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Speed > Safety
It's actually pretty nice seeing interest in this game still. It's on my list (a rather long list, unfortunately) of games I want to TAS. In fact, it's been on my list since I found ShortCircuit's stream forever ago, but I'm finally narrowing that list down a bit. Either way, that time is pretty impressive, definitely going to go dig around it for routing/tech notes. Thanks for posting it Deuceler.
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Berris: 2016-01-14 10:06:33 pm
Running Brave Fencer Musashi
So... I got a new PB (02:40:46)  with the new route and it is amazing the amount of time that it saves (especially on JAP version).
Here is my video of the run:

And here are my thoughts of how it went:
-First try L-jump
-Steamwood in one cycle
-Got the tie at the climbimg race
-Decent skullpion fight
-First try misteria warp
-No pixel perfect jump before "batjump" and also no "batjump"
-Decent early church and decent bell jump
-Bad relic keeper fight
-Third try slug skip
-Bad slug clip after kojiro
-Decent Ice palace and "NO ice beam frost dragon" (btw I don't know if is really worth it to assimilate D-kick)
-Bad town movement before wind scroll
-Decent ant nest and decent ant queen fight
-Good sky scroll
-Decent Ben fight, bad Ed fight
-Before Topo at the laboratory I got "Real-life%" so that cost me my S-revive and 1 minute or even more
-Good Dance or Die obviously
-Really good Tower of death
-Before dark lumina 2 I had problems trying to trigger the dialogue with the princess
-Perfect dark lumina 2
-Terrible dark lumina finale

Running Brave Fencer Musashi
This thread has not been updated in a while, but now is the right moment to do that. because of the new tech that has been found.

Multiple Jumping (infinite double jump):

To do the trick you need to pause the game after doing a double jump, then you change scrolls and when you exit the menu, you will have another jump. There is a delay for your next jump, so the timing is really tight. Specially if you want to gain/mantain your height.

Here are some videos that I made about the new tech:

Here is how to get to the frost dragon without the L-shoes (TAS recommended, extremely hard):

The only good thing about doing the palace without L-shoes, is that you don't need to get the L-Goggles in your run. So you will save time.

This trick is really game breaking and the applications for the trick are endless.
XP bonus values:
100 Body
32 Mind
24 Fusion
32 Lumina

Relic Keeper
160 Body
40 Mind
48 Fusion
64 Lumina

240 Body

Frost Dragon
240 Body
48 Mind
72 fusion
96 Lumina

Queen Ant
320 Body
64 Mind
96 Fusion
128 Lumina

All crests give 50 Lumina xp.
If you get a Strike during the bowling minigame, you get 100 xp in everything.

If you level up, the remainder is wasted. The WR loses kind of a lot of xp this way, so we might be able to get a few extra levels very cheaply by optimizing the route for it, which should save time overall by making Kojiro and Queen Ant faster.
I've been looking into speed running and this is the game I chose. I need help to as there are no tutorials on YouTube for this game
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Deuceler: 2016-11-21 04:33:47 pm
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
There's a ton of info on the game in this thread and I have some tutorials that are private on my YouTube.
I recommend playing through the game and watching runs to get a feel for the route / movement. The last chapter is rough if you come in with no experience.

VHGS - That's a really good observation with losing the remainder of the experience. Time to test some things.....
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vhgs: 2017-01-15 08:42:21 am
vhgs: 2017-01-15 06:20:49 am
vhgs: 2017-01-15 05:35:17 am

The jump from the balcony to the boss door is still hard, but this part is super free this way.

e: Also, I don't think you can skip the gondola cutscene in chapter 5 by flying out of bounds this way. The loading zone doesn't seem to exist. And actually, there aren't any other places we go in the route where we have double jump, there is a pole/tree, and it would be useful to fly.

edit again: Wait no, you CAN fly OOB and get to the loading zone for the restaurant after grabbing the Water Scroll, instead of going to the inn and sleeping. The amount of time saved depends on how much sleeping you needed to do, but it should always be faster.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Just to keep things moving in here, the route has received a major boost with all the tricks and strats discovered over the last year or so - the community is more active than ever. Currently we know of a few tricks that aren't being implemented due to the risk involved, but hopefully they'll be included soon! When I get a sub 2h30 minute run I'll be submitting it here to try and update Sh0rt's run. If you're interested in the run I'll try to keep this forum as up to date as possible but keep your eyes on !
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Updating once again, a completely new route was discovered at the end of last year and the record is now 2:11:01 by Berris ! I will update with some new videos and notes once I've compiled them. I also got the Any% run accepted to RPGLB this year, so tune in if you'd like to see it done live!
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
4 years later and another update to the game - The record is now Sub 2 hours and the new sequence breaks and glitches involved are awesome. There are currently two runners with a sub 2 hour time (zachary with a 1:59:33 and GanMa with a 1:59:48.) The IGT for both is 1h49m 00s.

You can see the current WR here:
Formerly known as Skullboy
I'll be watching that WR soon. Thanks for letting us know. I remember the old 4:06 run.
Formerly known as Skullboy
I just watched the 1:59:33. That was really good. I see that the time has lowered again already.
any expert here that told me how let musashi grown a moustache (for chief gravie)? i can't find information about that and that's making me crazy (i apologize for my english, greetings from argentina)