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Blaster Master (Any %) (Single Segment) [Deaths]

Verifier Responses

I have been told that I am verifying this run, and based on who told me it I am going to assume that it is under the threat of nothing short of death if I do not. However, in lieu of verification, I am going to write random things instead. Hopefully I survive the aftermath of this choice.

Our story begins as Jason pursues his pet frog down a hole next to the radioactive waste conveniently stored in his back yard. Jason finds a tank, which is obviously the most effective possible resource in a frog hunt, and decides to commandeer it in his hunt. Inside, he finds a nice bodysuit and gun, perfect for eliminating the monsters between him and his pet.

Somehow, after driving off, Jason discovers a huge cave several hundreds of stories deep. This tank will come in handy after all. In spite of the huge cavern being essentially a maze, Jason draws a straight line for the first major foe in his way, a giant brain. Jason proceeds to throw a few dozen grenades at it before it explodes of its own will, leaving only a part for his newly acquired tank. Jason uses this upgrade to break through some sort of door wall face, and finds himself in a medieval style castle somehow attached to the cave.

Once again, Jason somehow knows the most direct route to the foe holding his next upgrade. Jason throws but one grenade at the monster, but fortunately he knows how to extend the explosion, leading to a quick and messy demise of the beast, and collects the second part of his tank. He then proceeds to area 3, letting no foe delay him in his quest to collect more of his parts. Wait, to save his frog, yea that’s why we are here.

The factory he soon enters is filled with foes of a new type: ones who enjoy putting large numbers of items on the screen to slow time somehow. Jason does not enjoy losing time to these strange pod-like enemies, and dispatches them with missiles before many are allowed to drop their payload. While the factory is not any larger than the castle or cave, its layout dictates that Jason must take a long winding path to find the core of the factory. Jason’s defeat of the core is nothing short of glorious; left alone long enough, each piece would become invulnerable for a period, leaving the factory active for that much longer, however not a single piece is allowed to live long enough to do so.

Jason, disheartened with his inability to find his frog, then commits suicide. Finding himself somehow at the point just before his suicide, he repeats the process two more times. Suddenly Jason finds himself at the entrance to the factory. Still not sure why or how that works, Jason decides it’s time to go home, his frog is clearly lost forever. Thankfully, he got a hover upgrade from the factory core, but unfortunately it did not come with fuel, so he has to grab some. After boosting up to where his house should be, he instead finds the entrance to another cave. Left without the option to return home, Jason continues with his only course available.

Jason explores the cave until he finds a lock. While Jason is sure that he could find the key with further exploration, he decides to instead commit suicide two more times, then simply walk through the door as though it did not exist, and continues on without his tank into an underground sea.

Without his tank, Jason is forced to once again simply pass through solid matter in order to continue his quest. Thankful that the underwater enemies do not decide to overwhelm him, Jason goes off to fight his next foe; a giant crab. The grab fights admirably, wasting little time before moving, preventing Jason from hitting him with many grenades, but ultimately is no match for Jason’s ability to sidestep. Having defeated the crab, Jason collects the sub power up it drops for his tank, then promptly allows a foe to kill him. Jason then finds himself again at the entry to the sea, where somehow his tank is waiting for him, sub upgrade already installed. He then uses it for all of 7 seconds before entering the next area.

Beyond the sea Jason finds a giant ice cavern. While the cavern is gigantic and has many paths, Jason fortunately already knows its secret; go up and to the right. By following this amazingly deep and complicated strategy, Jason finds himself in the lair of another monster. Jason charges forward, heedless of the ice and spiked floors, until he finds the boss, who he once again uses a long explosion grenade to dispatch without any real fuss. Jason collects his newest tank part, and then decides that it is time to re-visit the castle.

The trip is mostly uneventful, except that Jason decides to commit suicide 3 times after realizing he never did get that key. Somehow, it lets him past the doors again this way.

In the castle, Jason finds a huge vertical room someone had constructed almost as if it was in a specific way in order to force him to use the exact item he had just collected! Fortunately, collected it he had, and so he goes all the way up to find himself in the middle of a volcano or something. He also noted that the volcano had some pretty sick music. After a long drive in his tank, Jason finds a building populated primarily by robots and floors made of lava. Somehow, Jason decides that if he gets shot by the robots, he should be able to simply walk over the lava without trouble. His logic was flawless, and Jason soon found him face to face with his pet frog!

Wait, it wasn’t his frog after all. This frog was red, and his was green. Plus he was pretty sure his frog didn’t shoot fire. This imposter frog had to be dealt with, and Jason knew exactly how; a grenade. Jason collects his final tank upgrade out of the burning husk of his opponent, and then, reminded of his missing frog, jumps into the lava repeatedly until he finds himself at the entrance to the volcano.

Jason then returns to the factory, using his newest upgrade to climb through some ridiculous spike trap no sane person would ever construct. Just beyond this, he finds what he knows to be the final area; the aliens true lair. Wait there are aliens? Wasn’t this just about his frog? Regardless, Jason charges forward, heedless of the foes and giant spikes he encounters, until he finds himself in the lair of the final alien boss. This final foe thought he could delay Jason by filling his entire base with blocks, but Jason would not be deterred. Jason threw all the grenades he had left into the face of his opponent, until another foe appeared, a giant armored man with a flame whip. And wait, some lazy jerk re-used the music from the volcano! Upset with this lazy programming decision, Jason fearlessly threw grenades at his foe until he exploded.

The alien’s castle destroyed (wait weren’t we underground?); Jason finds his frog unharmed, and continues until the next time the aliens would come to threaten Earth. Of course, by then, Jason would have de-constructed his tank and re-made it out of some sort of child proof rubber, and afterwords would discover his true nature as a Xenosexual. But those are stories for another day.

In summary, Jason’s quest had excellent A/V quality, and it took a total of 32 minutes and 48 seconds from when he first gained control of his tank (0:18) to the destruction of the final enemy boss (33:06). A quest worth of an ACCEPT.

A/V good, no cheating.  I can't really say much about this, but UA blew the times out of the water, even with the mistakes he noted.  As for timing, I agree with the previous verifiers time of 32:48.  Accept!

Also, the previous post, it's so beautiful.  In fact, that post should just replace UA's notes for the run. >.>  OK, maybe not, but it's still awesome.

Mr. Flip,
  BM is on the table.  I must say, I still enjoy the creative death abuse, although I feel so bad when I see the little guy spinning around in his death animations.  And I love the key glitch.  Also, from the first submission on this game from this runner, you can see the technique has improved greatly.  The initial runs were good, but the runner traverse the terrain in Sophia with a grace rarely seen in the 8 bit world.  Aw hell, what the first verifier said.  ACCEPT.

Audio/video quality fine for an NES run, though the verification encode I watched had about 2 minutes of extra footage of the 'Very Thanks!' ending screen that should be cut from the final encode.

Author's comments do a great job of listing all of the good/bad execution/RNG elements and opportunities to save time in future runs, so I see no need to relist them here.  Overall great improvement over the previous Deaths run largely due to implementation of the Reverse Door Scrolling Glitch to both skip most of Stage 4 and reach the Stage 5 boss without having to use a Continue to get the tank back first (thus allowing that Continue to be used to skip the backtracking out of Stage 7 instead).  Easy accept.

AV is good, no signs of cheating.

What can I really say? UA utilized the new glitches really well and crushed an already insane run. There aren't many places I saw that could be improved, but the spots that could be improved are mostly just luck. Execution was really solid.

Easy accept for me.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Benjamin 'UraniumAnchor' Cutler!
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