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Sh0rtCircuit: 2013-08-21 02:37:42 pm
Yeah, the placement is horribly tricky at best. I tend to use the fusion charge to help with precision, but it's possible to catch it while running, though that happens to be riskier. I did post a Youtube video of the skip in action, and the link in my previous post has a diagram for the exact position of the invisible ledge. On top of that, I think it's also dependent on Musashi's feet. I've noticed that when I successfully pull it off, a bit of dust will pop out under his right foot as he's falling. But that being said, I've also seen that happen with the failed attempts.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Hey guys - extremely excited to see others actually run this game (finally dug through the message boards). My friend, who doesn't stream :/ , and I have been routing this game for a little while - we will continue to do so, hopefully finding some tricks or faster strats to add to those already in place. He doesn't really run, but I do, so I'm hoping we can collab on some new shit! Nice WR sh0rt, let's bring this time down eh?
Was practicing Chapter 6 and discovered what seems like new tech: you can basically one-cycle Ben.

It's possible to hit him with lumina four times when he flies around the room. After he lands, there's time to hit him twice, but unless you're VERY early, the second hit will trigger the cooldown on the counter, and you'll lose damage. It's generally better to just go for one swing there. Then you do the three counters like normal, and just smack him to death after he does the dash attack.

Saves about 15s versus WR.
Nice find vhgs, though my question is how are you keeping pace with his flight path? Or is it as simple as following him around?
Nah, he's quite a bit faster than Musashi, so you get in two at the start and then catch him two more times at the end of his path.

...Wha? godly.

I fear you running this one day. Seriously. lol But thanks for showing me how it's done.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Awesome stuff vhgs!

This game is officially broken now, as shown here. Really, REALLY big thanks to holyangelnyako for posting this video, and then sending the link to me over Twitch. This is like, the best morning ever. It's like Christmas, but 100x better.

So, plans for a completely new route are already in the works. With any sort of luck, this may be about a 2 hour run now.
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vhgs: 2014-03-01 09:32:41 am
Hot damn! I knew the ability to jump slightly higher would open up a bunch of skips, but this is an even better route than I imagined. I did not expect to be able to skip a boss entirely. It didn't even occur to me that going back to an earlier chapter after killing Frost Dragon would let you get past the steam blocking the wind scroll.

It seems like the way the hop glitch works is that jumping at the same time as you cancel it lets you add the speed to your jump. As far as I can tell, the trick is to hit X+O as low to the ground as possible, since Musashi will be moving faster at that point, and you have to be on the ground to jump in the first place.

I was able to clear the church fence pretty easily. I haven't gotten to try the L-brace jump yet, but you can get pretty close without any tricks, so it doesn't look like it takes any more jump power than I'm getting, just precise movement so it isn't wasted. We'll see, though.
Well, I streamed last night and the guy that posted the video happened to pop in. JMC and I were still stumped at how the jump worked, but he helped clear up some stuff for us.

Essentially, during the hop ability, you want to be holding down X (to be noted, you never let go of X). Cancelling the ability is where it gets tricky, as you have to cancel it when white smoke comes out from beneath Musashi, but also on the downward path of the Hop. Most often times, you'll get the SFX from hop, but you won't bounce up.

Continuing to hold X, if you cancelled successfully, simply walk off of a ledge and you should automatically jump. Very sneaky...and I have no idea how this guy found this glitch, but it works. It seems to be easier to do in the Japanese version, but it's very much possible in the NA version.
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vhgs: 2014-03-01 09:57:53 am
Ah, okay, so it isn't actually possible to get into position back there before hop runs out. That simplifies things.
lol You wouldn't think so from the video any way. Also, what boss are you assuming we skip? Technically speaking, the route will still call for all of the major fights. It's possible to skip the Church fight, using the posion+S-Revive triple jump. But that is extremely risky. Not to mention that, in theory, since you don't level Lumina in that fight if skipped, you end up spending more time on later bosses, like Ant Queen, Ben and Ed.

But from what I do know, we're able to skip Gondola Gizmo, Village on Fire and Steamwood Pt2. I've sent the guy a message asking if there's a similar door clip at Frozen Palace for the large door that requires the 3 eyes. If it's possible, then all Frozen Palace will consist of is clipping the Blue door, grabbing the shoes and then clipping the large door.
I was thinking you could skip Relic Keeper, but I forgot that you need to use the water crest to get the fire scroll.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2014-03-01 10:12:08 am
Yeah, I had that thought as well. Unfortunate, as it would have been cool to do. At the very least, all this new stuff shaves off a good 30 minutes, or somewhere around that at least.

I already know that Chapter 2 is about 13 minutes faster.
OK, the bell doesn't have to be falling off the ledge to make the jump to the vest. It's a little bit slower that way, but the area where you can successfully do the trick is fairly forgiving I think.

So yeah, it looks we're able to skip a nice big chunk of Chapter 2, and everything in Chapters 4 and 5 except the dungeons, basically. Looking at splits, that's like 30-40 minutes of stuff in real time, minus the few minutes of goofing around we do for the tricks.

Also, no more Leno luck. Thank fuck for that.
Yeah, the early Vest trick doesn't require the Bell to fall. I think he just did that to show off a bit. But it does keep you from having to throw the Bell back, so it may be viable if we're able to pull it off consistently.

Skipping that chunk of Chapter 2 is nice, fuck Leno. I know your feels. lol But it cuts out the old money route. We've got one of two options now. First one is farming appraised items. Second one is playing against Macho for 6 rounds. Macho, for the moment, seems like the better option since it can be done fairly early on in the run. But RNG is a huge issue with him, so that makes it risky. Farming items is safer, but would definitely eat up some time.

I'm sitting down tomorrow and working out a definitive route, or one that's close to definitive any way. Since farming items should be more consistent than Macho, I'll focus on that bit for the route and go from there.
So, we have a new end game timer of 2:30 (on the save file). RTA was 2:56:xx.
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Deuceler: 2015-04-07 08:04:15 am
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
So I've been picking this game up and doing some RTA stuff. I figured since there wasn't a real time video that I would do it. You can watch it here. I'll be streaming this game for awhile and will be doing runs as much as possible.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Finished my first run with 4:08:44 RTA - had loads of huge mistakes as to be expected from a first run. Glad I got it out of the way and can continue to try and lower the time.

I also started a leaderboard on for the game and plan on getting some resources there once I get more things hashed out.
I'm trying to get the slug skip down in a consistent way.  I don't know if it's all about canceling hop and jumping at the right time or if you need to do that at a specific spot on the slug.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
It's a little bit of both - need to make sure you have the correct height + correct positioning.

I also wanted to bring up the possibility of using real time as opposed to IGT. Seems to me that there is a few people running now and Real time is far more accurate, if we stick with IGT any death basically doesn't matter (assuming the runner is using safety saves etc.) If someone can give me a valid reason to stick with IGT that's cool but I don't see any reason to use it.
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Sh0rtCircuit: 2015-04-20 03:00:22 pm
Sounds fine, honestly. At least RTA can stop on the final hit on Finale Lumina. Yep, 100% okay with RTA.

Also, my PB splits, and WR splits...since I'm not aware of any run out there that's faster.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
You currently have the fastest run still, and my goal for now is to beat that run by 30+ minutes to account for the new skips. I feel like it would be weak to not shoot for that. I'll have to incorporate those splits into mine for a comparison. Still got a long way to go with the game to catch up but glad to see you're still alive and kickin thumbsup
30+? lol That's crazy talk sir, but I'd be interested to see if shaving anoher 30+ off would be possible. I think right now, there's still another 10 or 15 minutes I can take off with better luck.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I believe with good execution on the skips and some of the boss strategies it's possible. That's just an estimation of course, but I'm willing to give it a shot! As with all runs I'm just interested to see how low it can go