.

I would only be able to run on the 24th, but here are my offers:

Run: Final Fantasy IV any% or any% no 64 (SNES)
Estimate: 2:10 or 3:30
Description: Turn into a paladin, stab or explode evil moon men
Donation incentives:
Renaming characters, potential route differences for no 64 (drain spear vs excalibur)
Dapper as fuck.
I need to get my any% time down so I can race you Neerrm lol, but since I won't be ready by then I can do commentary if you want.
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Mr_Shasta: 2015-09-22 02:58:47 pm
I've helped with a lot of online marathons in the past, such as SpeedRunsCentral and Memeathon. If you need a restreamer or anyone to help promote the marathon, then I can help you with that. I live down in SoCal and have only seen a tiny amount of damage on my way home one day from work where I had cars backed up a long ways on the usual streets I take.

Also how do you want submissions to be organized? I have a lot of games I've run that I can submit, so I want to hear some guidelines haha

Quote from philosoraptor42:
Just FYI osey, Oct 17-18 overlaps with Deuce Con. 

Just to give you ideas of more upcoming marathons in the next few months as well, Hayai Kawaii is November 5th - 8th, Shots Fired is November 12th-15th, and Retroraisers is November 14th-15th
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osey889: 2015-10-01 05:16:18 pm
First off - I am sorry i overlooked duececon, so moving the start date to the following weekend is not a big deal.
Second- For now i am creating a Google doc for any and all submissions, as for the guidelines please keep submissions down to 4-5 per person atm. i am still unsure of how the response will be for submissions and therefore i am being on the cautious side. Feel free to offer whatever game your comfy with doing.
I must simply laugh.
Same Deuce Con issue, week after that would work better

Game: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Estimate: 2:10:00 (2:30:00)
Category: any% (100%)
Info: Classic Video Game
Donation Incentives:
Name, 100%

Game: Chrono Trigger
Category: Any% (no LSS) (100%)
Estimate: 3:15:00 (5:10:00)
Info: Classic RPG
Donation Incentives:
Names, show off LSS, 100%

Game: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (JP)
Category: 1p1c
Estimate: 45:00 (50:00)
Info: Classic Wtf Japan Game
Donation Incentives:
Goemon vs Ebisumaru Run, get All Golden Cats
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Deln: 2015-09-27 05:36:30 am
Deln: 2015-09-27 05:36:08 am
Run: Final Fantasy II(PSP)
Estimate: 3:20
Description: Teleport everything everywhere.
Donation incentives: Rename Characters i guess Tongue                         


Run: Torchlight II
Estimate: 1:45 or :40(NG+)
Description: good game, now with a new glitch.
Donation incentives: NG+
Dapper as fuck.
Welp, since Neerrm offered up FF4.. I can do Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, and bring a little Disney love to the marathon.

Run: Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Any% or All Zones
Estimate: 15 minutes (Any%), 20 minutes (All Zones)
Description:  Awkward love triangle between some chipmunks, a mouse, and an obese feline.
Donation Incentives: Bid War - Chip vs Dale, could also make All Zones an incentive otherwise I play Any%.
PB Videos:  Will add when I get home.
Game: Sonic 2 (Genesis) any%
Estimate: 30:00
Incentives: I suppose I could do a "no glitch abuse" category that I messed with recently.  Adding more than 5 minutes to the estimate for that would be overkill.

Game: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (PC)
Estimate: 2:20:00
Incentives: Male or female main character, character name (would have to double check character limit), bring Bastila to fight herself
Note: The route has actually seen significant improvement since RPGLB, though it's mostly just optimization.

Also, these games would be streamed from different PC's, so it would probably be slightly better for me if there were at least one game in between them.
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Cronokirby: 2015-09-23 03:17:28 pm
Run: Final Fantasy 1 (PSP)
Estimate: 1:55:00 / (2:10:00)
Categories: any% / random (chosen through donations) jobs
Donation incentives: names, random jobs, window color
Description: classic game with heavy use of equipment glitch to kill bosses fast


Game: Final Fantasy 3 (NES, translation patch)
Estimate: 1:45
Categories: any% no glitched jobs
Description: uses glitches to modify stats, whilst still going through most of the story
Donation incentives: names
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WanderingMind: 2015-09-22 03:21:49 pm
Stay chill, be cool.
I'm pretty much fine with any date really, since I'm now out of a job.  I'm probably going to do one offer at the time being, may add another one later.

Run: Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP)
Estimate: 4:00:00
Description: Turn based strategy RPG with actions done in real time.  Two years after the first game, Gallia is thrown into a civil war.  It's up to a bunch of anime military school kids to stop the rebels from taking over.  This is done with a stupidly powerful tank, grenade launching enemies out of bases, and running blindly across enemy fire.

This game has seen route changes and optimizations since the Scrubathon III run. 

Donation incentives: Naming the tank (6 character limit)
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Mr_Shasta: 2015-10-03 08:14:37 pm
Run: Star Fox Assault
Estimate: 0:50:00
Category: Bronze Any%
Description: 3rd Person Shooter for Gamecube that is heavily reliant on tight movement and good execution, through use of 3 different means in the run: the Arwing Ship, Landmaster Tank, and control of Fox on foot. Bronze is the easiest difficulty and fastest category. There's also a few cool skips in there too! 

Run: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land
Estimate: 0:50:00
Category: Any%
Description: This run is mostly about how well you can execute each room, which might look simple in some places, but really it's not because of the amount of enemies in many of the rooms. There is also a large amount of power variety used in the run, which some Kirby runs lack.
Incentive: Boss Endurance. Run through of all the bosses, but you start with no powers, so you have to improvise with what the game gives you.

Run: 007 Agent Under Fire
Estimate: 0:50:00
Category: Operative
Description: This run is mostly dependent on good movement, aiming, and timing. It's jam-packed with many cutscene skips, sequence breaks, and small time savers, such as moving diagonally against walls to boost yourself. Operative is the easiest difficulty, but that doesn't mean this run is easy. There's no looking at the ground needed to go fast here!
Osey, I'll let you know if I can submit a run by the time (And by that, I mean Lagoon since I hate myself), but I will be happy to do donation reading, hosting, and restreaming.
Run: Dragon Quest I SFC
Estimate: 2:00:00
Category: any%, no Silver Harp/Metal Slime manipulation
Description: Questing, possibly Dragon related. This remake of Dragon Quest I is super nice looking and super quick, since there are multiple fast experience gain methods employed alongside the general major increase in experience payouts from enemies.
Incentives: Princess% (bring Princess Laura with me to beat the Dragonlord)
I'll donate $1 every time I have to open the treasure chest to get the Death Necklace.
Could possibly convince my buddy SgtMettool to make it a race?

I'll use an English translation patch if preferred as well.
Evermore Extrodinare ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
Super Adventure Island II
Category 100%
Estimate: 3 hours (because no gambling% is SO MUCH FUN!!!)
Description: the 100% route includes ALL chests as well as getting ALL the casino items. RNG is at a minimum but that minimum can cost a TON of time. Slots...they are the fastest way to gain the money we need for all casino items but the slots themselves are "rigged" and sometimes the game lets you have a win and sometimes it doesn't. Still outside of that small part of the game it's a very fast paced and strong platformer

Secret of Evermore
Category: any%
Estimate: 1:45:00
Incentives include
*Naming the Boy
*Naming the Dog
*Chicken Taunting
*Turn old man into? (Nothing, Basket, Chicken, Goat)
*Defend vs no Defend (I have prepared for both)
Game: Secret of Mana
Category: Any% 1 Player 2 Controllers (Possible race with IncroyableBB and Yagamoth)
Estimate: 2:10:00
Info: gogogogogogogogogogogogo
Donation Incentives: Boy, Sprite names (6 letters each)

Game: Escape Goat 2
Category: 100%
Estimate: 1:00:00
Info: Puzzle platformer turned into a precision platformer.  Beat rooms fast while controlling a goat, and using his mouse buddy to go faster.
Donation Incentives:

Availability (starting time):
Monday-Thursday: 6:30 PM ET - 12:00 AM ET
Friday 6:30 ET onwards until Sunday 12:00 AM ET
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DMCAether: 2015-09-26 03:17:56 am
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DMCAether: 2015-09-22 05:23:44 pm
Speedgame: Seiken Densetsu 3
Estimate: 6:00:00
Category: any%, Archdemon story. (maybe I can race with Jenja or Yaga?)
Description: Werewolf punching stuff for 6 hours, backed up by the ladies.
Incentives: - To Honk or not to Honk bid war.
                  - Naming the three characters (if people would like me to use english patch)
                  - Maybe if someone can do it, we could get the classic Carlie death counter incentive.

Speedgame: Rockman & Forte
Estimate: 1:00:00 (50:00 if I get better in the coming weeks)
Category: any% Forte
Description: Jump and shoot, zips, cool tricks. If tonic were to run it I can back out.
Incentives: If someone wants to run any% Rockman, a bid war between the two could be a thing.
I have the same deuce con issue

Game: Final Fantasy 6
Category: any% w/sketch
Estimate: 4:10
Info: suplex a train, watch cutscenes, let sketch destroy the game
Donation Incentives: character names, train suplex, demon chocobo, palette swaps, merchant locke (basically same stuff as RPGLB is available)

I'm happy to race any of the snes RPGs (4,5,6,MQ) I know if that is something that needs to happen

Availability: Should be open but I believe Friday night or sunday night would be best.
Game: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
Estimate: 2:00:00 (6:00:00)
Category: Ancient Cave Any% (100%)
Info: SNES Roguelike
Donation Incentives: Rename Maxim, Rename Capsule Monster, Capsule Monster choice Bid-War. (works for both categories)

Any% Run PB:
100% Run PB:
Here's my games selection

Silhouette Mirage (Saturn JP)
Estimate ~55-60min
Choice of 4 paths at the end for a donation war, doesn't effect a whole lot other than one path leads to the "good" ending whereas the others do not, still only one of 2 final bosses reguardless of path

Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope (PSX US)
Estimate ~45-55min, 60for "secret" boss incenive &/or credits breaking
Quite similar to the above, with the same 4-way war potential, here there are three final bosses instead of only 2 and a secret boss I could have a save set up for if I fail the requirements (they're fairly tight), as well as having Credits that can be glitched due to the porting job,

Astal (Saturn)
Estimate ~30min
Short sweet platformer starts out as nearly an autoscroller if I'm playing right, with late-game RNG shenanigans, no real incentives here though.

I'd advise only one of the two SilMirs, US is the faster run overall because it lags far less and has slightly better load times even on a PSX as opposed to the Slim I ordinarly run on, The two runs are significantly different due to major gameplay changes made by the US porting team in addition to the extras added for the PSX porting lso they could get Sony to License it. If you want gameplay videos I can add Youtube links for my runs, but didn't want to clutter things up too much on the initial post
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osey889: 2015-10-03 09:25:31 pm
Just a post on things to know for runners.
There is a group (named admins for simplicity sake) that are in charge if i myself isn't around to help out. Please don't bother them until the marathon as i am the one to speak to regarding anything prior to the marathon.

These admins are Vulajin, StingerPA, Aleck47, Freddeh, and Wyrmtalon.

This is just here for that in the future you will now know who to speak to. More admins could be possibly added as necessary but please don't start posting to offer to be one, i am trusting these guys because i've worked with them in the past and would like to keep it with trusted friends. i ask that you respect that choice. Mind that Admins aren't just MODs for chat.

thank you.
Game: Mega Man Battle Network 1
Category: any%
Estimate: 1:40:00
Info: Action RPG with unique combat system and deck building. Not much jumping, but plenty of shooting. Also, all the RNG in the entire game is manipulated.

New route video: