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Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from KennyMan666:
A/V is fine. Since I've seen Airrider run this live several times, including at streaming events hosted in my very own apartment, I have no reason to suspect any foul play.

First time I've seen a deathless run from him, and at least early in the run he seemed to be playing a bit more aggressively than normal. But no real big surprises in the run, heh.

On to the itemized comments!

Start to Lotus
One missed jump in the room before the limes (LIMES DON'T FALL UP!), it's early but not much time lost. Let's say a second. Everything else was good, and the boss fight excellent.

Lotus to Owl
Well played, I did not spot any obvious mistakes. Owl fight was not the fastest possible, but that's all up to RNG - if he launches the little birds from only the lower hatch, you can just continue attacking without any risk of getting hit.

Owl to Colormancer
The so-called hardest room in the game done without any hesitation, nice. Didn't do the faster but much riskier strats in the room with three green trolls and the room with the fireball launchers and the one green troll. The area before the Colormancer is pretty hard to speed up, I believe there's some faster risky strats but they're kind of iffy to pull off outside of TAS. The Colormancer fight was good, it's one of those bosses that are 100% RNG and this time it only used one attack that does nothignb ut waste time.

Colormancer to Nagaconda
The frogs kinda suck. A little time was lost in two of the rooms with those spike things you "activate", but not much. Nagaconda fight was good.

Nagaconda to Seahorse Turrets
One missed jump in the "indoors" water section. Boss fight could have been slightly more agressive, but given that it's a bit RNG-ish I can't fault him for being wary.

Seahorse Turrets to Amethyst Angel
There's a few rooms where he might have been a little too careful, but it's still not much time lost and I can understand not wanting to go all out balls-to-the-wall yolo strats (oh god did I just use that phrase) at this point in a deathless run. RNG wasn't the nicest possible at the boss, but it was a good fight. Pause strats to see what attack comes doesn't waste much time at all.

Amethyst Angel to Zedd
The greyout is probably a glitch, but it seems to only appear if you don't die between... some point and the Amethyst Angel. We used to think it was only if you hadn't died at all, but during one run at my place it happened even though there was a death fairly early in the run. The infinite oxygen skip is the only secquence break this game has, and I think it was once thought to be TAS only. Not so anymore! Feels like maybe a bit too much time was wasted in that one room with two colour wizards. Zedd is a big pile of RNG at the end of the game, and cooperated very nicely here.

Zedd to Supermech
Okay, there's literally one enemy on the way, but... Supermech has random attacks but there's no big timewasting ones, really. A missed jump when heading out of the Supermech room, as if to bookend the run - both the first and the last mistake of the run were a missed jump. Not that there's a lot of other things that can be mistakes in this game - as Nils notes in his comments, there's really not any big mistakes possible in this run aside from dying, and as this is deathless...

So that's that.

There's potential for sub-45 with more risky strats, not missing jumps and even better RNG, but this is an all around excellent run as it is.

Therefore, Kenny says accept!

I would like to see a consistent aggressive run. Some of the rooms were just played to safe. Aside from that, I cant complain much at all. I can say that sub 45 is doable. Accept.

I have never attempted to play this game for speed, so I'm going to try not to pick out execution errors and stuff too much. I don't actually know what it's like to try to play fast and not take deaths so I'm not sure how much risk is reasonable.

First off, I see this is being played version 1.1 of the game, which was issued after the invincibility glitch was discovered. Of course, this version fixes the glitch and as such the player doesn't have the option to use it. I think this is a good choice, if it was made consciously, running through the whole game unable to die sort of ruins the fun. I'd just like to add I'd also watch an invincible run!

A/V looks good. There aren't any serious anomalies here. This is indeed how the game looks and sounds! Smiley

The overall route looks good to me. The game is fairly linear in what you can do, but there are some options, especially wrt which portals you use and when.

The boss fights look clean. The Seahorse Turret looked like it could have been faster but I suppose you did well with what you had there.

It looks like the strats do get safer as the run goes along, I started noticing it around Amethyst Angel. This is understandable I think. But now that you've laid this down, I'd like to encourage you to try for a run with crazier strats Smiley

Overall the play looks to be at a high level though!


The video quality was sound, no complaints, and there's no cheating as far as I can tell.

I think the route was well organized, but I think there were quite a few errors in execution, albeit small ones that wasted maybe 1/2 a second each, but it adds up over a run this long.

It definitely demonstrates higher than average play, but as [omitted] said it would be better if he were to be more aggressive in some situations.

Improvable, absolutely, but worth accepting.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Airrider!'
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This is an impressive run so seeing the best run as of yet will be cool. I hope you stick with it and try to improve it somewhere down the line =)

Great work so far!
Aww yeah! Congrats!
Oh nice Smiley Thanks to all of you who verified! I´m aware that the run is not perfect, and i might improve it in the future. Though as for now, i´m gonna take a break and play some games that are not Battle Kid Smiley