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now what is going on here
CHECK OUT THIS BOSS glitch, his AI is turned off completely because Ali is officialy DEAD
Wazzaaaap? ツ
plz, any help appreciated Cheesy
Wazzaaaap? ツ
working on sub 45 :3
Wazzaaaap? ツ
Finally got sub 45!!! Happy on getting it, still this run is really bad, thing 43-44 igt might be possible.
Wazzaaaap? ツ
ill record it when i get more consistent Cheesy
first cycle snake, 2x fast golem kills, fast last boss, still improvable i think.
dont ask why i am so bad, picked up heart TT~TT
Wazzaaaap? ツ
lulz category, dont think it will be interesting: use code up right a+y and fast finish game

time is shiet btw*
Wazzaaaap? ツ
New wr :3 Still improvable for a minute i think
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Delekates: 2016-10-05 03:14:36 am
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Wazzaaaap? ツ
So another skip from our russian community! Right now this can save 5-10sec but its not main reason to use it. Main reason is to skip whole plant Bow dungeon!!! How? We need bow only twice in a run: in non eternity dungeon and in the next dungeon after it. Look for a room with a Bow plant and green grid. Its like half work done! If we skip this grid we will gain an immerse time save!

Wazzaaaap? ツ
Look at this wallclipping, may be included in further speedruns!
now what is going on here
Hi guys, long time no see. Here is little addition to the previous post Smiley
Please ask me if you have some doubts about this. But this game is starting to showing real stuff, so there is need to extra info for some OOB glitch.
You need a specific distance to make this trick, otherwise Ali will appear in very bad place and you need to start all over again.

now what is going on here
This route is very hard and maybe good only forTTAS
but check this out anyway... Time save here is huge
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Delekates: 2016-12-01 06:48:11 am
Wazzaaaap? ツ
Istructions for a new OoB:
0: From here you need to get to the most right position on the screen.
from now on you wont see ur character for a looong time :3
1: some deep things Cheesy So you need to jump to the right 3 times (Update: 2 times enough actually), easy jumps - just press jump and right stick until u hear landing sound. After that run straight up, as you see on the image its not straight line, so as soon as you stuck while running slightly press left until u reach next screen.
2: Welp here you need some bravery xD actually just run Right until u hear Ali screaming. Yea he fell off. After that you need to do exactly 1 jump to the left (NOT while running) and after that jump just a TIIIINY bit left. Okay setup is done now just run forward-UP. As you see there is a red line this one gets you stuck forever, yea. But i actually didnt experienced that one, i think ull be Okay!! And as previous screen if ur stuck just press a bit left so Ali will keep progressing upwards.
3: So here is real shit. Problem is only TAS bots knows how far are we now. Setup> You need to press a bit backwards, its like half of Ali normal step - this will place you on the screen bottom < SetupEnd, from here we need to advance Left. Try little jumps to the left, jumping while running is actually useless cuz Ali falls down instantly. If you fell down press down until u change screen and then back Up so you return on the screen and this will reset ur position. You need to make setup again. As soon as you make past invisible hole, sometimes its really hard so goodluck, just advance left - run and to record your progress you can do around 9 running jumps. After that you need to carefully get on the screen where you Actually see our prince Ali!))) And as soon as you can fully see sprites of the prince you need to return to the left.
4: easy peazy just run Up 4 seconds then stop and go left.
3: Back to screen 3 here you need to do a lil step to the right and then just advance upwards! As soon as stuck press right.
5: here you need to get a bit higher so u can see something like Ali ankle and maybe a tinu bit of boot. Here you can go right and position ur self against door with red key and get out, or you can keep going - as you wish.

not really hard skip in my oppinion. Skip requares 2:30mins or more if you go slower (time counted when you get OoB at the forest) while running through docs-cave-fortress 11-12mins. So i think Worth.
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Delekates: 2016-11-17 03:13:29 am
Wazzaaaap? ツ
new record
48:23mins --- 45-46 mins possible!
The Loony Bin
Woah, This run actually looks pretty sick now. Can't wait to see this game be completely busted! Smiley
now what is going on here
Yeah, and the 100% or 60 jewels run can be improved too with this OOB, by the way.
Too bad we haven't found any OOB in dungeons
Wazzaaaap? ツ
Update is 44:18" hope to improve.
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shakaduby: 2016-12-05 04:35:11 pm
shakaduby: 2016-12-05 04:28:14 pm
now what is going on here
Currently digging into game memory addresses, in few months some good LUA scripts will be finished and it will open road for awesome TAS movies and new glitches.
Check out this boss quick teleportation, for example

Hope to build some good database, too, because this game is dead for no reason
Rad... They have taken me...
What a metamorphesis, by the time I get around to picking this up it will be a whole new run. Keep at it Del, you're kicking ass!
Rad... They have taken me...
OMG shakaduby! Tear that code apart thumbsup
now what is going on here
Quote from GinTatsu:

that is exactly what I will say when new useful exploits will be found in this forgotten masterpiece
Rad... They have taken me...
Like a finely tuned machine, I can't wait to rev it up
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now what is going on here
OK another russian community speedrunner is showing new WR today

Watch and subscribe Wink Fresh strats!

We think this can be improved to 42:45 or less if executed perfectly
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shakaduby: 2016-12-17 12:47:25 pm
shakaduby: 2016-12-16 12:07:23 pm
now what is going on here
Ok, our community has applied new OOB strats to the famous 100% or 60 jewels run
and in the end we got 20 minutes difference... the runner is the same PacnyTHuk who holds current any% WR

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Delekates: 2017-02-04 09:06:05 pm
Wazzaaaap? ツ
still looking to improve - 42:55.5 run can be 42:30 and lower
wise fwom yo gwave
cool to see how far this has come!