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I'm interested in doing a IL co-op run of the N64 version of this game. It's a fairly straight forward game and having two players will significantly speed things up. Although, there are slightly more enemies with two players than in single player.

Things that are important for this run:

1.) There is a glitch where the mototank and the rattler have the ability to shoot through walls when pressed up against them. This is especially helpful in the drive in movie theater level and the Eiffel Tower level
2.) A guided missile to the back of the other player gives them a boost of speed
3.) Mototank is slightly faster than the hovertank
4.) It is entirely possible to dodge mine fields with some tight maneuvering in the mototank
5.) Teleporters and turbo will be extremely helpful
6.) Using a control scheme that allows isolation of the control of the tank's turret from the movement of the tank

We have run into some problems though. In the two convoy levels, is there any way to speed up the movement of the convoy? Shooting and pushing them in the back doesn't work. The only thing we can do to minimize time is make sure one of the front two convoy vehicles survives and make sure tank scraps from enemies and whatever else don't block their way.

One of the biggest problems however is the seventeenth level where you're protecting San Francisco from 80+ tanks spawning from four landers.  No matter how quickly we kill the enemies, they seem to spawn at preset times. Numerous practice runs have consistently given us times in the 9:13-9:20 range for this level even though we use different strategies. This time is absolutely horrendous considering the entire run will end up being roughly about 22 minutes long. Staying on the rail with the Goliath doesn't affect the spawn times any. My friend thinks that the landers are in fact the orange indestructible bunkers reskinned as boats. So if there were some trick to exploit those then we could apply that same principle to this.  We're almost out of ideas so any help would be great.
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Update. Here are videos of the first three levels:

Is anybody interested in this run?
i didn't play this game's story mode or w/e but i played multiplayer a little with friends, fun game. i'll definitely watch when you finish.
Update. We have 16 of the 18 levels completed so if anyone's curious I can post more levels. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Runs up for verification. (I'm second player btw)
I like this game so muuch I gonna help you a little bit!!!
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Sorry if reviving old threads is frowned upon, but I may be interested in running this game in the future.  Are there any resources beyond this thread and the commentary on your run's page?  Are there any active or other non-active runners of this game (co-op or single player)?  Really any info would be appreciated.  Cheers.
Necrobumping is generally the preferred practice around here because it helps keep information in one thread.  I can't say I know of any resources for playing this game fast other than the coop run on this site, and if anyone is running this game I haven't heard.  That said, I'd be willing to help if you have any questions.
is it clear what the differences are between difficulties?  e.g. number of enemies, strength of friendly and enemy weapons, item drops, etc.
It's been a long time since I played this game much, but iirc the difficulties don't change the number or location of enemies, just other things (how many tank bucks you have and get, AI, damage dealt and received, stuff like that).
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I tested an idea and it turns out Battletanx is a game that benefits from exploiting the N64's neutral reset.

By holding the trigger down and pressing L+R+Start, the system accepts [Joystick-Down] as the resting place ([Joystick-Neutral]) for the analog stick.  Meaning, when you let go of the stick (and let it rest in the center), it registers as [Joystick-Up] and you move forward at the normal speed.  This is true for any game.  What makes this one different is that if you do this and hold the trigger up, it registers it as [Joystick-Up+] and you move forward even faster.

I don't know if this is frowned upon by SDA standards, but I plan to eventually fool around with it in my runs.  I just got a 0:23 on level 2, despite bumping into things.  That's an ~8 second difference for solo according to the notes for this co-op run.
Also, I've noticed that sometimes there are boxes and cars and small buildings everywhere, and sometimes none of them exist and all the powerups are just sitting on the ground out in the open.  For example, on the first level, there should be several explosive gas trucks throughout the level, but they don't appear in the SDA run.

Does anyone know what causes this?  It would definitely have positive and negative effects on different levels.
Resetting the neutral point for the controller is possible on original hardware and in-game, so it's cool.  The current run for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire does this.

As for things that aren't there in the 2 player run, that's because in order to allow the game to run at a reasonable framerate some things were removed in 2p.  This also may affect the glitch in London where player 2 (iirc) goes oob underground - at least as far as I can tell, I was unable to replicate it in single player - though the one at the end where he clips through the fence by the nuke and kinda flies still works.