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LotBlind: 2015-08-02 01:10:05 pm
I can see that my watchlist page has "e-mail notifications enabled" and I'm subscribed to 15 different game pages, including some I started myself but I don't think I've ever received an actual notification when changes have been made. This includes stuff that came months ago. Are others experiencing this problem?

I should note I also don't have any of the "hide" options selected, and have selected "show all" and I still only see a part of them even on the watchlist itself.

Case in point: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/index.php?title=Rogue_Legacy/Game_Mechanics_and_Glitches&action=history
This shows the page that I started had several edits by another author but I can't even see them in the watchlist.
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nate: 2015-08-02 02:21:27 pm
think i found the bug.

is email notification working now?
we're testing it now!

BTW there's also a bug that gives me (and confirmed with someone else) "loss of session data" after the first time you click on save changes. Second time it always works. It's not a time-out cause it can happen straight away.
i got the repro on the "loss of session data" once but not again. seems to require more than just logging out and back in. let me know if you can get a consistent repro and i will continue to diagnose. thanks.
The notification was sent! Though because it's just a random gmail address it got spam filtered. I've never seen them in the junk folder before so I'm sure it was the fix. The new update was also added onto the watchlist correctly.

I think it's the sdakb_session cookie that's to blame for the other bug. It's not being sent out early enough? Remove it to repro.
i changed the from address for notifications to "noreply@speeddemosarchive.com". does this keep it out of spam?
It didn't work it seems.
didn't keep it out of spam or didn't send the email?
Didn't keep out of spam.
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nate: 2015-08-07 02:26:18 pm
bleh. not sure how to get around that since the server sending it is in fact authorized to send for speeddemosarchive.com.

still working on "loss of session data".
Well at least they're being sent... Maybe include a warning around where you make your settings for notifications?
"loss of session data" should be fixed now. let me know.
Yes! Works! Brilliant! Here, have a... cookie.