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Bugdom 2 (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Newtmanking'!
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Bugdom 2 (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Dragon Power Supreme
A/V checks out (IQ at least, please!)

The run itself is very well done. The runner makes use of what appears to be collision bugs to go Out of Bounds (and back In Bounds where needed) and does it on every level where it's applicable. Every level effectively becomes a beeline to the finish or to the Out of Bounds point (and then back in if needed). Levels where the player flies or slides or needs to kill ticks/fleas, he does so pretty well. The runner clearly did the research required to make a well executed run.

The run is not without errors. The minor ones include getting damaged in the sewer (got clipped, bad luck) and with frogs and a dragonfly. The frogs could have been avoided better but the dragonfly was slightly too much in the way to avoid. These mistakes amount to maybe 3-4 seconds at most.

The only true mistake in this run is in the second level, where the runner tries to get in bounds for a long time, and the game is absolutely refusing to clip him back in. When comparing this run and the current run on the site, the current run almost instantly clips back into the level. The difference is where both runners try and clip back from and is summed up as such:

The runner goes from here, which shows the insta-clip

The runner goes from here, which is too much to the left:

Runner gets pissed off, goes more to the left:

Tries this angle:

And eventually succeeds from that angle for an insta-clip into the level:

Comparing timing on both runs, the submitted run wins by a good margin. Here are the rough timings (in seconds):
Level 1: +2.7
Level 2: -10 (also loses a couple of seconds right at the end due to a bad jump)
Level 3: +22 (considerably better at beating the fleas and ticks, does not waste time chasing butterflies and does not get hit)
Level 4: +1.8 (sewer pipe level)
Level 5: +0.9
Level 6: +4.7 (clips faster OoB)
Level 7: +0.9 (half-pipeish in the forest - there's a forced pinecone hit in this game)
Level 8: +14.3 (old run has trouble clipping back in, messes up putting a wheel back on the airplane and has some bad luck with enemies)
Level 9: +13.9 (old run misses three anthills on first bombing runs, uses a different route, but gets hit once or twice less than this run)
Level 10: + 45.3 (submitted run uses a brand new OoB skip that the old one did not know about. The old run went the full way and jumped above 3 closed gates that otherwise have their own missions)

The only other improvement I can see is in level 8, where the old run kicked one of the wheels to be closer to the airplane. Saves 1-2 seconds at most.

As seen above, this amounts to a whopping 1:35 minutes improvement over the old run, and can go at least 10 seconds faster. I think these clipping tricks are harder than they look, especially since some do take a good while to happen, so I'm being more lenient on those except for the one in level 2.

NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
And not a mouse saved...

Faster than old run, had some minor mistakes that are noted in fuller extent in IsraeliRD's post, but nothing discrediting enough here to warrant a disapproval.
AV looks and sounds as good as I'd expect with a game of this caliber.  It seemed to be an enjoyable enough watch to boot.

Decision posted.