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Quote from Rueake:
Yea unfortunately they stay locked.
As far as I can tell it is how we believed, they only unlock after going to the pilot

That sucks. I never really explored that area since I always flew to the proc but I wonder if there is a faster vehicle that you can get earlier than the bike.

As far as which method to use if it was a segmented run then the bike jump pretty much has to be used if its faster even if it is practically impossible. For a SS run which I was attempting with the bike jump(and not very successfully) a while back then this would be an option. Honestly, the idea of having to get the bike jump and beat the super bullshit Siberia shield generator in the same go is a little imposing especially since the game only gives  you 3 minutes to complete the level(boss included) basically forcing you to rush the tower.

I was screwing around a few months back and I believe that it is theoretically possible to take down the last 2 Java processors and the Java shield tower with the qyrocopter from Java 3. To do this you would have to hope you get lucky and survive in the qyro while the cutscene from the 4th proc dying is playing and then grab health dropped from one of the roach gunners in order to make your escape. If this actually can be done it would no doubt make Java the hardest stage in a segmented run though.
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PhAz3: 2013-04-06 10:56:08 am
Ok, time to jump in on this speed run race for a grand SS run of this game, in the past i have been able to get sub 2 hour, but after reading through this thread and looking deeply into all the trick's of this game, i am super excited for my new copy of bh to show up, will be here on monday, so when it gets here expect more updates from me, as this will become my major focus as far as speed running goes, though my Dragons Dogma run still is first...but that run frustrates the heck out of me so i will probably spend more time on the bh run lol

EDIT: i would like to note that im almost certain that a sub one hour run is possible...Though it would almost have to be segmented...or take a REDICULOUS amount of attempts, im going to go ahead and estimate the potential average/best possible at an average of 1:05 and Best possible with perfect everything a potential of 55 mins...but that would be a Perfect run
OK, so i have been doing some testing, and ive been having one heck of a time getting the Greece 3 bike skip to work, and after trying both the bike jump method and the boat method, i can do the boat method about 90% of the time without loosing much time, about 30 to 45 seconds to get up the hill, i still have a lot of practicing to do to try and get the Greece 2 skip perfect, but ive got about 75% success rate with it...also on some very rare and random situations im able to make the jump without taking more than about 10% damage from the water, have any of you had this happen?
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PhAz3: 2013-04-17 01:12:34 am im not sure if you guys are even still working on this but im still trying to get that ever illusive single segment run, and ive found one major time saving trick, its seems minor at first but when you add up the second here and second there time lost vs time saved it clocks up to almost 3 minute's, idk what to call it so im just gonna call it skiing, basically when Adam is about to enter water if you tap back on the joystick Adam will do a very fast slid across the top of water and he will run across the top of the water for a few moments saving time while swimming, this even saves time over water rolling, also you can do this to mount cliff faces faster, such as with the alternative Greece 3 skip, saving large amounts of time on that...considering that i can make it up the wall consistantly in about 15 second's, this has become quite the viable skip. i'll try my best to get a vid of this trick but i don't really have a good way to record video as of right now, so i may just off scree camera it so you all can see,
EDIT: i would like to note that there are many places that this trick could be potentially useful that i just haven't found yet, but i will keep looking
Willing to teach you the impossible
Just so you dont feel lonely. Still though, keep going please. Been following this thread for a long long time. I would like to see this happen.
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Jack of all Trades
I haven't touched BH in awhile. I would've done a segmented run a long time ago if it weren't for the Greece 3 bike jump. Strikes me as odd there's more potential BH runners in 2013 than 2009.

Rueake: That skip is baller, although I'm sad I didn't find it because I explored that wall looking for seam walk skips. I looked at a vid I did in a different spot (page 2 posted on feb 23 2011) and I got so close, but I didn't roll. Is rolling required?

PhAz3: So it lets you go up slopes faster? Does that mean you can go up slopes you can't at normal running speed? If so, that could open up a lot of possibilities. I wonder if you could use it to get out of the Siberia 3 lake without seam walking up the temple thing which I remember being really difficult.

Looking at old vids, I'm still intrigued by the cheat vid on page 2. I'll just post it again:

At about a minute he goes over a wall and skips most of the second half of Java 2. I remember trying to find a legit way over, but to no avail. Maybe someone else could give it a go and actually do it, kinda like how lefty found a way to get to the airfield in java 3 when I couldn't. If you can't tell from the vid it's after the military base where you break through the doors with the tank, right before the ramp where you're supposed to ditch the tank in the water and then go to the radio station.
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PhAz3: 2013-04-23 08:37:07 pm
well its sort of at full speed, you still slide down a bit if its on a very steep slope and there are some that you cant ski up, Ive been doing a lot of testing trying to figure out where this is really effective, and so far the main place ive saved a large amount of time is with the alt Greece 3 skip, i can almost consistently get up that wall in 15 to 20 seconds, sometimes a little longer if i hit the slope at an awkward angle and slide back to the bottom...quite annoying btw lol, but almost anywhere where adam slows to a crawl when climbing slopes you can do this to save a huge amount of time when climbing, another example of useful areas is in Siberia 1 you can get up the slow area of the climb about 5 seconds faster by skiing up it, as opposed to walking, but im still trying to find out more about the water walking aspect of it, so far it seems almost totally random when adam will glitch out and walk across the top of water for a few seconds at normal running speed, then he drops and swim's the rest of the way, im trying to figure out exactly what it takes to trigger this...but my findings as of yet are inconclusive and totally random, it may just be a "Frame perfect" kind of thing, and thats why it seems totally random...idk...gonna do a lot more testing probably later on tonight and later this week as well,

also i will try and get a vid of me doing the Greece 3 alt skip using skiing, but my current focus is optimizing everything post Greece, now that i have a consistent strat for it,
Current pb for segmented is 1:35 ingame clock, i failed horridly at java 1 skip, dang beetle took FOREVER to charge me...i lost probably 5 minutes trying to lure him to me
Ok so i finally recorded a video of the greece 3 alternative skip using my technique, this was first try, hence the flyers deciding to make an appearance at the end, and as you can see it is very effective, i actually never really timed it so my estimate of 15 to 20 seconds was honestly ridiculous lol, its more like only 5 to 10 seconds an attempt, i would like to do a comparison against the alt skip and the bike jump to compare there times, but as im horrid at actually landing the greece 3 jump if anyone has a vid with an entire segmented greece 3 with the bike jump i want to see which is faster, its obvious that the wall skip is more consistant, but idk if its faster as i have never landed the jump before.

i will record a what i would consider perfect greece 3 segment using the wall skip here later today or tomorrow, if someone could try and get a greece 3 bike jump record for me that would be fantastic cause i want to know how much time is saved/lost with both methods, because im starting to feel like the alt skip could potentially be faster, just due to the total lack of setup time, i mean, going balls to the wall at the jump is the fastest way to do it but its also about as consistent as an 80 year old man lol, idk, i would like to do some time comparison but as i cant seem to ever land the jump i need to have someone else do it for me, and if your still around lefty thats your cue :P,  Also what i consider as a segment for this means from the save point in Greece 2 to killing the shield generator, because that will decide if this technique is genuinly faster, because i never save at the greece 3 proc during a segmented run, it wastes to much time.
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PhAz3: 2013-04-28 07:42:45 am
Ok, so as ive been sitting here reading through this thread over and over again trying to find more ways to shave off time, i got to thinking about something that could potentially save a few seconds at the start of greece, has anyone attempted to skip the bridge lowering section at the start, i was thinking that it could be possible by using a warp boost, but idk, i'll have to try myself and see, if anyone else wants to give this a shot, there is an idea for a skip that could knock off a few more seconds...

also sorry if this has been tried before, ive been up all night doing some speed trial's, and im really exhausted.
Quote from PhAz3:

EDIT: i would like to note that there are many places that this trick could be potentially useful that i just haven't found yet, but i will keep looking

Here are some theories that I have:
- I haven't been able to get the walk on water for a few seconds thing to work but if it works on a certain coastline in Java 1 it could be a fairly significant timesaver for a segmented run(by skipping the Goliath manipulation outright)
- If I'm right that you used a forward roll at the top of the cliff in Greece 3 there are a couple possible places for that
-The Siberia 3 one that marshmallow mentioned
-Grenade skip in Java 2. There are a few places on that hill where I am literally one invisible barrier away from potentially getting over that hill.

About the Greece 1 thing that you mentioned.  I've honestly never tried that but as far as warpboosting goes I would think that you would just hit the house or the fence assuming we are talking about the same type of warpboosting(driving through the area the harvester wave spawns).

-Ok as far as the walking on water thing, ive kinda figured it out a bit, still really random as to consistancy, but what ive figured out is you have to hit back on the joystick right as adams feet hit the area where he would normally start swimming, and sometimes he will do it other times he wont, also i would like to note that your breath bar still decreases as you do the water walking.
-idk if its a forward roll, if your meaning what happens when you press c-up while targeting, then no what i did is while moving up the mountain just as your about to hit the inpassable part of the cliff you quickly tap back on the joystick and then press forward again, and you gain a large amount of forward momentum because its registering that you were trying to turn around fast and thus it does the slide turn but because you press forward again you maintain forward momentum, hope that helps.
- i havnt tried that yet, i'll give it a shot at some point over the next week or so, i have a lot of things im testing...on top of the fact that i got a kid on the way lol.
- if you could, post a vid of where your trying to get passed and i'll see if there is anyway to ski passed them, idk ive not tried to skip the grenade in java 2.

Also i was just trying to come up with a way to skip that, cause it wastes a little over a minute because you've gotta wait on the damn bridge to lower before you can do anything...and if there was some way to skip it, then that could potentially help us to break the 1 hour mark, even segmented.

also, i have been trying a new strat for my segmented run, basically doing the game in 2 segments, up to the uber bs Siberia shield generator, then save, reset, boss then the rest in one segment, with this ive been able to get some pretty amazing times, earlier today i got 1:15 in game clock and 1:10:26 by my count. so im counting it as my current pb lol, also this was using the alt skip of greece 3...i still get the strong feeling that it is eather just as fast as the bike skip, or a few seconds slower.
now, i made some noobish mistakes in comet on that run and ballsed up a few trick's mid way through the run, and seeing as i got an amazing start i didn't want to stop lol.
My best segmented is I believe 1:02:55 game clock and I believe that included doing the Atlantous temple. I would break down segments into this.
-Segment 1: Up through Greece Shield Generator. Since it is segmented I would pretty much require the bike jump since I am almost certain that it is faster. After playing for a while the 2 processor fights become really easy to destroy consistently and the Greece 2 bike jump is not that bad. The bike jump is just brutal and getting ideal fights against processor 3 and the Shield Tower is not exactly easy.

-Segment 2: The big dumb crab. Basically retry over and over until he just takes his ass whooping like a man without being a dick and knocking you around the arena.

-Segment 3: Java 1-4/Tower. Once you know what to do the Goliath manipulation is the most consistent trick in the game(near 100% success rate for me as the only thing that killed me was getting unlucky with the fish bombing me which was exceedingly rare). There is also a feel for getting the Kubelwagon over the hill in Java 2 and that also gets pretty easy with practice. There are 2 issues Java. By ignoring harvester waves you will be pretty much guaranteed to have a mutant after you by the end of Java 2 and the possibility of the game freezing during the storm skip. It would also be nice if my use the gyrocopter from the airfield on both processors and the tower by using a Roach Gunner to refill health after Proc 4 doesn't work because that

Segment 4: Java Boss. Nothing short of a perfect fight here.

Segment 5: America 1-4/Tower. Nothing much to say here except that America is really really easy unless it is possible to glitch past the 2 cacti with the copter without knocking them down(I have spent so much time trying this that I highly highly doubt it.

Segment 6: America Boss.

Segment 7: Here comes the fun-Siberia 1-4/tower with the following: luck manipulate to have the bulldozer survive all the way to the VTOL(probably a 5-10% chance)-Sub Lift-Aggressive alien spawning route for Siberia 4.

Segment 8: Siberia Boss.

Segment 9: Alien Comet in its entirety.

For a single segment route though thee strategy you have for Greece 3 is completely viable IMO. If you didn't find that I would probably have accepted a SS that did the Atlantous temple since the combo of that evil jump plus the Siberia Shield tower is just UGHHHH and trust me I know having had 3 SS runs get past that jump only to end at that godforsaken tower. Its really a shame too because the Comet is really easy once you know what you're doing.
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PhAz3: 2013-04-29 08:08:47 am
i see what your saying, and as far as a fully segmented run thats how i would approch it as well, and how i have been in the past, but the reason i pose this 2 segment run is because its the closest to a ss i can do currently, as i have yet to successfully get the siberia shield tower and boss in under the timelimit, and because im actually doing most of my practice for marathon running, cause once i get the money i will be purchasing a capture card so i can stream and i dont really want to have to do the tower+boss, cause i always get owned, ive only gotten it once...and then i derpped in comet and had to scrap the run, i was super mad too cause i was flying through it, by my clock i was sitting at somewhere around 45 to 50 minute mark after siberia, and i was on my way to an EPIC ss run...then i failed the comet cause i zoned out and wasnt paying attention to my health and died....i hate when i get too comfortable with my skill level and make a noob mistake

Edit: Also i still want to do a comparison between the bike jump and the wall skip...because idk the time diffrence could be very small, but as ive never successfully gotten the bike jump, i guess i need to stick to single segmenting the game -.- gonna rage over the siberia tower many many times because of that lol, also i would like to note that if skiing opens up a few more skips that we havn't found yet, then the possibility of sub one hour is getting to be a very real possibility...also just because i like the look of him, when i do my recordings i usually use the evil adam cheat, cause...he looks epic XD plus there are some perfect areas right off the bat to input the cheat lol i usually do it the second i get in the niko supply cause ive gotten pro at that cheat lol
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marshmallow: 2013-04-30 09:58:17 am
marshmallow: 2013-04-30 09:57:49 am
Jack of all Trades
PhAz3: If you want to compare the timings record a greece 3 segment like you were doing the bike jump, then stop the recording and go to the other side manually, then start recording again and finish the level as if you had made the jump (or up until you pass through the shield hole to the tower, anyway). Add the segment times together, add 5 seconds for a theoretical perfect jump, and for an alternate comparison however long it takes for a slower back up the hill and aim strat.
Actually thats a genius idea lol, i'll probably do that later on today, thanks for the idea lol.
Any progress?
Willing to teach you the impossible
Also bumping to show interest.
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PhAz3: 2013-12-05 06:29:04 pm
I've recentlly taken a break from body harvest, mainly because ive misplaced my capture device, and so i don't want to get a wr run and not be able to verify it, technically im sure the record is kind of a toss up between me marsh and lefty, because i dont think any of us have gotten a submittable run involving all of the tricks, we also need to figure out if for a wr single segment if the Greece 3 skip is required, seeing as its a 1 in like 1000 shot, i personally don't think it should be but idk....

when i find my capture card i'll be returning to this game, but as of right now i've been mostly just playing gta online and thats been consuming most of my time

[Update] so ive found my capture device...but annoyingly enough windows 8 HATES it, and doesn't work or if it does only captures in like...2fps....and i know its not my capture device, because i used it on my other computer, and it worked fine, but my other computer doesn't have i probably won't be picking up body harvest again till febuary when i can buy a new capture device....cause windows 8 is garbage and my wife wont let me uninstall it....
I go fast I guess
Eey Eey, Question, would it be aloud if I were to do an ICheat% Run? Basicly it's any% but using the ICheat save file, and mostly using the Smart Bomb Code to skip harvesters, Health codes to skip certain levels, the Power Weapons code to perform the H-Boost trick, and the weak boss code to beat bosses.

I dunno if this is a "Dead Thread" but I recently just started. If SDA allows this ICheat%, I will expain my gameplan. I just don't know if its illegal to use cheat codes.
Question, would it be allowed if I were to do an ICheat% Run? Basicly it's any% but using the ICheat save file, and mostly using the Smart Bomb Code to skip harvesters, Health codes to skip certain levels, the Power Weapons code to perform the H-Boost trick, and the weak boss code to beat bosses.

Code & Cheats: Beneficial cheat codes of any kind, such as invincibility codes, debug or console options, and so forth, are not allowed. Codes that increase the game's difficulty may be allowed as a separate category. Codes that are merely cosmetic may be used at the player's discretion.
Well crap, YOU KNOW WHAT. I'll just do it anyway, for fun. I don't care what you guys think Sad
While this thread is up there is a little thing that I have been working on. In Java 1 if you drive the Trekker at the spot where you would normally park for the Goliath trick every once in a blue moon the jeep will randomly pop into the air and fly into the water a bit. I'm pretty sure that it should be possible to use this to get across the bay and skip the Goliath manipulation(and I've been incredibly close several times). The good thing is that if the Java 1 processor is killed immediately after it becomes within range saving here before Greece 2 actually is a viable option since the time saved if the Goliath thing can indeed be skipped will be worth it.

Another thing is that Java 2/3 are both really easy to do consistently so having a save after Java 1 will make it more tolerable trying to do the Roach Gunner Gyrocopter health refill thing which will be all kinds of fun I'm sure.

The only other thing is that unless the second animation of the shield tower can be cut out its most likely not worth it to segment just for the bosses since the difference between a consistently very good fight and a perfect one is less than the length of the cutscene itself.
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blackbox64: 2014-03-26 07:36:43 am
I go fast I guess
I guess I'll drop in some tricks that I know...

In America 2, if you don't manage to get the G,yrocopter from Stage 1 into stage 2, you can use a another - albeit - slightly longer backup Strat. If you get the Water bug from the second stage and drive to the processer, it is possible to drive up the right side of the hill if you angle it correctly. This skips the collecting of the Totems which is my least favourite part about america.
I go fast I guess
Woaw woaw woaw waow, how did you guys get past the first Processer without losing the bike? This makes me sound like I'm crap at the game, but I have to keep doing loop around the arena, then a Goliath appears behind me and blows me up.

Do you go out of your way to get the Machine gun or do you just go in there "Pistols blazing"?
If you're talking about the Greece 1 processor I fight it on the bike and actually land the last shot as I am in the process of speeding past it. It sounds hard but once you know what you're doing its fairly easy to drive around it on the motorcycle.