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DS Dictator
Possibly a little project I'm going to try and make sometime in the future:
A series of articles on how to play imported games.

Main Consoles

4 or 5 links

Cyan text = I know the solutions.
Yellow text = I need some support/research on these.
Red text = pretty much impossible... for now

* Nintendo consoles  [NES/SNES/N64/GC/Wii/WiiU

* Nintendo Handhelds [GB/GBC/GBA/DS/3DS*]

* Sega Consoles [SMS/Gens/Saturn/DC]  (Common consoles, so Sega-1000 does not count)

* Sega Portables  [Game Gear/Nomad]
* Sony Consoles [PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4]

* Sony Handhelds  [PSP/PSV]

* Microsoft [Xbox/360**/ONE]

* 3DS region bypass is limited to either
A) the internet browser exploit called RegionTHREE supporting firmwares 4.0 to 9.5.0-22
B) Cubic Ninja's infamous QR code exploit which had a new use recently and it enables region bypassing, this method is compatible to NEW3DS models and it is called RegionFOUR for both firmware 9.2 and 9.7
Despite the awesome exploit not every import is compatible, as some don't even work properly.

** Not every Xbox 360 game is region free, not a huge problem as the majorty of the games out in America are also out in Europe.
Unless it is an obscure Japan region only must have game that is in the same league as Metal Wolf Chaos.
Or the game got banned in a certain country like Gears of War did in Germany.
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Fucking Weeaboo
For PS2 there's Swap Magic (2 discs, 1 for CD games 1 for DVD games). You'll use this with a slide tool (for Phats) or a set of small plastic pieces to hold a few specific spots in (for slims). This is only for PS2 games.

If you want to do PS1 games, you need FreeMcBoot and psxlauncher.elf. This won't work on a PS2-9xxxx (Sony fixed the exploit needed.)
Installing FreeMcBoot:

PS1 games can be done on either a PS1 or a PS2 using Breaker Pro. I'm pretty sure they need the same hardware switch methods when swapping discs.
For the Saturn you can just use an Action Replay RAM cartridge. It bypasses regions 100%. I have a Jap saturn and it plays every single one of my PAL and NTSC games at 60 Hz.

For Dreamcast you can use a Utopia boot disc for imports. DC will play the original speed, so ntsc games will run in ntsc 60hz on a PAL console. This only works with specific models of the DC though. I believe ALL PAL DC's are 'region unlockable' with this.
The latest produced american models had a fix that doesn't let you read burned CDs afaik.
DS Dictator
Updated Nintendo consoles, Sega Consoles and Sony Consoles with power supply safety when connecting an official PAL released plug to a NTSC machine.
Four legs good, two legs bad.
Thanks for the PS2 info.
DS Dictator
Updated the homepage of the knowledge base to include a link on bypassing region lock!