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Bomberman 64 (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscj) (n64) (Normal)

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A/V good, no cheating. The run is really well done, every normal stage is done as quickly as possible, all the Bomber bosses are taken out by just throwing them off the edges, and most of the other bosses are beaten damn quickly. Only boss that gives him trouble is the Red Mountain boss, but his hitbox is weird anyways. Also, really cool trick in Black City stage 1 to avoid the battle there, I never knew that was possible. I'm going with the timing from character control to Altair's timer stopping, so the time would be 24:34. Accept!

Very impressive run. Thanks to the game only allowing you to run straight lines runs of it are becoming more and more almost as good as a TAS, which includes this run. I don't remember him running against a wall, but also saw no spot where he could've run straighter. All bosses and minibosses except the Red Mountain boss which indeed has an incredibly stupid hitbox are done perfectly. Not many new glitches, but since he's running straight lines most of the times unless something like a wrongwarp gets found I don't think runs of this game will get much more faster.
Almost no mistakes.
A/V good.
No cheating detected.
No time-savers skipped.

- Looks and sounds good.

Gameplay notes:
- A slight pickups route alteration could theoretically save maybe a second. You can get things from the pots at the start of Green 1, increasing your blast radius to enable a quicker Remote upgrade later in Green 3 (same place it's found in Hard mode).
- There is a dizzy hop to get onto the final platform in Green 1, but it has to be VERY precise, and any hesitation in the set up costs more time than it potentially saves.
- Nails all hits on the good dragon pattern. Its hitbox is really finicky, so good job on that.
- In Blue 3, he has to align himself for a pixel-perfect trick. Quickest set-up I've ever seen. Excellent job.
- Hades/Hot Avenger/Red Mountain boss: 4 missed hits, costing almost 20 seconds total. By far the biggest mistake. It really seems like those blasts should hit, though.
- Glacier 3's final room could probably save a fraction of a second by skirting the outside of the ice around the icicle instead of going around it on the inside. The inside as he does it is faster on Hard mode because the ice has much less friction and momentum is more important than straight lines.
- Spider/Mantis/Cold Killer thing could theoretically die sooner by getting last 2 hits during one of its animations, thus skipping the floor-smash and its corresponding gold card. Probably only 1-2 seconds, due to setup, probably involving getting a different gold card.
- Black 1 first room, you can technically get to the room transition before the second big bus comes out, but it's too risky at the end of the run. The diver in the last Bus room gave him unlucky positioning, making him go around the turret to avoid it. Level could potentially be about a second faster.
- Nearly perfect Harvester fight. ICBMs suck. Using pumped bombs MIGHT be faster, but it's far too inconsistent to pull off.
- Missed the door-jump setup in Black 3, costing 5 seconds.
- All bomber bosses manipulated successfully.
- Overall, could potentially be 30 seconds faster.

Accept. This game is long and RNG heavy enough that 30 seconds out of 25 minutes isn't that bad. Roughly 97% optimal in my eyes.

Timing notes:
- In-game can be saved at the cost of real time by approaching buttons or elevators from a corner, triggering a timer stop during a character positioning animation, and more notably in 100% by entering room transitions as you kill enemies to nullify their death animation time. Though only saving mere seconds at best, it does make it imperfect. In addition, lag reduction is important for entertainment value of the run, and provides a MUCH greater deviation in in-game time versus real time.
- In-game Trivia for anyone curious: The clock on the map screen sort of lies. This run results in a map time of 00h 11m, not displaying seconds, but the seconds are saved at 19. If you add up the individual levels, it's actually 00068926, or 11:29.26 total.
- Japanese timing standard starts on file creation, and ends at the start of the ending cutscene. By this timing, it's a 25:11. It kind of makes sense, because after you lose control, you can still lose more time if you got extra gold cards, but at the same time there is no category that that makes a difference in. For any%, if you don't have exactly 2 cards in the final battle, you had an inexcuseably bad fight.
- If going by file creation, this category resets the game to save like 5 minutes (maybe 3, I forget). It's completely pointless to force the player to sit through the introduction cutscene just so it could be a No Resets category, thus it's easier not to include file creation.
- You can select from any of 4 stages right after selecting the file. Choosing anything besides Green Garden costs at least a second. Though you technically don't yet have a *character* to control, this should still count as control, especially since it effects your upgrades throughout the run. 100% chooses the Glacier instead because you can get many upgrades more quickly.
- I recommend starting from gaining control on the map screen, ending on loss of control indicated by the in-game timer stopping. Approximately 24:41.

Over-analyze ALL the things!

Decision: Accept 

Congratulations to 'footbigmike!'
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Congrats on an improvement to bomberman 64. Cant wait to watch it.
Excellent video.  Deserves Academy Award for Best Video Editing. 
Jumping Turtle
yosssss congratulations! And good luck in 100%!
Thank you!

It won't be for a while, but I think someday I'll return to any% and really get a perfect run down. 100% will come soon, though.
This run has some of the best explosions of all time.