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Agreed, though I just re-read your previous post and, the splits I posted use the skips 'n such. I don't remember the run very well and forgot to save the broadcast, but I'm sure there were some crappy mistakes in there. Probably didn't get Misteria Warp, or Bat Jump. More than likely fudged the early Vest jump as well. I know for sure I had a crappy Trollpion in there.
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Oh I got ya! I can't download them until Thursday cause I'm at work, but that makes sense. I'll just gun for those splits then I suppose lol
So minor update. Runner S_berris discovered a small skip in which you skip bringing the Church Bell back to the Priest. It seems like it's a relatively easy skip to pull off. My only thoughts are, would it still be a good idea to go ahead and get the early Vest grab? Or would it be smarter to wait until the Water crest was liberated to grab it.

But with this skip, maybe there are other doors we're able to skip in the same fashion. Just seems like this game is getting more and more open to breakage. Cheesy
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Deuceler: 2015-04-25 10:24:18 pm
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Watched it this morning and it's a cool find. I think this opens the possibility to have another major skip in the game and I'll be (hopefully) messing with it tomorrow to try and figure it out.

On a side note Berris and I both PB'd yesterday thumbsup
Very nice! I'll be picking it back up tomorrow as well. Just doing a de-rust run to get my feet wet again.
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The competition is real.
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Twitch is being ridiculous with highlights right now, but found a consistent way to get the water scroll early. This cuts out the need to go to the church and do the bubbles/red vambee sequence. Sh0rt and Berris were there and it will certainly be getting added to runs. +1 for more run killers thumbsup Shout outs to holyangelnyako of course
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2015-04-27 04:37:44 pm
Sh0rtCircuit: 2015-04-27 04:35:54 pm
So, was dicking around, trying to find an even earlier skip for Water Scroll. It was a bust, but it involved the Poison/S-Revive trick and trying to enter the zone going toward the Wind Scroll. I dunno, it still might be possible, but more than likely isn't. The idea was that the water would despawn, allowing for an almost instant Water Scroll get at the beginning of Chapter 3.

None the less, I did happen to find that the Poison/S-Revive trick works for the super jump. If you're in the animation of obtaining the Hop ability, and die to poison during that animation, S-Revive auto-cancels the ability for you. Boom. Instant Super Jump. But hella expensive and not really worth it to pull off.

I DID come across a somewhat easier way to effectively pull off the super jump with the use of the pause menu. Basically pausing on the right frame of the hop, holding X (which puts you in Luminas menu), pressing Triangle to exit Lumina, then pressing Triangle again while mashing Circle nets you a super jump. Kind of takes the guess work out of it, but it's still easy to fuck up. This method does seem to allow the best possible super jump, since I believe it's based on when hop is landing, and how long it has landed for.

Or maybe I'm batshit crazy. Cheesy

EDIT: Oh right, I was always messing with getting Hop to the Water Scroll room...only managed to get it halfway through the T-Intersection before it wore off. If we can get the super jump in that room, then skipping most of Chapter 3 is within reach.

EDIT#2: Forgot that I also tried to get early goggles in Chapter 2. It's impossible without going up Twinpeak, since there is nothing before then that can poison you. :<
Grats to Deuceler for his new PB of 3:15:38. Sorry I missed out on the live stream man, but that first try LBrace and Triple Jump skip though. Cheesy
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Deuceler: 2015-04-29 06:06:39 pm
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Thanks Sh0rt!! I got first try slug skip too if I remember correctly. Lots of improvement yet to be made, I'll be practicing a bunch for the next three weeks at work and then the 6 week grind is real. I'm going to make some tutorial videos for the skips from the way I do them, and make some route notes as well. I'm glad we got a little community going now, hopefully we can get some more people involved too!
Well broke through the old skipless record.  Didn't do early Water Scroll because I didn't know that's a thing we're going to do now.
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Nice run gn! Early water scroll is pretty easy, so no reason not to go for it.

One thing I did wanna mention is that it looks like emulator doesn't produce any lag, maybe it's just the emulator you're using. It's pretty evident during the final tower climb and during some of the Dark Lumina fight. May be something we should look into. I know you mentioned having the game on console anyway, so shouldn't be a problem.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2015-05-01 04:16:22 pm
As far as I know, Xebra is the most accurate out of any emulator I've run for practice. I think there might have been an issue with ToD not loading, but I believe that may have been fixed. Otherwise, load times are accurate to actual console.

As for early Water Scroll...yeah, pretty sure that's gonna be a thing now. I'm personally gonna be a bit ballsy and attempt early goggles, just based on the fact that it skips having to go to Conners for the LBelt and LVest.
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Deuceler: 2015-05-01 04:20:57 pm
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Well it's not even the load times, just the games lag. The load times seem fine but just noticed it when Dark Lumina jumps onto the tower as you're ascending it. On console the lag is unbearable but on emulator it was non existent.

I'll be going for every skip or early item that we have available because that's the point isn't it? I feel like there is so much left to do with this game, it would be a shame to leave it dormant like it was for so many years.

Did you ever get early goggles to work Sh0rt? I was gonna mess with it while I'm at work as well. Only issue I see with early goggles is having to get the money for another S-revive
Early Goggles is possible, JMC and I both pulled it off when HolyAngel first informed me about it. I think there's a specific point you have to fall out of bounds after grabbing it to spawn back on land, though.
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I got ya. I think if it could be grabbed in Chapter 2 it would be worth it but as of now I'm fairly certain the appraiser is open after getting early L-vest. Just more stuff to look into thumbsup
Indeed. I really wanna find a way to skip Steamwood 1. Because fuck Steamwood.
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heh, I can agree. Steamwood is pretty redundant, but where there is a will there is a way. I'm under the suspicion that early goggles could solve that, get L-brace and auto appraise at Twin Peak then head straight to the earth scroll. That's the way it works in my mind anyway. Maybe the game will force you to the steamwood cutscene? Who knows at this point, but I'd love to find out
Early Goggles in Chapter 2 doesn't work...and only because of the fact that there is zip that can poison you before going in to the Mines for Misteria. Unless we can find a way to get poisoned that early on...
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Yeah as far as I know you first time you can get poisoned is after opening the mines. There is a couple theories I've been messing with but nothing that has held any water so far.

I do want to mention it's pretty cool that all the strats are being shared with all runners and no one is being super douche and hiding everything. Obviously we all are gunning for the fastest time but the competition has made me more motivated then I've been in a long time for a game so it's good to see everyone just focused on driving the time down and not being a cool guy. 
Amen to that. Speaking of early goggles though, I forgot how tight the timing is for it. Feels like you have less than a 1 second window to land it right...and if you mess up on the dismount out, you get stuck in a loop of falling in water. Run Killer #...uh, well, I've lost count at this point. XD
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
hehe. Ancient chinese proverb states - "To go fast you must be willing to fuck up" - or something along those lines. I haven't even attempted to get them early yet but will be in the next couple days. Unfortunately I don't have anyway to record or share video while I mess around at work. I really need to try and crack Macho's card game to see if we could make it more reliable......
lol Good luck man, you're gonna need it. JMC and I tried finding a formula that works for Macho...and what we found is that it's straight RNG. I hope you find something we didn't, however.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I've assumed it was straight RNG at this point but it never hurts to look. If that code could be cracked it would be pretty amazing.

I also heard GN talking about some different categories and I've considered some myself. 100% obviously would be a huge pain (but cool) and you'd have to be crazy. I do think an "All Bincho%" could be pretty cool though.......
All Bincho% seems like a good idea. I've always been found of the Mother Minku% I've had brewing in my head. It'd be short, considering the goal is to defeat Mother Minku, but that's also something for us as the community to consider.