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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Hello everyone this is my first post here and I just wanted to see why nobody has done a run of Brave Fencer Musashi?  It has been a while since I have played this game, but I remember having a lot of fun playing it.  Maybe if I can find my copy of the game, I will look into it but maybe there is something that I am not remembering (like the game is just too long?).  Discuss.
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secret of mana master.
hey, thats my game. i mightdo the speed run 100% cause i am very good at this game and its one of my all time favorite square-soft games.

unless someone else does this i can help out too ya-know.
We deal in lead.
Hehe, I played this game. Pretty crazy.

I can't really offer any speedrun tips, but good luck with the run! I'll definently watch it. =D
Yoshi's eggs are at my mercy!
I'd definitely be interested in seeing the speedrun. This game was on my list of forgotten gems to get via eBay.

Though I heard otherwise about the PS2 sequel. Good luck!
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meikyokan67: 2007-01-18 02:27:56 am
Brave...Fencer...Musashi... great game, or GREATEST game?
If you have any questions, post them.  I'd love to see a run of this.

EDIT: I just looked at my 100% end-game file.  15:55.
You have to go through the final area twice to get 100%, though.  My first end-game file is 14:03.  I don't think you need to save everyone to beat the game, so that would cut down on a lot of backtracking.  I do know you need all the legendary items, minus the cloth.  I also tend to leave the game paused for long periods of time, so I'm sure sub-7 is doable. 
I feel actually play it right now to see what I can get.  Cheesy
secret of mana master.
i could of sworn i beat the game at 5-6 hours 100%. the last time i check.

i always beat this game 100% all the time. so i will do it again later.
Major BFM player here. Shocked I don't have the equipment to record, but I did a couple practice runs a couple years ago.  I was making sub-4 hours my goal, and got 4:32 on my second try.

I was going mostly for speed--taking a little time to pick up a few sword techniques, like the ever-so-helpful Rumparoni--skipped the berries, and aside from the one holding the dude who teaches you Rumparoni, I only broke the Bincho Fields needed to finish the game(the four dudes who help you fight the first crest guardian, the carpenters, the mercenaries, etc.), but I can't recall if I got the blacksmith or not(he's hardly even out of the way at all, so I might've).  I also didn't do it all in one go, but I'm pretty sure this could be done single-segment in four-some hours... maybe sub-four, I wouldn't doubt it.

To those who consistently get 100% completion on this game, I have to ask: do the special toys(like the Jon and Leno doll) show up randomly?  For all these years I'm pretty sure they are, so even if you were to beat the game over and over with everything else gotten, you have to wait for the game to give it to you, pretty much.  I only have 2 saves that are 100%(with the pink Fin titles on them).  Unless you're defining 100% completion by some other criteria not set by the game itself?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I enjoy this game a lot.  It's too bad I can never get passed the first quarter of the game. :3

I can only ever get passed the starting parts, and that's it. ;3

A Speed Run would help me beat the game. ^^
I did some research (read: GameFaqs) on the last set of toys, and I honestly don't remember having any trouble with them.  I just beat the game once and bought them.  No 'one chest theory' or anything.  I have all the toys on my first end-game file, and my stats aren't maxed, either.  Or maybe I just got lucky?  Tongue
If this is true, then I guess we should define 100% as 'all victims saved, all berries, all techniques learned, all legendary items.'
Yeah, you just got lucky. Tongue Most people have to beat the game repeatedly to get all the toys to show up, if they ever do.  It's a given that you can't have ALL the legendary items, as the L. Cloth can only be made into one of two things.  I suggest going with the Gloves, because the blanket would just waste time, and is useless in the last dungeon.

Personal preference, but I think a run aiming more for speed than completion, like the sub-5/sub-4 stuff I talked about doing, would be better to submit here.  Besides, to get official 100% completion, you'd have to be at level 30, maxed out.  And grinding for Mind takes FOREVER.  Plus, if you plan, practice, and know what you're doing, you don't need to get all the berries, or just skip 'em all entirely--I didn't have trouble damage-wise until the fights in Soda Fountain.
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meikyokan67: 2007-03-12 11:23:46 pm
Well, it's been two months.  Is anyone thinking about running this?  If all else fails, I might do it *dread*, but it won't happen for another couple of weeks at least.
Another great Squaresoft game I should pick up... Good call. And good luck with the run =]
Frisbee Grenadier
Oh, out of all the potential Playstation One games people could speedrun, no one has attempted this yet?
Probably because it took me 6 hours to clear it the second time through on an emulator with savestates and cheats to max everything...
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Reagle: 2007-06-18 05:40:16 pm
It would be a very entertaining speed run, but it is a kinda long game, so yeah, it'd be a hard one to attempt. Still, I'd love to see it.
I did sub-5 hours on my second practice run.  The game isn't actually that long at all, and can be finished in even less--it all depends on how good you are at dodging/blocking, and to a slightly lesser extent, attacking fluidly with the swords/abilities.  Though I don't have the means to record, it was segmented (as in I saved and took breaks between chapters/before one or two trouble spots), but can definitely be faster overall if done single-segment.

If you can avoid taking hits like the fat kid in dodgeball and follow a planned-out course, it's very doable.
I wasn't going to bump up this thread until the final segment, but since someone already bumped it up, I might as well update.

I'm on the final chapter, about to head towards Soda Fountain. With the last save, I have a time of 3:20.
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JRL: 2007-08-24 03:17:26 am
Nice! Wink Good to see you're making more awesome runs.
Are you familiar with this game? It's a fun game that if you're bored with other games, you can always pick this up and play it, and it will be fun. The storyline is hilarious too, especially the way many of the characters, places and such are named.

I think I found a new strategy against Ben other than Rumparoni him to death. This strategy is actually using one of Musashi's counters, and each time he hits, it usually takes a large chunk of HP from Ben. On a low-level speedrun, Ben is usually the hardest boss to have a fast fight with. Usually, it takes me 5 rounds if I'm lucky and get some criticals on him (that's even with the L-glove), however, this took only 3 rounds to beat him.

Ed, I'm going to have to find a new strategy for, since I didn't level up Fusion enough against Queen Ant. I might just use Norm on him, as it takes more than Rumparoni. Also, since I used Lumina more against Queen Ant, it got to a level of 14.

The rest is smooth sailing after that. Just got to wish for luck against Death Tower. Dark Lumina 2 is taken down way too easily with Rumparoni (perhaps one of the easiest fights in the game), and Dark Lumina 3 shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
...against Ben other than Rumparoni him to death.

Cheesy Sorry JRL, but that's not what I meant. Diss Sir Rumparoni again and he'll Rumparoni you to death :D. I mean, you'll just have to see how his technique takes down Dark Lumina 2 with no problem.

Oh, and yes, I did finish it today. Finished Ben in two rounds. Ed, well, there's no other way to quickly finish him off. Topo decides to be the Drama Queen when Musashi shows her how to really play DDR. Death Tower didn't have a chance since it decided to act stupid. Dark Lumina was easily sealed within Lumina again. And peace was thus Rumparoni'ed back in Allucaneet Kingdom.

And thus, comments are now being typed.
Yay! You found verifiers? *don't mention them!*
I haven't submitted it yet.
Oh. Hope to see it up though!
It's interesting that I'm even pleased with it. Especially the final segment.