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Nice PB Funcannon!

To the Eye to Eye oob
This way should be even faster in your route  like 10-20s but requires 2 grenade jumps
The first cycle (20s) would be optimal i guess but it is damn hard to hit the second jump
On the second cycle is a backup strat if the jump failed
@Funcannon, congrats on the pb! In Concordia you can save&quit as soon as you push the elevator button to the Meriff.
I don't know if you guys saw this, but this video made me wonder if a loyalty bonus weapon usage would be legal/possible/viable for NG speedruns

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Fragmaster01: 2014-10-26 05:24:28 am
Wiggle wiggle
Good stuff, Funcannon. I was going to suggest things now that I've gotten through the game, but you already did everything I was going to suggest. The speed at which you people figure out the game is silly.

EDIT: I do have one. Once you're finished with the last bit of Darksiders grinding, you can nip back to Concordia for a Moxxtail(and a last check of the weapon machines), since you don't save/quit warp anytime past then. Speeds up the last few bosses, and makes RK5 safer.
Farming the loyalty bonuses could be a good method of getting a good corrosive weapon, though it's still better if you can find something lying around instead.

Anyway, posting this here for reference's sake:

This is Bahroo's Inf Ammo glitch. It only gives you inf ammo for using a vladof launcher, and you need to swap weapons between shots so the fire rate is poor. As he points out in the video, it's probably not viable in most cases as a means of doing damage fast. But again, good to know as a backup strat in a nasty situation.

I'm travelling at the moment, but when I get back I'm going to do a run where I attempt a save&quit at every opportunity, hopefully this should tell us once and for all where all the time-saving ones are.
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TheFuncannon: 2014-10-26 07:20:36 pm
Blackwayv and I ventured into Co-Op speedruns, and it's (unsurprisingly) faster than solo. 3:22:54. Plenty of time left in the run, and different quest strats completely cut out the Darksiders farm.

Also, the infinite ammo is something that was available in Borderlands 2 and was known.
I wonder if someone did an in depth testing with this inf ammo, specifically trying to use Nisha's "gunzerk" glitch. I have the feeling something might happen with this combination.
Speed > Safety
Bahroo and I spent a good 40-60 minutes messing with ideas, and he's probably spent much longer. The end result was not really anything more than the glitch shown in that video. I think eventually something might come out of it, but it's going to be "more complex" than just the basic ideas I'd imagine. That or we just happened to miss something stupidly simple, which is also possible.
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Filly_Vinyl: 2014-10-27 04:52:00 pm

I had an interesting glitch with Zarpedon, where she essentially got a part of herself stuck in a wall during phase 2 and didn't move the entire fight.

Her jumping out of bounds is probably faster still, but this could be replicated a little easier, maybe?
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TheFuncannon: 2014-10-28 01:29:45 pm
TheFuncannon: 2014-10-27 11:38:03 pm
Okay. I found infinite ammo with the "gunzerking" glitch. All you have to do is get a vladof launcher into your off hand, and set it to the free shot. You can now fire the main hand weapon infinitely, and you can pick up a new weapon and switch between them. The only weapons this doesn't seem to work on are pistols, and any other vladof fired will remove the glitch just like in later patches of BL2. And obviously this is 25+ so no use to NG yet.


Here is the video of said glitch
Awesome, it seems that UVHM will be a really fast category
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Commandant: 2014-10-31 12:25:37 am
For anyone who cares, I made some notes.  They are still in development, but this is what I made tonight.  As strats develop I'll edit 'em.  I plan on making the notes prettier later on.

Here is the Commandant version:

Here is the boring version:

I'm not much help finding the routes and skips, but I can document stuff.  Please let me know what needs to be updated.  I would like this to be kinda helpful to new runners and even veteran runners.  If you know who found a skip or helped develop a route, let me know so I can give credit.  If you have any youtube videos of the skips, give me a link to add to the paste.  If you need to contact me about this, this forum will do, or you can find my contact info in the FAQ in the paste.

That being said.  I'm alright with copying and pasting it.  Edit as much as you like.

Anyways, thanks for all the hard work.  I'll start running soon.

Edit: I do plan on making a much more detailed paste of notes. Just not right now.
So I (and Funcannon too, I think) want to start doing races. We've decided we're going to do one tomorrow (Sunday 2nd Nov.) at 7pm GMT. We're going to use the first one to see how many are interested, and if there is enough we'll likely make it a weekly thing. No idea how we're going to organise this just yet, so I'll just say if you are interested in joining just PM me on Twitch (Filly_Vinyl) letting me know, and be ready on time. (There will be a better way of organising it in the future). We'll probably be in a Skype call together if you're interested, but this is of course entirely optional. Please do also let me know if you'll be interested in joining future ones, but can't make the first one, as that will dictate whether we do weekly ones or not. Hopefully it all goes well!
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TheFuncannon: 2014-11-02 02:32:15 pm
Alright, I've got a new route change that I'm going to implement, though this might end up being a bit of an annoying one. Basically, it's going to be skipping the entire darksiders farm, and just relying directly on getting a strong weapon. If you get a corrosive mining laser, or a corrosive vladof/dahl sniper before RK5 then you will just go on to fight him at level 20. If you get neither, then you will just farm the triton flats vendor until you get something adequate.

In the fight you need to focus as many of exploding crit points as possible in order to kill him fast enough.

Unfortunately, this is adding a massive RNG point 2-3 hours into the run, but it's faster by far if you manage to get the weapons.

This is completely optional for those having trouble in the fight. It's a couple minutes that's only going to be useful when pushing sub 3 in my opinion.
Hey Guys,

so I think I have some updates on the Opha-Buck-up Glitch. You don't have to go into fight-for-your-life to trigger it.

You need to wait until the Putti starts healing the Opha and then just get close to them with your shield depleted. I tested this like 20 times now and it always worked.

Here is a video in which you can see that I fail to get the glitch at first because I'm not close enough. But at minute 3:00 you see that i get the glitch as soon as my shield goes to 0.

I hope this helps. Also please let me know if you think I missed something. We'll figure this out eventually Cheesy
Just to add to Funcannon's gun farm strat, if you want to play it a lot safer (but take up more time) you can farm for a corrosive mining laser in the Infinite Loop quest, by alt+f4'ing before accepting the laser, until you get a corrosive. This is a fair amount slower, but the corrosive mining laser is too good against RK5.
Heyho, I'm new in this Forum, but I also want to speedrun this game and just saw this post und tried start speedrunning today. First of all: Great work guys and very nice PB TheFunCannon!
(I'm german, so, sorry for my bad english)
Now what I want to ask: What about making sth like a group in whatsapp or in fb or sth where like people like us who are speedrunning this game can discuss about everything we could do better, better strats, sth we could try, and so on.
What do you guys think about that idea?
I'm a gamer.
Alright so I found a new glitch for handsome jack you are able to do this glitch at level 15. I
Discovered this glitch on my xbox360 playing on my handsome jack double and I was on my PhantomSwords profile so I was just messing around with the action skill and the melee override skill in the left part of the skill tree. I was farming the one stalker from science and violence and accidentally did melee override so when jack was in the animation of him about to fire his laser I quickly activated my action skill to stop it but when I did that something happened. It turns out that I activated my laser forever and it would fire while doing damage never stoping or having to cool down I could shoot my guns use my skill and open up menus all at whenever I wanted to and it would keep going. This had caused the two animations to cancel one them out and keep the laser going but never had the animation of it. The laser was real in damage and appearance but not in animation. You can use this laser while your downed running in cars and in everything else. This laser will never go away unless you melee override again or exit out of your game. When you fast travel the lasers appearance will become invisible but still kill it aims where your aim dots are and has perfect accuracy with no recoil. I'm the first person to find this and I wanted to share it to everyone . For you to successfully pull off this glitch you must activate melee override and right before the lasers are fired you activate your digi jacks this was cause the infinite lasers to happen. This glitch can kill very fast and since it an be used at level 15 it might be good in speed runs. I call this the digi laser glitch. I found this on 11/11/14 the day handsome jack came out for xbox.
I have tested this glitch, and it indeed works. TheFuncannon is planning on trying out a Doppelganger speedrun based on this.
After a testing run, I ended up with a 3:09:47 while using this new glitch. All bosses are insanely easy with this active (RK5 is relatively unchanged since the wrist lasers have a range) and the loss of an echo is easily the biggest time loss that Jack experiences over Nisha/Athena.

I also made a highlight really quick of what the glitch looks like when executed correctly and some messing around with it. The timing seems to be activating your action skill right when the lasers begin to fire.

Also, I got sub 3 with Athena tonight, with a time of 2:55:19. All of the most recent strats and routing is present in this run, so please feel free to skim through for anything new.
Hello all. Not a runner, but I had a glitch occur [on the PC version] that I didn't see mentioned in this thread (and may be of use). I was using the Vibra Pulse almost exclusively until I got the E-Gun. After replacing the VP with the E-Gun, I noticed enemies nowhere near my beam were dying. It would seem that the "chain lightning" effect from the Vibra Pulse had been transferred to the E-Gun. It lasted the entirety of my playthrough, through deaths (although I did NOT save and quit at any point). I should point out that the graphical glitch of the Vibra Pulse (the occasional eternal lightning graphic) was occurring when firing the E-Gun as well (as well as when I was firing the cannon in the "Don't Get Cocky" quest!) The graphical glitch seemed entirely unrelated to the real damage being dispersed away from the E-Gun beam by seemingly invisible chain lightning. Sadly, I have no idea how it happened nor have I been able to recreate it. The only factor I know for sure is that I replaced the VP weapon slot with the E-Gun directly. I have no idea if a type of weapon stacking was the culprit. Still, figured I'd post it here just in case.
You can ram the "8008" door with a car to open it. It doesn't save any time but I thought that was interesting.

So I found another little timesave at the veins of helios. You don't actually have to trigger the first door. Instead you jump right ontop of the building and trigger the door on the other side.
Here's a video of the skip. Just so you know what I'm talking about
Sooo.... yeah. 2:45:47

I'm pretty much as happy with that as I can be. 3 minutes from my sum of best, gold RK5, gold Sentinel. almost a 10 minute PB.
A few new strats, and good dialogue skipping helped as well.

The New skip in Titan Production is here:

You just go over the door, and trigger felicity's loader like normal and she will clip through the door that doesnt open. Skips a fight that takes a bit of time.

Also you will want to change the sorting in your backpack to [items] for faster and easier dialogue skips.
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TheFuncannon: 2014-11-24 01:09:49 pm
TheFuncannon: 2014-11-24 12:44:06 pm
Also, I have set up a Google doc to start tracking times.

Just contact me with your time and the VOD if you have a time to be added.