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Maxter Max: 2014-10-19 10:11:41 am
On the mission Eye to Eye where you have to destroy the fusion reactors, you can actually hit them through the floor with an explosive weapon and possibly a rocket launcher (or at least one of them). Wilhelms termination protocol can definitely get both through the floor just from the "shocking nearby enemies" effect, death explosion not required. Tested Tediore reloads, and their shocking effect does not seem to target the reactors.

I shoot a few different weapon types at the ceiling just to test them out. Also, hype for completing the side mission of not hitting the wrong ones!
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Maxter Max: 2014-10-19 11:25:16 am
Well this should be a fun one... While fighting Zarpedon after she has exited her powersuit. She jumped away from me and I lost sight of her. Her shield started recharging and got to full. I continued to look around and couldn't find her ... and then cutscene, apparently I had beat her. My only guess is that for some reason she either ended up under the floor, and fell out of the world, or that she jumped off the edge. Luckily I have a save right before the fight, so I might give this a few more goes and see what I can deduce.

EDIT: Yup, there is a quick kill on Zarpedons non powersuit mode. It somewhat relies on rng, but basically if you can get her off the platform, she instantly dies. I guess in my first case, she jumped at Wolf (as I am playing Wilhelm) and just suicided like that. When trying to reproduce it, I would stand on the outside of the platform, and get her to jump at me. I haven't quite had her miss yet, but I have gotten her close enough that a cyborg punch from Wilhelm will knock her off and kill her.

Definitely needs optimizing, but its a start.
Seems like you get her stuck in an infinite pathing loop near the end also.
I noticed that as well. Also when fighting her in her power suit, I noticed that if you stood in melee range she pretty much always uses her sword attack, which you can easily dodge by jumping up and left a bit. There are still other people shooting you, and she does move around to recharge her shield, but it seemed like a relatively safe strategy.

For the quick kill on her second form, I was trying to stand outside of the platform, as there are a couple spots where you can do it and see what would happen, but I lost line of sight to her so wasn't sure if she would jump at me, or just focus on Jack. I also wanted to try jumping off the edge when she lunged at me but I guess I jumped too late so she landed on the edge. For the second one, while she was stuck in her little pathing loop, I wanted to see if I could get her to roll off the edge as not everyone has a cyborg punch, and grenades didn't seem to affect her.

I didn't mess around with it for too long and I will likely return to it later and see what else I can do with it to make it simpler or more reliable, but I wanted to get something posted in case someone else got the urge to work on it.
Alright. I started runs yesterday, and I got it down to 4:46:03 on my second run. I used Nisha on my first and Athena on my second. All in all, Athena feels like she does more damage in the end game and is safer early, while Nisha actually has a huge tanking capability with order and the Opha glitch in Eleseer. They both seem like they will be competitive as long as you get good weapons to deal with RK5 and the Opha Superior.

Glitches we found today: 
- If you level up with order stacks, you actually keep your stacks until you end up changing areas
- This happened to one of our Athena runners in the race with Maelstrom stacks after Zarpadon without leveling up, so it might have other triggers as well.

Strats used:
- I farmed Red Belly until level 11, The turrets until 16, and The darksiders (after zarpedon) until 21. This ended up putting me at 22 for the Sentinel
- For Athena you always want a fire and/or shock weapon. Gwen's Other Head in the Titan Industrial Complex is a VERY good pickup to grab if you can memorize all the spawns. For RK5 you want a high level corrosive (preferably) sniper or smg to hide and do whatever damage you can while strictly not dying. Once you get the Moxxi weapon, you will be using it until the very last boss, which is why you need a non shock weapon with high DPS for the shock phase of the Sentinel.

Now its just time to break it more, and continue to find better strats. Hopefully we can see some sub 4 times some day.
Details on that Maelstorm stack glitch:
Looks like SOMETHING kept procing it at a steady rate for as long as I remained on the map. Note that Maelstorm decays faster the higher it gets, so it makes sense that it'll find an equilibrium (in this case, at 175-180).
It started right when I killed Zarpadon and stopped when I left the map. I didn't die during this time, so who knows if that would've mattered.
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Maxter Max: 2014-10-20 06:16:14 am
Something else I need to look into but will mention should anyone else want to play around with it. For the final bosses second form (the giant head thing). I found I could get very fast kills at level 24 with a level 19 bonus package (longbow sticky) by aiming them at its neck. I don't see why this wouldn't work with other Mirv grenades if you were able to find a sticky one, or one with a 0 fuse time. It sounded like the explosions might have been hitting multiple hit boxes, I am not sure but by aiming for the neck, the child grenades pop out, and upwards straight into the head.

I haven't really played around with this much beyond it being my main way of farming the boss on my first playthrough before entering true vault hunter. You can easily restock on grenades by going to the ammo drop pools that appear around the boss. If you have 0 grenades, then they always seem to spawn 3 more for you.
I don't know whether this is common knowledge, but 02 stations can be activated with a shock attack (gun or butt-slam). I'm not sure how useful that is but it's a neat trick.
As the drop rate for bonus packages on torks and maybe craggons (I believe they are called) is pretty high, it might be worth it to farm those somewhere as it really speeds up mob killing. I will do some testing when I have the time but just throwing the thought out there Cheesy
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Maxter Max: 2014-10-20 01:04:09 pm
Maxter Max: 2014-10-20 01:02:36 pm
I was farming torks for a bonus package on my non speed true vault hunter run, and it took quite some time. But if the experience is needed, maybe, but I don't see why the strategy wouldn't work with a regular mirv grenade, it just so happened I had a bonus package at my disposal. The other thing is that you would either want a sticky prefix, or a 0 fuse time, so not only would you be farming for a bonus package, but a bonus package with one of those two traits.

Also I will add that I was a tad wrong, the ammo drops in the final boss do not always drop 3 grenades for you when you are at 0 grenades. If you are missing enough ammo of another type, then it may give you that instead. If your gun ammo is sufficiently high though, then you will always get grenades from them.
Where were you farming? I was thinking about the entrance to the titan facility, if you have a fire butt slam there you one shot them all really quickly.
Outside the Robot Production Facility (fast travelled there and then transitioned outside). I also tried Outlands Canyon, its a bit lower level of an area, though I had more luck getting the appropriate torks to spawn quickly (and in larger quantities). Its the tork dredgers that drop it (at least in all 7 cases that I got one) not the other ones.
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TheFuncannon: 2014-10-20 04:08:00 pm
Cut another 38 minutes off my time today. 4:07:55

I'm becoming more convinced that Athena is the best character. Using a storm COM seemed to increase my DPS with the Moxxi weapon by a large margin. Also, a sticky longbow BP managed to drop today and it did do plenty of damage to the Sentinel, so getting it will definitely help but may or may not actually save much time if you have to farm it.

Athena also has a huge advantage in the RK5 if you get the good RNG where he comes down to the floor and attacks really close to you. Activating the aspis reduces pretty much all of his damage which would allow you to wail on him with your corrosive weapon. Having multiple weapons might end up being beneficial as a shotgun helps when he's close but a good vladof sniper would probably be better if he doesnt cooperate.

There are a couple quests in the Lunar Launching Station that will offer about 30k experience and can pretty much be done on the way to everything. Namely, "Things That Go Boom" and "Red, Then Dead". These should cut about half of the Darksiders farm out and should take much less time. I will probably test RK5 at 20 though to see if the farming is even worth it as well.
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Maxter Max: 2014-10-20 06:39:22 pm
Maxter Max: 2014-10-20 06:37:13 pm
Not to mention "Red, Then Dead" giving you the chance to get a shooting star roid shield, which from what I have seen is ridiculously over powered.

Also, as I keep seeing responses that seem to focus on the bonus package part of my end boss strat I want to re-state that this might be viable with any mirv grenade, thus if you aren't lucky enough to get a bonus package during the run, I would think you could find a suitable mirv from a vendor. Its on my list of things to test out, though I get distracted from my list fairly often Tongue

I watched a couple parts of both runs.
- For the sentinel the grenade placement looked pretty good.
- At the coolant destruction portion when Zarpedon raises the shield followed by moxxi talking, you can activate the button to raise the first coolant, and either time a grenade after pressing the button, or stat running for the exit, and do a 180 to shoot the coolant from near the doorway instead of waiting for it and then running across the room.
- For shooting the 2nd? Coolant through the floor in your first stream I would say you have to aim closer to the window (there is a light on the flat part of the ceiling I was aiming for in my video). The quest marker is marking the activation panel, not the coolant canisters themselves so that's why. For the 3rd coolant, I didn't have much luck hitting it through the floor with an explosive weapon probably due to the canisters being in a different formation.

Looking good though, definitely a lot better than I could do. What time are you likely to be streaming at? I might tune in to see it live.

EDIT: So I ran a quick test on the sentinel using a level 20 sticky blue rarity mirv I found in the store as the item of the day, and it worked fairly well. Well enough that there is no point farming a bonus package that is for sure.
Good to know. I haven't played around with the coolant yet at all, so I have just been ignoring it until I actually figure it out well enough.

My schedule is typically fairly sporadic, but typically late afternoon to night is when I go live (EST time zone).

Misread the grenade part though I guess. Hopefully farming a longbow mirv isn't a reset point eventually. I guess we'll find out.
Found a new skip up to the aquarium in R&D last night.

Might be a better way eventually, but that gets the job done.
This may be a stupid question, but can we farm Zarpadon instead of darksiders? Or does she not respawn like most bosses?
Could you force her to respawn by quitting after you get xp but before the cutscene or something? Worth looking at.
No Ekim, the way back is blocked off. Not sure about respawning her that way.

Anyway, this happened today.

I seem to have bored the final boss with a Railgun (specifically the Mining Laser, shouldn't be different from a normal Railgun as the mining laser is one, and they pierce enemies)
Doubt it had anything to do with my grenade mod.

Just came up with this little time saver.
Quest: Eye to Eye
Objective: Disable force field power sources

It should save a few minutes i guess.
P.S.: It is possible to skip the force field and zone down to the next area but for now this is a softlock since you can't  get past the laser trap... It's still fun though
ProfessorBroman found a glitch that lets you gunzerk as Nisha

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Blackwayv: 2014-10-22 03:35:05 pm
Abahbob must not have posted his video.

This is a much easier way to do it.

Also, Athena seems to be the best character, because leveling to 25 can take much too long.
Got a skip that should save a good 30 seconds of walking for Kraggon pass.
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ekimekim: 2014-10-23 12:06:51 am
Hmm, I know people were saying that TVHM runs don't make sense because enemies don't scale, so you'd need to mandate a starting level.
But it seems you can trick the engine into a UVHM-style playthrough where all enemies are L50:

Now yes, this is dubious as it involves a save edit, but in lieu of anything better it could make for a fun and interesting run category.
So... route changes are good. Just got a 3:34:11

I used the OoB from Kiwi to great success, along with adding another quest to the farm list. Grab "Infinite Loop" at the same time you grab the other two quests and complete it for the mining laser.
This weapon is great against RK5 (especially when corrosive) and Blackwayv's B0re-esque glitch seems to work with it sometimes.
Hey umm. This is literally a tiny thing, but in "Eye to Eye" after you shutdown the Eye of Helios, after the begin shutdown sequence begins checks off, you can save and quit to skip the singularity and dialogue from jack